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09:49 Women Star Fm: A new women's radio station starts broadcast in Rojava
09:30 News Turkey releases seven ISIS gang members from prison
00:00 News Democratic Society Academy opened in Tabqa
00:00 Rojava Collective cleaning campaign by the communes in Hesekê
00:00 Freedom of the Press Kurdish journalist sentenced to 8 years and 9 months in prison
00:00 Kurdistan Turkish jets shell another area in Southern Kurdistan
00:00 Kurdistan Another group from Southern Kurdistan joins PKK ranks
00:00 Human Rights UNAMI investigates human rights violations in Tuz Khurmatu
14:25 Kurdistan HPG statement on Turkish army’s invasion attempt
13:15 Culture Human Rights Film Festival banned in Diyarbakır
12:55 Kurdistan Graves of PKK members attacked in Van
12:40 Kurdistan Two co-mayors released, another sentenced to 8 years in prison
10:45 News Baydemir fined 12,000 TL for saying "Kurdistan" at the parliament
10:15 Rojava SDF launches clearance operation in north of Euphrates
10:10 News Turkish army uses its base in Amediyah to attack HPG
09:20 Kurdistan Six Turkish soldiers killed in Semdinli
09:00 Human Rights Prisoners in Osmaniye to go on hunger strike
00:00 Rojava 252 fighters join Raqqa Domestic Security Forces
00:00 Rojava Rojavan civilians suffer material damage in Turkish bombing
00:00 Kurdistan HPG statement on the attack on the “Iranian unit”
00:00 News 80 more people from Euphrates Shield join the SDF
00:00 News German politicians: “Ban Osmanen Germania and UETD”
22:35 Kurdistan Turkish army enters Southern Kurdistan territory - UPDATED
16:30 Rojava Afrin canton defies Turkish threats
13:00 Kurdistan Tevgera Azadi officially recognized in Iraq
12:45 Kurdistan Tensions still high in Tuz Kurmatu
12:30 News AKP to ECHR: “We arrested HDP MPs together with CHP”
12:00 News 15 people detained in Istanbul
11:45 Kurdistan “Legal ways should be used against Turkey’s and Iran’s attacks”
11:15 News “We can’t bring Demirtaş to the hearing, we’re too busy”
11:00 Kurdistan Call for participation to Sister Family Campaign in Şırnak
10:30 Kurdistan Name change for Shengal Women’s Park in Van
09:30 News Maliki: It’s time to turn a new page
08:35 News Curfew declared in Diyarbakir
00:15 News Mistura: Putin has to win the peace
00:00 Kurdistan Turkey detains 13 old men from the same village in Siirt
00:00 Rojava 18 Turkish guided missiles confiscated by Efrîn Asayish
00:00 Kurdistan “KRG government is silent on Turkish and Iranian attacks”
00:00 Kurdistan Two years later in Cizre: 16 bodies still unaccounted for
00:00 Features Erdoğan personally formed the armed gang in Germany
16:15 Culture "Zer" awarded three film prizes in Antakya
14:00 News Court order for Demirtaş: “Bring him to the hearing”
13:35 News Parliament bans Kurdish MP from two sessions for saying Kurdistan
13:10 Rojava YPG/YPJ fighters destroy a Turkish military vehicle in Kobane
10:50 Kurdistan Curfew in villages of Hasankeyf
10:25 News Turkish singer will face trial for “insulting Erdogan”
10:00 News “Öcalan’s freedom will contribute to peace in the Middle East”
09:15 News US: Our presence in Syria will continue
08:50 Rojava A YPG press member wounded in Deir ez-Zor
00:00 Kurdistan Another kolbar dies of cold in Rojhilat