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12:03 NEWS Thousands march for Öcalan in Strasbourg
11:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Shops in Rojava closed in protest at 15 February conspiracy
11:13 NEWS Torture and arrests in many cities
10:39 KURDISTAN Guerrillas: We will make 2020 the year of victory
10:02 KURDISTAN Demonstration for Öcalan in Sulaymaniyah
09:31 NEWS Biggest rise in decades in global defence spending
08:59 NEWS European Court of Human Rights legalizes expulsion of migrants
08:17 CULTURE Kurdish Literature Association opens in Amed
07:46 NEWS Peace in Kurdistan: Time to free Ocalan and grasp the peace
00:00 FEATURES The International Conspiracy in Abdullah Öcalan’s words
22:51 NEWS Second day of Marseille march for Öcalan concluded
22:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces attack the camp and villages in Ain Issa
20:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA 70 people go on hunger strike for Öcalan in Amude
19:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin Administration: Peoples have organized with Öcalan’s ideas
18:49 NEWS At least 99 members of the HDP arrested in two days
18:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA Villages of Til Temir under Turkish attack
17:07 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Three acquitted in the Özgür Gündem trial
16:32 NEWS Dozens arrested in political genocide operations in many cities
15:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internationalist fighter passes away in Kobane
15:27 KURDISTAN Footage from guerrilla action in Xakurke, South Kurdistan
14:56 FEATURES Öcalan in Rome: An Italian internationalist remembers
14:27 NEWS Long march for Öcalan in France on day 2
14:04 NEWS Families apply to visit Imralı
13:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 9 jihadists killed, 7 others injured in Azaz and Mare
13:04 NEWS TJA and DTK: Conspirators are failing
12:36 NEWS UK PM dismisses North of Ireland Minister, appoints hard liner
12:06 WOMEN KJK: 15 February is the biggest conspiracy against women
11:41 KURDISTAN HPG Commander: We won't allow the conspiracy to reach its goal
11:09 NEWS Coronavirus: 5,000 new cases reported
10:34 NEWS Activists march in Greece demanding freedom for Öcalan
10:02 NEWS Internationalists marching for Öcalan hold seminar in Nancy
09:29 NEWS Revenge Unit sets vehicle on fire in Istanbul
09:01 NEWS Colombian National Strike Committee plans new protests
08:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Missiles hit targets near Damascus
07:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Invading Turkish state targets civilian settlements
22:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA People arbitrarily detained as "YPG sympathizers" in Afrin
21:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three-day march by Kobane youth against international conspiracy
20:53 NEWS Rocket attack hits US base in Kirkuk
20:20 WOMEN YPJ fighter Nûcan Cuma martyred in Serêkaniyê
19:37 KURDISTAN Soldiers storm villages, seize people's supplies, destroy caves
18:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces and mercenaries bomb villages in Afrin and Shehba
18:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: 9 mercenaries killed in Til Temir
17:33 ECOLOGY Snow magic in Rojava
16:55 NEWS Geneva-Strasbourg march reaches Basel
16:22 FEATURES Aldar Xelîl: Syrian regime’s willingness for dialogue is positive
15:36 NEWS Three-day march for Öcalan in Marseille
15:02 KURDISTAN A commander and a soldier of the Turkish army killed in Iğdır
14:24 NEWS Internationalists’ march for Öcalan reaches Nancy
13:57 NEWS Three-day march for Öcalan in Greece
13:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian Assembly recognizes Armenian genocide