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20:22 ECOLOGY Global Witness: 212 environmental defenders killed in 2019
19:41 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers demand release of their colleagues on death fast
19:04 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers take the contact ban with Imralı to the ECtHR
18:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Lockdown in Cizire region
17:48 KURDISTAN Woman seriously injured in Turkish artillery attack in Bashur
16:11 HUMAN RIGHTS UN: peaceful assembly is a fundamental human right
15:33 NEWS Six soldiers killed as YPS hits bus in Mersin
14:57 HUMAN RIGHTS HRW: Turkey's police and watchmen involved in torture
14:22 NEWS Two high-ranking soldiers killed in ISIS attack in Iraq
13:49 KURDISTAN Turkish army attacks civilians in Southern Kurdistan
13:12 KURDISTAN 600 hectares of forest area in Lice burnt down
12:41 WOMEN 915 women reported missing in Peru during Covid quarantine
12:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA Refugees in Girê Spî camp set up vegetable cooperative
11:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Shedade Health Center serves 500 villages
11:03 NEWS Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo Haydee Vallino dies aged 100
10:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Vegetable marked run by Afrin women opens in Shehba
10:01 WOMEN SKM women released
09:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF and International Coalition confirm future cooperation
08:57 KURDISTAN Heftanîn: Turkish Cobra helicopters attack Dûpişk
08:23 NEWS Antep Governor issues a 7-day on actions and activities
07:49 WOMEN Preparations for Sakine Cansiz Women's Festival underway
20:49 WOMEN HDP deputy expelled from party due to violence
20:02 WOMEN Woman claimed to have committed suicide dies in Mardin
19:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR: Turkey sent over 5,000 vehicles to “de-escalation zone”
18:36 WOMEN Çiçek Kobanê: I was shot twice after my capture
17:53 NEWS Müslüm Elma is finally free
17:14 KURDISTAN HPG: 12 Turkish soldiers killed in Gever
16:36 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS UN “concerned” by the new social media bill in Turkey
15:54 NEWS Student from Dersim in custody for three years
14:40 ECOLOGY Australia's fires 'killed or harmed three billion animals'
14:07 NEWS Suspected ISIS supporter arrested in Frankfurt
13:34 NEWS Öcalan’s lawyers apply to visit Imralı
13:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army kills six civilians in Manbij
12:42 KURDISTAN Hewlêr Parliament issues report on Turkish and Iranian attacks
12:08 NEWS Adana police ban actions and activities for 3 days
11:34 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Botan tells of martyrs Welat Agiri and Şoreşger Şemse
11:02 NEWS Investigation against French jihadist for crimes against Yazidis
10:31 NEWS Catalan premier warns of stricter measures as Covid spreads
10:03 NEWS Group from Netherlands takes over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil
09:29 NEWS Trade Union files complaint to ICC against Brazilian president
08:58 NEWS Man 'spying' on FARC leader Timochenko detained
08:23 NEWS Unionist Baker: Ocalan is a key to peace and freedom in Turkey
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD says prisoners are at risk of torture and harassment
20:54 WOMEN Mother and daughter murdered in Mersin
20:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA 24 more Covid-19 cases registered in Syria
19:34 KURDISTAN HPG announces the name of a guerrilla martyred in Avashin
18:52 NEWS Demirtaş and Yüksekdağ remain in prison
18:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Demo in Shehba against Turkish occupation and crimes
17:37 NEWS WHO: Coronavirus cases double over past six weeks
16:51 NEWS UN says over 60 killed in Sudan’s Darfur