Karasu: The HDP and democratic forces will defeat AKP-MHP fascism

KCK Executive Council Member Mustafa Karasu said: "The fight against fascism cannot be carried out without paying a price. Fascism wants to establish a rule of fear everywhere."

KCK Executive Council Member Mustafa Karasu said: "The fight against fascism cannot be carried out without paying a price. Fascism wants to establish a rule of fear everywhere. Defeat for fascism becomes inevitable when forces of democracy overcome fear and counter fascism. The AKP-MHP fascism is weak. When the democracy alliance will take place and increase the struggle, then the end of this government will be closer."

KCK Executive Council Member Mustafa Karasu answered ANF questions. We publish the first question here, related to the HDP and the government's attacks against it.

Attacks against the HDP have increased recently. The special war devices of the Turkish state are pushing to get the job done and closing the HDP. What is the aim of these attacks against the HDP?

The reason for the attack on the HDP is mainly its program, the political line it pursues and the struggle it carries out. Undoubtedly, the attacks against the HDP cannot be handled independently from the attacks on the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom. The HDP has been saying that Kurds exist in Turkey and this issue can be resolved on the basis of the Kurds existence and recognition of their fundamental rights and not with genocide and denial of their existence. It does not say this as a marginal party, but as an important social force in Turkey. This alone is cause for the attacks.

Another party making the same demands and speaking for the social base of millions of Kurds in Turkey will suffer similar attacks. As long as the genocide policy against Kurds is in effect in the constitution and laws, every party that makes such discourses would face these attacks. Forget the HDP, the parties that do not criticize the HDP according to the official state policy and current government, are indeed also accused of supporting the HDP. Just as people are arrested and accused of being members of a terrorist organization when they are not serve the discourses and attitudes of the government, thus different political parties are intimidated to prevent them from approach the HDP. When you say why the HDP is being attacked, first of all it is necessary to know this context.

The HDP with its political program has played a role in shaking this political system in Turkey. There is no doubt that the most fundamental problems in Turkey is the Kurdish question. Anyone agrees on that in Turkey. Those who do not, are those who do not want to assume the existence of Kurds. Those refusing to accept that Turkey's most fundamental problem is the Kurdish question are disconnected from the very reality of Turkey. The democratization issues in Turkey are in connection with the Kurdish question. There would be no democratization of Turkey if the Kurdish question is not addressed. The Kurdish question is, to put it in other words, the litmus paper in Turkey.

The HDP is a party aspiring to address all of Turkey's problems, it aims to democratize Turkey and to do so must solve the Kurdish question. It is not only a party for the Kurds; It is a party speaking to all of the peoples and sections in Turkey as it is clear in its program. This character is targeted by the government. For 95 years the Turkish state has implemented a policy of isolation. At the beginning, it showed the struggle of the Kurds to the whole world and its own society as a war of reaction against civilization, and after, when it joined NATO, it tried to carry out the genocide of Kurds with the support of these countries. It has also gone at a great length on this.

The PKK frustrated the Turkish state's policy of showing and oppressing the Kurds' struggle and indeed gave them a new hope. While the struggle of the Kurdish people stands out with its revolutionary democratic character, the policies of the Turkish state have started to be recognized as oppressive, antidemocratic and genocidal. The ideological and political superiority of the struggle waged by the PKK was followed by a major blow to Turkey's Kurdish policy. Even if real socialism had dissolved and the cold war had ended, the Kurdish Freedom Movement was crushed and liquidated with the international conspiracy on the basis of relationships and policies of the cold war era.

However, they did not succeed in this. With the women's free, ecological, democratic paradigm developed by Önder Apo, another blow was dealt to the policies of the Turkish state by further strengthening the struggle for freedom of the Kurdish people ideologically, theoretically and politically. The Kurdish people of Turkey has joined the struggle for democracy with the struggle for freedom of the peoples. With the analysis of the state and power, with the understanding of the Democratic Nation, it dealt a blow against all the reactionaries in the Middle East, and their despotic mentality and policy which just wanted to destroy different identities.

The HDP is the political movement resulting from Leader Apo’s ideas of Kurdistan, Turkey and Middle East. Turkey was shaken to its core. The HDP became the centre of politics, as it proposed a strategy that will create the right solution Turkey and Kurdistan.

In short, the HDP has exposed all the backwardness and reactionary policies of Turkey.

Kurds and the unification of the forces of democracy and the struggle of the people of Turkey are the nightmare of this government. So far, the Kurds have been able to expose the genocidal front and limit support for it. This is the main purpose of the attack. Because the strategy collapses, the policy they envision will fail. No matter how much they attack Kurds, democracy and the HDP, they will not get any results. HDP's strategy of democratization and solving the Kurdish problem has fundamentally break the wall these forces had put up, based on a Kurdish and anti-democracy strategy. For this reason, they now try to close the HDP. They run such an attack campaign to pursue democracy and Kurdish enemy policies.

The AKP-MHP is carrying out anti-Kurdish policies in every form. This government is carrying out all kind of attacks against the HDP. Currently, with the threat of closure, it is trying to reach his goals again and making many arrests. They are actually trying to break the HDP from its ideology-political line. However, they cannot dissolve the mass behind the HDP. They think that if they break off their line, they will prevent this social support and thus obstruct their strategies. Because it is the political strategy of HDP, which makes millions that support HDP politically important. It is the meeting of the Kurdish people and democratic forces in Turkey in a joint struggle of revolutionary forces. The attack is aimed at deflecting this line. They are carrying out not only physical oppression, but also ideological-political attacks on many fronts against those who follow and support this line.