Guerrillas seize Turkish camera trap in Metina

HPG guerrillas seized and deactivated a camera trap placed by the Turkish soldiers in Metina.

The guerrillas have discovered and deactivated a camera trap placed by the invading Turkish state forces in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Since April 23, the Turkish state has been carrying out a new invasion operation against the Medya Defense Zones which are controlled by the guerrilla forces. The regions of Avaşîn, Zap and Metîna have been targeted during the ongoing incursion in which the Turkish army uses internationally banned weapons including toxic gas and chemical agents.

In recent months, the Turkish forces have been committing war crimes with chemical weapons in order to get results against the guerrillas. Despite the intense use of advanced military warfare and chemical weapons, the Turkish state cannot make progress against the guerrillas.

On October 4, at around 15.40, a camera trap placed by the Turkish army in the region was discovered by the guerrillas.

A camera footage obtained by ANF now shows the camera trap seized by guerrillas in the Girê Azad area of ​​Metina.The footage shows that the camera trap disguised as a log is opened and deactivated by a guerrilla fighter.


Military materials seized by the guerrillas are not limited to the camera trap. Since April, a large amount of military equipment belonging to the Turkish army has been seized by guerrillas in Metina, Zap and Avaşin, which are the three main battle fronts. Numerous weapons, hundreds of kilos of explosives, dozens of cameras and surveillance cameras have been seized by the guerrilla forces.

Images of a huge amount of military equipment left by Turkish soldiers as they retreated from some areas in the Werxele region of Avaşin were also published by ANF on October 14.