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15:28 News Sancar MP: Government tries to leave the HDP under the threshold
14:59 News Fadıl, who lost father and two brothers in Suruç, detained
14:51 News Turkish Board of Elections denies Demirtaş right to join rallies
14:11 Women Women's Academy Silan opened in Kobane
13:13 Kurdistan Young internationalists from France go to Qandil for solidarity
12:52 Kurdistan National Front and KNK members to go to Qandil tomorrow
12:45 Kurdistan YJA-Star commander: Guerrilla will protect our people and Bashur
12:28 Rojava Invaders set fire to the fields and trees in Afrin
12:16 News Dashisha town cleared of ISIS
12:10 News Families of captive soldiers oppose an operation against Qandil
11:31 News NGOs prevented from going to Suruç
11:16 Kurdistan Air-supported operation in Cudi
11:12 News Swedish Left Party Leader visits HDP tent in Stockholm
10:54 Kurdistan Internationalist youth on the way to Qandil against invasion
10:41 News Attack on HDP election stand in Istanbul
10:36 News SDF enters Dashisha town
08:00 Rojava The first shop in Kobane is half a century old
22:03 News SDF fighters clear Abu Mousab gas station of ISIS
21:48 Rojava An antiquarian in Amude
21:02 Kurdistan HPG refutes Turkish media reports on guerrilla losses
20:15 Kurdistan Thousands gather in Hakkari for the HDP rally
19:25 News 40 KESK union members taken into custody in Istanbul
19:05 Rojava Invaders set fields on fire in Afrin
18:16 Kurdistan Qandil people: We are not afraid of Turkey
17:14 News HDP report on Suruç assault
16:36 Kurdistan Thousands attend the HDP rally in Cizre
16:16 News Al-Sadr difficult coalition government
15:59 News HDP to rally in Istanbul on Sunday
15:45 News Debbie Bookchin writes on her father and Öcalan
15:23 News Temelli in Suruç: We’ll respond to this provocation with our vote
14:04 News Swedish MP Österberg: Demirtaş must be released
12:06 Kurdistan HPG Commander: Guerrilla will retaliate attacks in kind
11:00 Rojava One civilian killed as invaders clash in Afrin
10:42 News Relatives of AKP MP candidate welcome the PM with arms
09:59 News Turkey elections: Voting begins in Sweden
09:49 News Swedish Left Party Leader calls for support for HDP
09:33 News HDP members detained in Suruç following AKP supporters’ attack
09:21 News Operation Cizire Storm: Fierce battles near Dashisha
09:13 Rojava 60 more people kidnapped in Afrin
08:45 News Amusement and kids park reopen in Raqqa
20:41 Kurdistan HPG actions in Hakkari and Lêlîkan
20:00 Rojava Democratic Nation project strengthens solidarity among peoples
18:22 News AKP lynch victim died in hospital while his sons were buried
18:03 News People in Raqqa celebrate the Eid in peace
17:53 News Racist attack on HDP election office in Adana
17:22 News Funeral of Suruç brothers attacked by police
16:44 Kurdistan Bakurê Kurdistan Council visits human shield initiative in Qandil
15:48 Kurdistan Artists from South Kurdistan: Stand up for Qandil
14:45 News HDP’s Temelli: Beware of provocation
13:31 News HDP committee in Suruç: AKP is caught red handed