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14:49 NEWS 12 young people detained in Mersin
14:14 NEWS Long March for Öcalan in Germany on day 4
13:40 WOMEN Women's centres in the Washokani camp support female refugees
13:03 NEWS Internationalist march from Luxembourg to Strasbourg continues
12:39 NEWS Freedom for Öcalan Vigil enters 399th week
12:06 KURDISTAN Police put a gun to the head of a 3-year-old child in Amed
11:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two more civilians abducted in occupied Afrin
11:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian forces take the strategic international highway M5
10:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Refugees frozen to death in Van cannot be reached
10:02 NEWS FLMN approves resolution about crisis in Salvador
09:32 NEWS Newroz in Europe with the spirit of national unity
08:58 NEWS People protest increase in transport prices
08:21 NEWS Fourth day of the Long March kicks off in Bensheim
07:48 KURDISTAN Hakkari Governor declares five regions "special security zones"
20:20 KURDISTAN Turkey's deadly eastern border
19:39 NEWS Election campaign support for left-wing top candidate Özdemir
18:58 NEWS Long March activists urge the CPT and UN to act for Öcalan
18:29 NEWS Co-mayors of İpekyolu remain in prison
17:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attacks on Sherawa increasing
17:01 NEWS HDP MP denounces increasing pressure against Syriac Christians
16:19 NEWS Activists of Geneva-Strasbourg march call for increased struggle
15:41 NEWS Co-mayor of Amed remains in prison
15:06 NEWS Long march for Öcalan continues in Darmstadt
14:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA Five Turkish soldiers killed in Idlib
14:11 NEWS March for national unity against international conspiracy begins
13:57 NEWS Unemployment rate in Turkey growing
13:31 FEATURES Jihadists stationed in Idlib put on Turkish military uniforms
12:59 NEWS Internationalists march from Luxembourg to Strasbourg
12:27 NEWS KESK: AKP turns precarious work into "normal" practice
11:49 NEWS German internationalist in the Long March arrested by the police
11:24 NEWS Counting resumes in Ireland as Sinn Féin clearly in the lead
10:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Youth in Til Temir establish Military Council
10:04 NEWS Long March activists pay tribute to HPG guerrilla Fırat Çiçek
09:32 NEWS Demonstration for Öcalan in Geneva to welcome the Long March
09:09 NEWS Coronavirus deaths reach 811
08:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Afrin city centre
08:17 KURDISTAN 30 refugees found almost frozen on the shores of Lake Van
07:46 NEWS Three students arrested for protesting increase in exams fees
22:05 NEWS Second day of the Long March ends with enthusiasm
21:20 NEWS An unstoppable Sinn Féin top the polls in Ireland!
20:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kobanê youth protest the international conspiracy
19:44 NEWS Memorial event for HPG guerrilla Baran Kaya in Münster
19:07 NEWS Paris march for Öcalan concluded with a rally
18:29 NEWS 3 detained as German police attack long march for Öcalan
17:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Special school for children with disabilities in Raqqa
17:10 KURDISTAN KODAR and PJAK announce a boycott of elections
16:16 HUMAN RIGHTS HDP: Refugee tragedy is a disgrace for humanity
15:49 ECOLOGY Snow chaos and avalanche danger in Serhad region
15:16 NEWS Paris march against international conspiracy continues
14:41 NEWS Two-day march for Öcalan in Belgium