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00:20 News Livorno City Council in solidarity with Afrin
00:15 News Germany’s “only issue” is the left showing solidarity with Kurds
00:10 Rojava Life in Shehba camp among shortages and difficulties
00:05 Kurdistan HDP delegation in Sulaymaniyah calls for national unity
00:00 News HDP’s Demirtaş in Court: "I stand by what I said and did"
15:55 Freedom of the Press Multiple sentences issued to Eren Keskin
15:35 News EASA warns against imminent attack against Syria
15:15 Freedom of the Press 3 year sentences for 3 journalists
15:05 Kurdistan Duhoq Asayish attacks HPG martyr’s ceremony
14:55 Kurdistan HPG statement on guerrilla actions in Bakur and Bashur
13:50 Kurdistan 20 people including journalists detained in Amed and Van
13:35 Kurdistan Colonialist practices in Amed: Signage in Kurdish removed
13:25 Kurdistan Invasion forces hit in southern Kurdistan: 4 dead 5 wounded
12:55 Features Orders from the MİT, murders from the Kiyam Movement
11:25 Kurdistan Village guards withdraw from operation area
11:00 News HDP executives detained in Kocaeli
10:55 Kurdistan Turkish attacks on southern Kurdistan continue
10:40 Kurdistan 17 minors from Nusaybin still behind bars
10:20 Kurdistan Turkish soldier killed in Bitlis
09:50 News ISIS occupies two villages of Kirkuk
00:20 News FARC Santrich arrest: a hard blow to peace process
00:15 Kurdistan Crime against humanity in Hasankeyf
00:10 Kurdistan Demography changed in Zilan region by coup President
00:05 Culture Kurdish Festival in London is 10 this year
00:00 Kurdistan KCK: South Kurdistan under threat, time for national unity
16:30 Freedom of the Press Three editors and an employee of Özgürlükçü Demokrasi jailed
16:15 Kurdistan Gorran to ask Baghdad to drive out Turkish troops
15:50 News Warning fire against Turkish helicopter near Greek island
13:45 News Erdoğan makes support call to racist provocateur in Stuttgart
13:25 News 7 Iranian soldiers killed in attack on Syrian airbase
12:25 Freedom of the Press Demand for arrest for 5 journalists
12:15 Features Footage from the shooting of Kurkut at Amed Newroz
10:40 News Armenian Genocide Monument to be opened in Amsterdam
10:20 Rojava People of Afrin: “Our camp is our second struggle grounds”
10:00 News ISIS member with Turkish flag killed in Kirkuk
00:50 News 20 years today the Good Friday Agreement was signed in Belfast
00:30 Kurdistan HDP delegation continues talks in Southern Kurdistan
00:20 News British union joins campaign for Abdullah Öcalan’s Freedom
00:10 Rojava “The Turkish state uses the water of Euphrates as a threat”
00:05 Rojava Food aid for Afrin people in Berxwedan Camp
00:00 Features Karasu:Turkey engaged in a new comprehensive attack against Kurds
15:25 Kurdistan Operation in Cudi: Nomads expelled from the plateaus
14:35 News HPG: 5 Turkish soldiers killed in Black Sea region
13:45 Kurdistan Urgent call for aid for Afrin to the UN
13:18 Rojava Tents set up in Serdem Camp in Shehba
13:10 News Lavrov: “Syria should be given control of Afrin”
12:45 Women Êzidî woman killed in Duhok
11:55 Rojava YPJ Commander: “We will protect our people against all threats”
11:30 Rojava TEV-DEM aids people of Afrin settled in Halab
11:05 News Aerial attack against the regime in Syria:Moscow points to Israel