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00:10 News HDP’s Buldan: Kurdish unity is a historic responsibility
00:05 Kurdistan Shop keepers on strike in East Kurdistan
00:00 Features TEV-DEM co-chair: A new phase has begun in Syria
14:30 Kurdistan Nusaybin case: Resistance to fascism will prevail!
14:15 Rojava 71 new SDF fighters complete training
13:55 News AKP-MHP alliance’s panic for 2019: Bahçeli admits
13:15 Kurdistan Police raids home, kicks pregnant woman
12:50 News PKK case heard in CJEU
12:30 Rojava Station in Afrin-Rajo turned into torture center
12:00 News 747th appeal to meet with Öcalan since 2011
10:45 News Merkel government to strengthen ties with the Erdoğan regime
10:25 Rojava No support from any international organizations for Afrin people
00:50 Kurdistan Communal life on the high alps of Qandil
00:40 Women Mother of YPJ martyr from Latin America: "She was a lively force"
00:30 Women Anna Campbell, freedom fighter
00:20 Women Family of YPJ martyr for Afrin: "Her head was always held high"
00:10 Features Karasu: War in Syria continues due to Turkey’s policies
00:00 Kurdistan “We have a promise to the children of Afrin, Sur, Cizir, Bradost"
15:20 News Russia hopes Kremlin and Washington will in time talk again
15:05 News Turkish state is negotiating with militias over Idlib and Afrin
14:45 Kurdistan 16 Turkish soldiers killed in actions and clashes
14:20 News Explosion in Raqqa kills a child, wounds 15
14:15 Rojava Another war crime by Turkey: Waters of the Euphrates cut off
13:30 News Erdoğan describes himself
13:00 Rojava Turkish army and allied gangs abduct and torture people in Afrin
11:00 Rojava Turkish state turns the border with Rojava into a line of torture
10:30 News Young Left launches donation campaign for YPG/YPJ in Sweden
10:00 Rojava Occupation regime in Afrin
09:50 Kurdistan Guerrilla actions target Turkish military base locations in Besta
09:40 Culture "My whole life was a struggle" book appears in English
09:30 Kurdistan “Turkish bombardments on southern Kurdistan harm the people"
08:20 News Mayor of Geneva calls for a boycott of Turkish tourism
00:20 Kurdistan Şırnak: From the city back to the village
00:15 Women Women prepare 1st May rally
00:10 News Iraqi elections campaign kicks off
00:00 Kurdistan "Turkey wants to depopulate Kurdistan"
16:45 Kurdistan Action against MİT operatives by HPG guerrillas
16:20 Kurdistan Mihemed Brothers buried in Sheladizê
16:00 News UN to discuss US-UK-France resolution
15:30 Kurdistan The last standing house in Cizre to be torn down
14:00 News EU: “Kurdish question is one of the most grave issues in Turkey”
12:10 Kurdistan Bodies of three brothers killed by Turkey recovered
11:45 Rojava "Afrin's occupation is a threat to all peoples of Syria"
11:30 News Clash among gangs in Idlib
10:00 Kurdistan Two Turkish soldiers killed in Ağrı
00:20 Culture Issue 9 of Jineoloji magazine out
00:15 News Iraq going to the polls amidst protests
00:10 Freedom of the Press Sweden condemns repression on Kurdish media
00:05 Rojava Education system in Rojava favors the common life of the peoples
00:00 News EU to announce critical report on Turkey