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21:01 NEWS Iranian Parliament Speaker tests positive for coronavirus
20:29 NEWS Covid-19: 18,135 infected, 356 dead in Turkey
19:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA Wedding hall in Qamishlo converted into a treatment centre
18:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ongoing Turkish aggression injures a civilian in Til Temir
17:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey bombs waterworks, interrupting supply to Northern Syria
17:21 NEWS Refugee camp near Athens quarantined over Coronavirus
16:49 KURDISTAN KCK Health Committee calls for strict measures against pandemic
16:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Call from North-East Syria to all human rights organisations
15:37 NEWS PACE Rapporteur calls on Spain and Turkey to release politicians
15:02 KURDISTAN Öcalan’s birthplace under military siege before his birthday
14:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Six jihadists killed in HRE operations in Afrin
14:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack kills two Syrian soldiers near Til Temir
13:40 KURDISTAN Guerilla fighter Çekdar Amed appeals to his family
12:46 WOMEN TJK-E celebrates Öcalan's birthday
12:17 WOMEN KJK calls on women to raise struggle on Öcalan's birthday
11:33 NEWS HDK: The epidemic will be overcome with self-organization
11:08 NEWS Eksik: Let's protect our society in these times of emergency
10:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state bombing villages of Afrin and Til Temir
10:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA Hesekê Water Office completes first part of new water station
09:34 WOMEN 29 women killed by men in March
09:02 FEATURES Women in Spain fear lockdown with their abusers
07:48 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD reiterates that ill prisoners must be released immediately
22:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE fighter wounded in Afrin dies
21:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack injures four civilians in Zirgan
19:14 NEWS Covid-19: 15,679 infected, 277 dead in Turkey
17:49 FEATURES Halil Dağ - a guerrilla, filmmaker, journalist
17:07 NEWS Three HDP politicians released from prison
16:14 KURDISTAN HPG reports clashes and airstrikes
15:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Fight against pandemic and invasion in Ain Issa
15:00 HUMAN RIGHTS A prison in Gümüşhane quarantined after detection of Coronavirus
13:58 KURDISTAN More than 30 soldiers killed in action of self-sacrifice in Ağrı
12:53 NEWS KESK: Government not doing enough to counter COVID-19 emergency
12:19 HUMAN RIGHTS Organisations in Malatya warn of coronavirus risk for prisoners
11:38 KURDISTAN KCK calls to step up struggle to ensure freedom for Öcalan
11:04 NEWS DISK, KESK, TMMOB and TTB launch signature campaign
10:38 NEWS Construction workers are most exposed to coronavirus
10:07 FEATURES Violence doesn't stop in Colombia: Former guerrilla killed
09:34 NEWS People in Bolivia break quarantine for lack of food
08:59 NEWS Quarantine for Artuklu and Sason after first dead for coronavirus
08:23 NEWS Seferi Yılmaz finds a microphone in his house
07:49 NEWS Four European legal associations ask Turkey to release judges
20:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Disinfection works continue in Deir ez-Zor
20:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Aid packages distributed in Raqqa under curfew
19:49 NEWS Death toll from coronavirus rises to 214 in Turkey
19:11 NEWS Van: Riot by prisoners demanding release over Corona threat
18:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Homeschooling in Rojava under curfew due to pandemic
17:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRW urges Turkey to resume water supply to NE Syria
17:07 KURDISTAN Eleven-year-old seriously injured in explosion in Lice
16:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish-backed mercenaries attack Manbij, injuring civilians
15:50 HUMAN RIGHTS International call for the release of prisoners in Turkey