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12:01 News German police raid homes for YPG flags
11:57 News HDP Conscience and Justice Watch in İzmir in its 4th day
11:37 News 7 Kurdish workers killed, 20 injured in fatal accident
11:20 News KNK condemns Barcelona attack, calls for unity against darkness
10:53 News 21 ISIS members killed, 50 civilians rescued in Raqqa
10:39 Kurdistan Sur under the longest curfew of recent history
00:30 News “U.S. forces to stay in Syria after the liberation of Raqqa”
00:15 Kurdistan Bar associations call for support for Hasankeyf
00:00 News Coalition repeats their promise to support Raqqa Civil Council
00:00 Kurdistan Sîser wakes up early in the morning and shakes up the guerrillas
23:28 Rojava Turkish army attacks Efrîn city center
23:00 News Two suspects detained, one killed in Barcelona attack
17:21 Kurdistan HDP MP chains himself in Hasankeyf to protest the demolition
17:01 Kurdistan 11 including HDP and DBP administrators detained in Muş
16:55 Kurdistan Co-mayor of Lice jailed
15:36 Kurdistan HPG guerrillas launch a revolutionary operation in Şırnak
14:32 Features A day with SDF fighters amidst the siege in Raqqa
13:31 News SDF fighters transfer rescued civilians to safe areas in Raqqa
13:23 Rojava 27 gang members killed in Shehba and Efrîn
12:29 Kurdistan Çewlik: We will create free Kurdistan with the spirit of Egîd
11:16 Rojava YPG releases balance sheet of attacks on Efrîn for 7 days
10:41 News 78 ISIS members killed in Raqqa
10:15 Features What will happen if Turkey changes its approach to Kurds?
09:59 News 300 more civilians rescued in Raqqa
00:20 News Raqqa's Internal Security Force keeps growing
00:15 News Demonstration in Switzerland for the freedom of Öcalan
00:10 News Germany doesn’t allow Ottoman parade in the Harvest Festival
00:05 Rojava 15 August celebrated in five cities of Rojava
00:05 News Merkel: There is more to Turkey than Erdoğan
00:00 Kurdistan ‘Saet xweş’ keeps on resounding in people's hearts and minds
00:00 News YJŞ fighters rescue an Êzidî boy from ISIS in Raqqa
19:59 Rojava August 15 celebrations in Aleppo and Efrîn
15:52 Rojava August 15 Initiative celebrated in Kobanê
14:22 Rojava TKP/ML-TİKKO Commander in Rojava falls a martyr
13:49 Rojava Telal Silo: Manbij was liberated by the heroism of the people
13:15 Rojava Revolutionary Forces Brigade announced in Shehba
12:53 Women Center for Jineology Research to open in Efrîn
12:39 News August 15 Initiative celebrated throughout Europe
12:19 News Macron spoke with Erdoğan for journalist Bureau
11:37 Kurdistan Latest in Dersim: Fires rage on in 18 areas
11:25 News Three peshmergas killed in ISIS attack in Tuz Khurmatu
11:14 Kurdistan Operation coordination unit killed in Şemdinli
11:00 Human Rights HDP’s Zeydan withheld treatment for refusing handcuffs
10:12 Kurdistan Armenian cemeteries in Derik also usurped by the Turkish state
10:05 News Raqqa operation on day 72
00:00 Kurdistan Political parties visit guerrillas in Kirkuk to mark August 15
00:00 Kurdistan August 15 celebrated in Shengal
00:00 Kurdistan “The PKK brings new life to the people”
00:00 Culture “There is a profiteering and militarist attack on Hasankeyf”
17:10 News Conscience and Justice Watch continues despite the police attack