Latest News

11:50 News HDP MPs marching to Amed for Guven overcome obstacles
11:20 News 78 people were detained in four cities of North Kurdistan
10:00 News French Communist Party representatives joined the Long March
09:25 Rojava-Northern Syria Youth Movement promoted long march for Ocalan in Kobanê
09:10 News At least 27 killed in attack on IRGC forces in southeast Iran
08:55 Rojava-Northern Syria Olives planted to condemn Turkish destruction of Afrin nature
08:25 News Protest against isolation in front of the European Parliament
08:00 News Strasbourg hunger strike reached day 60
07:45 News 16 people detained in Adana
07:30 News Kurdish political prisoner writes to lawyer Margaret Owen
21:45 News MEPs visited Kurdish hunger strikers in Strasbourg
20:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Occupation forces bomb a village in Afrin
20:35 News Internationalist Long March for Ocalan reached Metz
20:15 News Three-day march in Greece to protest the international conspiracy
20:00 Kurdistan 8 people detained in Dogubeyazit
19:45 Rojava-Northern Syria ISIS arms depot discovered in Upper Baghouz village
18:55 News Leyla Guven refused treatment, continues her fast at home
16:30 Human Rights Prisoner Mehmet Gok died in prison
16:00 News Internationalists: Freedom for Öcalan is our struggle
15:00 News KCDK-E issues warning: AKP is looking for provocation in Europe
14:40 Kurdistan Police attacks protest against isolation in Van
14:20 News Long March activists stopped at French border
14:05 News Leyla Guven refuses treatment
13:50 News Leyla Guven hospitalized on day 98 of hunger strike
13:45 News Yellow Vests in Commercy in solidarity with the Rojava Revolution
13:00 News EP United Left members in solidarity with Guven
12:45 Kurdistan Agri Co-mayorial candidate Karaaslan detained
12:15 News 25 people detained in 3 cities
11:45 News German state lays siege to long march for Ocalan
11:00 News From Cizre to Strasbourg: We must rise up against brutality
09:30 News British lawyers visited hunger striker Sis in Newport
08:45 News Hunger striker Bokani salutes internationalists of ‘Long March’
08:30 News Several people including a journalist detained in Istanbul
07:55 News Özdemir visits Strasbourg activists: Europe should do more
07:00 News Scottish MEP Ward: Bring Anna home
22:30 Kurdistan Turkish army starts an operation in Besta
22:25 News Internationalists of ‘Long March’ condemn German police crackdown
21:35 News German police attacks activists on ‘Long March’ for Ocalan
17:00 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg reached day 58
16:30 News Internationalists in Long March: Isolation is against humanity
16:00 News Heading to Strasbourg…
15:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Circle tightens for ISIS
15:10 News Mir Music and Mesopotamia Publishing in Germany put under lock
14:50 News International Peace Delegation in Ankara: End isolation
14:15 Kurdistan Police attacks march for Leyla Guven in Hakkari
13:55 News Internationalists in long march demand freedom for Ocalan
13:30 Kurdistan Nasir Yagiz in critical condition: Having difficulty standing up
13:10 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla action which killed 3 Turkish soldiers
13:00 News Germany issues scandalous ban against 2 Kurdish institutions
12:45 Kurdistan Twelve cities in Rojhilat to protest the conspiracy and isolation