HPG guerrillas in Bashur: We defend our people on our land

Guerrillas in Southern Kurdistan [Bashur] spoke about the KDP's military activities against Medya Defense Zones and gave the message “We will use our legitimate right to defense to protect our values.”

Despite all the warnings of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, the KDP's military mobilization into the guerrilla areas continues. HPG guerrillas Celal Fedakar and Çekdar Gulan from Southern Kurdistan were interviewed by ANF in in the region of Zagros.


HPG guerrilla from Hewlêr, Celal Fedakar: “We are well aware of the mentality and practice of the KDP as we are under the system it imposes on Southern Kurdistan. For the sake of its interests, the KDP has been an obstacle to the Kurdistan Freedom Movement for years. It has recently brought this obstacle to the level of an aggression and warfare. They themselves also know that the people of Southern Kurdistan and the peshmerga forces do not want to participate in this war. Still, KDP officials insist on a civil war for some political and economic interests and make daily statements in this direction.

If the KDP examines the history of Kurdistan, it will see that internal betrayal does not bring any benefit to the Kurds. With its latest attack on Gare, the KDP showed that it has been preparing for a violent confrontation. As the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas, we do not seek a clash with the peshmerga. However, it should not be forgotten that Medya Defense Zones, especially Gare, is defended with the labor and blood of our martyred friends. We are ready to do anything to protect our fields in case of an attack by KDP forces.


This is a conspiracy, the people of Bashur must see this ugly politics. Faced with such policies throughout history, our people in Bashur have always resisted in serhildan (Kurdish uprising). Rather than attacking each other, it is time to go up against the enemy together. I especially make the following call to the young people of Southern Kurdistan; join the guerrilla ranks and fight the invaders instead of directing your weapons to those who protect the land and honor.”


Guerrilla from Halabja, Çekdar Gulan: “The KDP is making statements that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla 'must leave Southern Kurdistan'. At whom are these calls directed? We are the children of Southern Kurdistan, we are in our country, we are in our villages, our families are on their own land. We are PKK guerrillas and we fight for the freedom and dignity of our people. They say 'go away' to us. Where shall we go, leaving our land, our country? Is something like this possible? Everyone knows that this is not possible. We do not leave our country; we do not go anywhere.

KDP is deploying military forces in guerrilla areas. But the guerrillas have been fighting for years to maintain their presence in these mountains. The guerrillas are waging a war of honor against all occupying armies. Wherever the Kurdish people were attacked, the guerrilla reached there and defended their people. The KDP should not forget that the PKK guerrilla protects their honor from Shengal to Makhmur, from Kirkuk to Hewler. Therefore, everyone, especially the people of Southern Kurdistan, must stand against the KDP's cooperation with the Turkish state. The people of Bashur have always resisted and fought to protect their existence and identity, and peshmerga paid a price for Kurdistan. They should know that the attempts of the Turkish state are aimed at destroying the people of Kurdistan. I call on all Southern Kurdistan youth not to take part in such ugly initiatives, to take a stand, not to take part in betrayal and to join the guerrilla ranks.”