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07:39 Features From the theater stage to the political arena
07:09 Features Remziye Tosun: I'll be the voice of Sur women
06:40 Features Women of the HDP
06:02 Features Different identies enter Parliament with the HDP
04:04 Features A doctor in Amed enters Parliament for the HDP
02:34 News A new period of struggle is awaiting Turkey
02:05 News First statement by HDP Buldan and Temelli
00:19 News CHP Ince: I accept Erdogan's victory
23:35 News Attacks against HDP in Ankara and Istanbul
23:16 News HDP first party in 11 provinces of North Kurdistan
22:33 News HDP overcomes threshold despite Erdoğan and State of Emergency
22:25 News Police try to retain ballot boxes in Van
22:10 News CHP keeps its hope high, as many ballot boxes are still closed
21:25 News HDP is going up while no official results have been published yet
21:18 News HDP vote on the increase
20:04 News HDP confirms the party is over 10%
19:46 News Initial figures point to second round for presidential elections
19:39 News HDP overcomes the threshold
18:24 News Turkish state media manipulating election results
18:05 News Many observers prevented from watching counting of votes
17:38 News Extraordinary measures in front of Supreme Electoral Board
17:34 News HDP’s Temelli: News from polling stations makes us hopeful
17:28 News New complaints from Urfa as voting ends
17:22 Women 72-year-old woman jailed in Mardin
17:18 Kurdistan HDP member severely battered by AKP supporters in Uludere
17:06 News French politician: Police prevented us from reaching polls
16:56 Kurdistan OSCE observers detained in Bitlis
16:53 News Ballot papers found in garbage bins in Suruç
16:44 News HDP calls on people at polls to watch for safety of counting
16:39 News Ten foreign observers detained in Turkey
16:24 News Polling stations closed in Turkey and North Kurdistan
15:48 News Shameful violations in Horasan
15:47 News Al-Sadr and al-Abadi confirm alliance to form Iraqi government
15:29 News SDF and Raqqa forces launch operation against terrorist cells
15:07 News AKP continues with the fraud, French election observers detained
14:44 News AKP-MHP irregularities in elections continue
14:25 News HDP appeals to the YSK to prevent violations in Urfa
14:04 News AKP bringing mercenaries from Afrin to Hatay to vote
13:44 News AKP out for theft even on their last day!
13:27 News AKP terror in Suruç: HDP supporter stabbed
13:19 Kurdistan Election fraud in Van
12:58 News HDP and CHP take action against violations in Urfa
12:22 News People rush to the ballots in Amed and other demolished cities
11:36 News OSCE statement: Urfa is not safe
11:26 Kurdistan AKP's Yıldız threatens voters in Suruç
11:10 News Voting slips handed over to soldiers in 3 Kurdish cities
10:45 News Irregularities in the elections
09:58 News Demirtaş: I believe the outcome will be beautiful
09:50 News Men caught with empty envelopes in Amed
09:33 News HDP members attacked amid irregularities during voting