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08:00 Women Women’s workshop in India
07:30 Culture Raqqa: Investing in culture
07:00 Freedom of the Press No peace for journalists in Turkey
18:30 News Third Airport Workers on trial 
17:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Hunger strike in Qamishlo
16:45 Human Rights Hunger strike in prisons reached day 9
16:15 News Kurdish conference in EP: Turkey is outside the law
15:45 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF: 228 terrorists killed, over a thousand civilians rescued
15:15 News Factory set on fire to protest the isolation of Öcalan
14:55 Kurdistan Hunger strike in Hewler on day 15
14:30 News Prison sentence for HDP's Baluken also finalized   
14:00 News Hunger strikes against the isolation of Öcalan in three countries
13:30 News Kurdish factor and oppression in Turkey discussed in EP
12:15 News Hearing of HDP's Demirtas postponed
11:30 News HDP MPs continue hunger strike in Parliament
10:45 Kurdistan Several HDP and DBP members detained in Amed and Hakkari
10:30 News Elections in Andalusia open crisis in Spanish politics
10:15 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF fighters rescue 700 civilians from ISIS
10:00 News Temelli: Local elections an opportunity to side with democracy
09:30 News Constitutional Court rejects applications of Kışanak and Tuncel
09:00 Rojava-Northern Syria International Forum on Afrin: final statement
08:30 Culture Play ‘Tirsonek' on stage in Rojava
08:00 Human Rights Hunger strikes to protest the isolation of Öcalan spread
07:30 News British Muslim Mayors support Freedom for Ocalan campaign
07:00 News UN: Social leaders in Colombia face dramatic situation
17:30 Human Rights Female prisoner battered by wardens in front of her mother
17:00 News Solidarity hunger strike against isolation in Rome
16:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Chaliand: Turkish occupation of Afrin totally illegal
15:50 News Prison sentences for HDP’s Demirtas and Onder approved
15:30 News UK politicians sent solidarity and support message to MP Güven
15:00 News 769th appeal to meet with Öcalan
14:45 News HDP launches hunger strike in the Turkish Parliament
14:15 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla action in which 15 soldiers were killed
14:00 Features “Project for new party” from PKK deserter to MIT
13:30 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF rescues 1200 more civilians in Hajin region
13:00 News HDP MPs on hunger strike in Istanbul
12:30 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG’s balance sheet of the war and resistance for November
12:00 News Police issued YPG ban overthrown in court
11:15 News 10 HDP members continue hunger strike in custody in Mersin
10:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Two HPC members injured in explosion in Qamishlo
10:00 Freedom of the Press HDP commends the resistance of Free Press
09:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Tent action to protest closure of Shengal-Northern Syria border
09:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Another civilian kidnapped in Afrin
08:45 News DTK: Öcalan is a crucial actor to reach peace
08:30 News Hunger strike for Öcalan in Toronto
08:00 News New President of Mexico sworn in
07:30 News Chile: Free gender identity law implemented
17:30 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG Spokesperson: Turkey guilty of war crimes
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria TEV-DEM Co-chair: Stop Turkish invasion of Afrin
16:00 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG: Eleven Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Afrin