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17:45 Kurdistan KRG decides to negotiate with Baghdad government
17:02 Kurdistan PUK’s latest statement on the attacks against Kirkuk
15:24 News Iraq dispatches troops to Kirkuk, peshmergas retreat from Pirde
14:41 News Baghdad issues arrest warrant for PUK's Kosret Resul
14:35 News SDF repels ISIS attack in Operation Cizire Storm
13:42 Human Rights Imrali delegation demands immediate access to Öcalan
13:13 Kurdistan Protestors set Iraqi Turkmen Front’s building on fire
12:48 News The ‘Great Battle’ for Raqqa in photos
12:25 Women YPJ: We dedicate the Raqqa victory to Öcalan and all the women
11:35 News Police detain 15, including journalists and lawyers in Istanbul
10:00 News YPJ to announce the liberation of Raqqa today
09:30 Kurdistan Hashd al-Shaabi retreats from Kirkuk city centre
01:25 Features SDF Commander: Liberation of Raqqa marks a new beginning
00:55 Kurdistan US withdraws its troops in Makhmur to Hewler
00:35 Kurdistan One killed as ISIS attacks Kakai villages in Dakuk
00:00 Features Hunger Games in Southern Kurdistan
17:13 Rojava Turkish supported gangs attack Shehba villages in Syria
14:41 Kurdistan Kurds’ homes evacuated in Kirkuk
14:30 News Hashd al-Shaabi forces attempt rapes in Tuz Khurmatu
14:21 Kurdistan KDP turns over their territories to Hashd al-Shaabi
13:17 Kurdistan PUK security targeted in Kirkuk
12:40 Kurdistan KCK: Problems in Iraq should be solved through democratization
11:01 Kurdistan Border gates between Bashur and Rojhilat given to Hashd al-Shaabi
10:42 Kurdistan YBŞ: Only the Êzidî people have a say in the future of Shengal
09:53 News 1500 ISIS members return to Europe from Syria and Iraq
09:47 News 10 detained in house raids in Istanbul
09:42 Features Raqqa through the ANF lens
00:50 News Kurds protesting for Öcalan all over Europe
00:20 News HDP, HDK, DBP and DTK release statement on isolation of Öcalan
00:00 Kurdistan House raids in Kirkuk after Hashd al-Shaabi invasion
00:00 Kurdistan HPG statement on Kirkuk incidents
18:12 News SDF Commander: We congratulate Raqqa victory to Leader Apo
17:26 News Official statement on Raqqa to be made after mop-up operations
17:03 News Blast hits police shuttle in Mersin
14:14 News Raqqa fully liberated from ISIS
13:57 Kurdistan Turkish army stuck in Xeregol: 18 dead
13:10 Kurdistan Peshmerga Commander: We have started to withdraw from Bashiqa
12:44 Features What happened in Kirkuk?
12:22 Rojava Turkish reconnaissance aircraft flying over Kobanê
12:08 Kurdistan Images from the defense line built in Kirkuk yesterday
11:10 Kurdistan Jalawla and Khanaqin also handed over
11:00 Kurdistan Latest in Shengal and Makhmur
10:47 News One village and dozens of hamlets liberated in Deir ez-Zor
10:35 News National Hospital of Raqqa cleared of ISIS
10:23 Kurdistan Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) Commander: We will defend our land
10:15 Kurdistan KDP withdraws from Germian as well
07:49 Kurdistan KDP withdraws its forces from Sinjar
00:00 News Kurds stage mass protests throughout Europe
00:00 Rojava SDF raises its flags on the liberated intersections in Raqqa
00:00 News NAV-DEM announces calendar for pro-Öcalan demonstrations