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12:19 KURDISTAN Maxmur Peace Mothers reach day 6 of their protest
11:47 NEWS Uruguayan deputies moved motion against trustees
11:18 WOMEN TJK-E "Stand up for change and freedom" demos tomorrow
10:50 NEWS HDP deputy Farisoğulları: Reject the AKP provocation
10:17 NEWS Day of action promoted by the RiseUp4Rojava Platform
09:48 NEWS HDP Amed MP Paylan: We need to stand shoulder to shoulder
09:18 NEWS HDP councillors in Çaldıran and Edremit replaced by trustees
08:47 NEWS Solidarity to HDP mayors from deputy mayor of Uppsala
08:16 NEWS Action to protest trustees in Basel
07:48 NEWS Demo in Istanbul despite police harassment
21:48 NEWS Istanbul police obstruct HDP protest against trustees
20:05 NEWS 42 detained as Ankara police attack masses for HDP municipalities
19:30 NEWS Police raid Amed branch of SES Union
19:20 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish helicopter damaged in Xakurke
17:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three ISIS orphans handed over to Nigeria
15:00 NEWS Fifth candidate in Colombia local elections killed
14:30 NEWS Kurdish politicians in Mardin remain in jail
14:00 NEWS French MP calls on the government to act on the Kurdish question
13:30 KURDISTAN Footage from guerrilla action which killed 9 soldiers in Xakurke
13:00 NEWS 10 detained as Ankara police attack demo for HDP municipalities
12:30 NEWS Democracy Vigil in Amed on day 18
12:01 NEWS Solidarity in Switzerland with dismissed mayors
11:30 WOMEN HDP women visited Tevgera Azadi
11:01 KURDISTAN Peace Mothers from Maxmur on 5th day of sit-in against embargo
10:30 NEWS Information tent set up in Trier against trustees
10:01 NEWS ISIS attacked Tikrit, 5 dead among security forces
09:30 NEWS Freedom for Öcalan Vigil reached week 376
08:47 NEWS Mexican Government attacked release of key suspect in Ayotzinapa
08:17 NEWS Trump does not rule out meeting with Iranian President
07:47 NEWS UK Parliament prevented no deal Brexit
17:30 NEWS Amed: Resistance will continue until the trustees are sent back
16:58 FEATURES Wallerstein: The chaos will not go on forever
16:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Local Military Council and US go on joint patrols in Serekaniye
15:47 NEWS Vigil for Democracy continues in Van
15:16 KURDISTAN HPG: 13 Turkish soldiers killed in Çukurca
14:49 KURDISTAN Peace Mothers from Maxmur continue their protest against embargo
14:21 NEWS 4 HDP councilors dismissed and replaced by trustees in Van
13:53 KURDISTAN Mine kills three Iraqi soldiers in Khanaqin
13:27 FEATURES A Sage of Our Times – Immanuel Wallerstein
12:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 7 Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Azaz
12:18 NEWS International actions for Rojava on 6 and 7 September
11:47 NEWS Young people in Mardin call to resist to the trustees
11:17 NEWS Prisoners in Adana Kürkçüler F-Type Prison attacked with batons
10:47 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalists Bradosti and Mihemed still in custody
10:17 FEATURES Tragedy of refugees in Van continues
09:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish-backed mercenaries kidnapped 10 more civilians in Afrin
09:17 NEWS Human chain against the trustees in Amed
08:47 NEWS Motion ruled out crash Brexit while PM Johnson lose majority
08:16 NEWS Berceto to grant honorary citizenship to Abdullah Ocalan
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Turkey repression and arrests to land at UN human rights session