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19:44 KURDISTAN Iraqi Interior Minister visits Shengal
18:58 KURDISTAN HPG commemorates Metina martyrs
18:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Border gates in Syria are used as blackmail
17:34 NEWS “Öcalan must be free to find solutions to Middle East’s problems”
16:49 FEATURES “Closure cases against pro-Kurdish parties have always been based on same logic”
16:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Hemid El-Ebid: Turkey creates borders within the territories of Syria
15:33 NEWS Hunger strike in Turkey’s prisons on day 137
14:59 KURDISTAN HPG: 3 Turkish soldiers killed in Gabar
14:26 NEWS MEP Weber: Erdoğan is a kind of dictator
13:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer Veysi Eski: Violations of rights increasing in Turkish prisons
13:17 NEWS Lawyers apply once again to visit Öcalan
12:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Health Committee warns about Covid spiralling out of control in North and East Syria
12:01 NEWS Activists in Rome celebrate Abdullah Öcalan's birthday
11:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF commander: We repelled Turkey's attacks in Ain Issa
10:58 CULTURE All ready for the opening of London Kurdish Film Festival on 16 April
10:27 FEATURES Emine Senyaşar: Why does nobody hear our complaints?
09:54 NEWS Tehran says Natanz nuclear complex failure was a 'terrorist act'
09:23 WOMEN Three more women activists sent to prison in Amed
08:52 NEWS FCK BW-BAYERN holds its first Assemblies Conference in South Germany
08:22 NEWS Young Kurds in Drancy protest isolation of Abdullah Öcalan
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Shedadê Martyr Munzur Academy celebrates end of 4th Internal Security Forces training
19:35 ROJAVA-SYRIA New partial lockdown against pandemic in North-East Syria
17:22 NEWS Özdemir: German authorities and politics must finally take danger seriously!
16:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish mine kills two children, injures two others in Afrin
15:54 NEWS Nearly 23 million animals tortured in Turkey in 2020
15:02 NEWS ADGB campaign against fascism launched in Europe
14:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA “Turkish-backed mercenaries improve their conditions after fighting in Libya and Azerbaijan”
13:18 WOMEN "The palace cannot decide on our lives"
12:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Police search houses in Bismil; torture on residents exposed
12:02 NEWS Activists in Toronto protest Turkish regime
11:31 KURDISTAN Hunger strikers in Maxmur say they won't stop fasting until Öcalan's freedom is achieved
10:59 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strikes in prison reach day 136, in Greece day 98
10:28 KURDISTAN HPG commemorate fallen fighter Devrim Amargî
09:54 CULTURE Kobanê University hosts guest lecture by philosopher Slavoj Zizek
09:23 WOMEN Swiss Women's Strike holds action in support of the Istanbul Convention
08:51 NEWS Boğaziçi University Solidarity Initiative organises exhibition in Berlin
08:22 NEWS Activists in Lucerne demand freedom for Abdullah Öcalan
07:49 WOMEN HDP deputy Başaran: Stop threatening women's rights!
21:09 NEWS Senators and deputies from Uruguay in solidarity with HDP
20:31 NEWS Medical chambers in solidarity with Emine Şenyaşar
19:27 KURDISTAN Military operation in Van
17:19 NEWS Outrage over prison sentence given to Syriac priest in Turkey
16:32 NEWS Kurdish women in Russia protest against Öcalan’s isolation
15:49 WOMEN HDP: Women's solidarity will win against men's alliances
15:02 WOMEN Women defending Istanbul Convention blockaded by police in Amed
14:34 KURDISTAN HPG Air Defense Units hit Turkish base in Çukurca
13:58 NEWS Kurdish activist released from deportation custody in Germany
13:25 NEWS Three people jailed on terror charges in Adana
12:59 KURDISTAN Peshmerga veteran calls for solidarity with Shengal
12:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey-linked mercenaries kidnap two Afrin citizens in Azaz