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12:30 Rojava-Northern Syria “Social unity has been created in Rojava”
11:45 News HDP continues meetings in the Council of Europe
11:30 News KCDK-E and TJK-E published details of marches against isolation
11:00 Features YPG captures three foreign ISIS terrorists
10:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Heavy clashes between SDF and DAESH in Suse
10:00 Features The extreme-right candidate aims at winning Brazil Presidency
09:50 News Explosions in Kirkuk and Tikrit
09:30 News DTK administrator suffers heart attack under custody
09:00 Culture Cultural and Art Centre opened in Zirgan
08:30 News Iran cut running water to Iraq
08:00 Culture Mem û Zîn: An epic of love
07:30 Kurdistan HPG actions against Turkish army in Lelikan
07:00 News Political genocide of the last 9 years 
16:30 Human Rights Nine migrants lost their life off Izmir when boat capsized
15:45 Freedom of the Press MA Journalist sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison
15:30 Rojava-Northern Syria One month balance sheet of the Operation Cizire Storm
15:00 Human Rights Turkish army threatened to burn down village in Amed
14:30 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG volunteer from France martyred in Deir ez-Zor
14:15 Women TJA: Our words are stronger then your weapons!
14:00 News Police attack commemoration for victims of Ankara massacre
12:00 News FARC demands immediate release of former commander Jesus Santrich
11:30 Kurdistan Mesopotamian Water Forum to be held in Sulaymaniyah next spring
11:00 Human Rights Vigil for Öcalan in Strasbourg in its 329th week
10:30 Women Revolution in the Making: Final Resolution
10:00 Features The last act of the Turkish cultural genocide in Afrin
09:30 Kurdistan HPG dealt heavy blow on invaders in Hakkari
09:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Cultural genocide institutionalizes in Afrin
08:45 News HDP Batman Provincial Co-Chair Toğuç remanded in custody
08:30 Culture Sulaymaniyah International Film Festival kicks off today
08:00 News Temelli: We'll raise our struggle everywhere
07:30 News Qamishlo took the street for Öcalan
19:30 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF's last 24 hours balance of operations
18:33 News House of jailed HDP deputy Güven raided
18:00 News Kurtulan: Who wants peace must fight isolation
17:00 News Solidarity Platform for 3rd Istanbul Airport's jailed workers
16:00 Kurdistan YBS-YJS fighters: October 9 plot was voided through the struggle
15:30 News PACE approves report on June 24 elections in Turkey
15:00 Women Until all of us are safe!
14:30 News PACE awards honorary membership to Ertugrul Kurkcu
14:00 Women ISIS is going back to Sudan where it has grown
13:30 News Yeni Yasam offices and Peace Mother’s home raided
13:15 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG: 4 mercenaries killed in Afrin
13:00 Human Rights Delegation chaired by Dilek Ocalan meets with CPT
12:30 News Erdogan points the finger, police takes into custody
12:00 News Turkish Security Council now officially paramilitary
11:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Invaders increase barbaric practices in Afrin
11:07 News Kobanê to rally for Abdullah Öcalan's freedom
10:43 News Six people taken into custody in Van
10:30 News Meeting in Raqqa for Abdullah Öcalan
10:15 Women Court said no to Kışanak and Tuncel release petition