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09:00 Features PKK's Kalkan tells how 15 August 1984 actions were planned
08:30 Rojava The Rojava Revolution is a continuation of 15 August
08:00 Features KCK: It is the guerrilla that caused the Turkish state’s crisis
07:30 Kurdistan At least 10 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
17:00 Rojava A member of Sultan Murad gang killed in Afrin
16:40 News Thousands of DAESH members in Syria and Iraq, says UN
16:05 News Syrian regime forces bombing Idlib area
15:10 News US-Turkey crisis: Facts
14:40 News 4-day demonstration for Öcalan in Hildesheim
14:10 Rojava Turkish state gangs burn hundreds of trees in Afrin
13:50 Rojava Turkish state policies cause land subsidence in Serekaniye
13:15 Kurdistan Religious school opens for Shengal's children rescued from ISIS
12:50 Kurdistan Yazidi Coordination remembers massacre victims, calls for unity
12:30 Kurdistan HPG commander Çoban laid to rest amid obstructions
12:10 Rojava Invaders abduct two more Kurdish women in Afrin
12:00 Kurdistan Turkish jets shell Dersim countryside
11:35 News SDF rescues another Yazidi family from gangs
11:10 News Manbij has become one of the safest places after liberation
10:45 News SDF to launch operation to liberate Hajin
10:30 Kurdistan PKK: 15 August is true today like it was 34 years ago
10:10 News Several HDP executives taken into custody in Ankara
10:00 Rojava A number of terrorists killed by YPG in Afrin
09:35 Rojava Kobanê Canton celebrates 15 August
09:20 Features Mahsum Korkmaz, Agit: The spirit of 15 August
09:00 News 10 adults and 4 children arrested in Adana
08:30 Human Rights Rojava Human Rights Organization opened in Kobanê
08:00 Rojava People speak out on Martyrs Graveyard attack by Turkish army
07:30 News Traffic Centre in Sheikh Maqsoud providing efficient service
21:15 Kurdistan Turkish forces hinder participation in funeral for HPG Commander
21:00 Kurdistan Guerrillas hit a Turkish helicopter in Şırnak countryside
17:45 Features Manbij celebrates second anniversary as a free city
16:15 News Explosion in Jarablus
15:45 Kurdistan Protest for salaries in Kirkuk
15:25 News US delegation visits the Municipality of Raqqa
15:00 Kurdistan Refugees moved to Kurdish provinces
14:55 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb Metina in South Kurdistan
14:30 Kurdistan HPG commander’s body identified but not given to family
14:05 Kurdistan Internationalists call for solidarity with Qandil
13:30 Rojava Two Faylaq Al-Sham members punished in Afrin
13:05 Features Family fleeing Afrin: Turkish state turned Afrin into hell
12:30 Rojava SDF: Turkey weakens efforts for a solution in the Syrian crisis
12:00 Kurdistan Military operation with aerial support in Mardin countryside
11:45 Rojava People of Manbij celebrate liberation anniversary
11:30 Rojava Turkish state attack on cemetery in Afrin caught on video
11:00 News SDF denies allegations over Idlib
10:45 Kurdistan Two HDP members detained in Amed
10:30 Women Women demand freedom for Öcalan
10:00 News 15 August: 34 years of victorious resistance
09:25 News KCK's Bayik: 15 August is the spirit of freedom and democracy
09:00 Culture Exhibition opened in Manbij