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08:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA Meeting ​​​​​​​between AANES, MSD officials and Swedish Minister
08:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mercenaries impose levies on Afrin civilians for olive harvest
07:44 WOMEN KBDH: Millions of women united in Mirabel sisterhood today
19:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA 90 more families leave the Hol Camp
18:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three women and a man kidnapped in occupied Afrin
18:18 KURDISTAN HPG reports Turkish air raids on Zap and Avashin
17:31 KURDISTAN Iraq deploys military forces to Shengal
16:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in occupied Afrin
16:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: 18 gang members killed, clashes continue in Ain Issa
15:51 KURDISTAN KDP's paramilitary forces persecute civilians
15:15 WOMEN Report on male brutality in Kurdistan
14:40 KURDISTAN Guerrillas warn the KDP forces in Metina
14:10 ROJAVA-SYRIA Car bomb detonated in occupied al-Bab
13:37 WOMEN Women writers in Rojava: KDP should adopt a pro-Kurdistan stance
12:53 NEWS Lawyers apply to visit Abdullah Öcalan
12:24 WOMEN Gökkan: Women are fighting against the dictator
11:58 NEWS KCDK-E calls on activists to join demos for Shengal on Thursday
11:31 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Police arrive at Van news agency office with anti-riot vehicle
11:17 WOMEN KJK: It is time to get to the roots of patriarchal violence
10:55 WOMEN Women representatives from HDP and German Greens meet online
10:27 NEWS Young activists in Hanover protest the agreement for Shengal
10:11 NEWS Police detain workers setting off to Ankara to reclaim rights
09:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mercenary commander killed in Ayn Issa
09:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three more civilians kidnapped in occupied Afrin
09:12 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Police raid Mezopotamya Agency office in Van
08:59 WOMEN Exhibition in Bielefeld: “Femicide and Self-Defense”
08:31 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Police in Van detain Mezopotamya Agency journalist Karataş
08:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Many mercenaries killed in Ayn Issa as attacks continue
07:44 FEATURES Turkey hired the KDP to complete the 'Collapse Plan'
20:02 NEWS Former mayor released from prison under house arrest
19:29 NEWS Five people jailed in DTK investigation in Amed
17:39 KURDISTAN Shengal Autonomous Assembly warns against a new massacre
16:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: Three ISIS members arrested
15:36 KURDISTAN HPG guerrillas in Bashur: We defend our people on our land
15:00 WOMEN 'Women increase the resistance against attacks'
14:26 NEWS German soldiers halt Turkish ship off Libya
13:49 KURDISTAN KDP establishes checkpoint in Metîna
13:17 WOMEN HDP: A woman was raped in Turkey and had to return to Iran
12:47 KURDISTAN KDP deploys military forces to Qesrê and Haji Umran
12:18 NEWS Curfew comes into place in 4 villages in the province of Mardin
12:03 FEATURES Barzani and the KDP are the spearheads of the counter-revolution
11:29 WOMEN Self-defense against the killings of women!
11:03 HUMAN RIGHTS Finucane: Public judicial inquiry needed into murder of my father
10:32 WOMEN KCDK-E calls on women to step up struggle on 25 November
10:01 WOMEN Women in London hang banner on BBC Radio building
09:27 HUMAN RIGHTS Trial on the death of 2-year-old Mawda opens today in Belgium
08:56 NEWS Spanish State to approve Covid-19 vaccination plan on Tuesday
08:23 NEWS Protests grow in Guatemala after approval of budget
07:49 WOMEN Workshop on child marriage in Raqqa
20:22 WOMEN Women rally against violence in Istanbul