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09:19 NEWS Seven people detained in Konya, one in Malatya
08:47 KURDISTAN HDP Kars branch co-chair detained
08:18 KURDISTAN Barzani accuses activists and journalists of espionage
07:44 NEWS AvEG-Kon: Let's spread the resistance against the colonial occupation
20:28 NEWS "Long March 2021" in Stuttgart
19:39 HUMAN RIGHTS ECtHR: HADEP politicians wrongly convicted
18:57 NEWS KCK establishes website in English
18:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Headman and local people kidnapped in a village of Gire Spi
17:49 NEWS Italian newspaper Il Manifesto publishes full page declaration for Öcalan
17:17 KURDISTAN 65-year-old jailed on terror charges in Dersim
16:44 NEWS Long march against international conspiracy kicks off in Paris
16:13 NEWS Revolutionary Front calls for resistance against Turkish occupation
15:37 NEWS KCDK-E announces action plan for the weekend
15:03 NEWS Long march kicks off in Marseille: "Freedom for Öcalan, status for Kurdistan"
14:24 NEWS Police attack demonstrators in front of courthouse, detaining many in Istanbul
13:51 NEWS HDP visits opposition parties
13:23 KURDISTAN Democratic Shengal Autonomous Administration: Our people should stand by the guerrilla
12:52 NEWS TKP-ML/TIKKO: We stand by Kurdish guerrilla forces and nation against Turkey's attacks
12:18 KURDISTAN KCK: Rise up and join the campaign against invasion everywhere
11:27 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's lawyers apply for a visit to Imrali
10:53 NEWS RiseUp4Rojava and the Internationalist Commune call for action against Turkish fascism
10:25 NEWS Another city council in Australia supports removed Kurdish co-mayors in Turkey
09:44 KURDISTAN Gare Area Command: The initiative lies with our forces
09:20 KURDISTAN Kobanê youth: We are ready to resist in Garê
08:49 KURDISTAN TEV-DEM Co-chair: KDP should give an account for Turkey’s attacks
08:18 WOMEN HDP Women's Council launches “Justice for Women” campaign
07:44 NEWS Peace in Kurdistan campaign calls for measures against Turkish government to stop its violence
21:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in Rojava protest against Turkish occupation attacks on Gare
21:13 KURDISTAN Heavy clashes between guerrillas and Turkish troops continue in Gare
20:35 WOMEN Yazidi woman kidnapped in occupied Afrin, delivered to Turkey for trial
19:33 NEWS Long march in Basel: "Öcalan's freedom is our freedom"
18:54 NEWS KCDK-E calls for protests against Turkish invasion operation in Gare
18:29 KURDISTAN 65-year-old detained in Tatvan
17:37 KURDISTAN Mahmoud Osman: The issue is not the PKK, it is Southern Kurdistan
16:58 KURDISTAN Kurdish environmental activist sentenced to prison in Sine
16:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Protest in Amude against Turkish invasion operation on Garê
15:53 NEWS Swedish Left Party in solidarity with the Kurds
15:17 NEWS Urgent call for an international response to Turkish military invasion of South Kurdistan
14:44 KURDISTAN Turkish bombardments and clashes continue in Gare
14:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces attack school in Temir, injuring a child
13:55 NEWS International conspiracy condemned in Russia
13:03 NEWS Long March gives hope to internationalists
12:13 NEWS HDP deputy Kerestecioğlu says policy of trustee is everyone's problem
11:42 NEWS Court sentences HDP Bağlar former provincial co-chair Karaman to 9 years in prison
11:01 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkey's attack on Gare comes from South Kurdistan
10:45 HUMAN RIGHTS Ill prisoner Tenzile Acar should be released, says her mother
10:12 NEWS Van tradesmen are on the verge of collapse
09:43 NEWS Three Italian organisations join freedom for Öcalan campaign
09:14 FEATURES Kurds in UK fear new persecution as pro-Erdogan peer named to investigate extreme left and right
08:47 KURDISTAN Heavy clashes after Turkey bombs Gare