'Turkey meets the guerrillas' resistance everywhere'

"It will not be easy for them to enter Heftanîn. This paradise area of Kurdistan will be their hell," says guerrilla Memyan.

The Turkish state continues to carry out invasion attacks on Heftanîn. HPG and YJA Star guerrillas also continue to resist these attacks. Guerrilla Ferman Memyan and Hemze Oxir spoke about the resistance of Heftanîn.

Guerrilla Ferman Memyan underlined the great resistance against the Turkish state in Heftanîn and added: "The propaganda of the enemy is far from the truth.

Whenever they try to advance, they are faced with the historic resistance of the guerrilla. Everybody knows that the guerrilla has not left any area so far, and it won’t leave. It will not be easy for them to enter Heftanîn. This paradise area of Kurdistan will be their hell."

Drawing attention to the difficulty experienced by the Turkish soldiers, guerrilla Ferman Memyan said the following about the psychological state of the soldiers: "Despite all its technology, the Turkish state cannot achieve any result against the guerrilla's warfare. None of the soldiers placed in the fields are able to move freely, they are all targeted by the guerrillas. The guerrillas are constantly taking actions against the soldiers in the region, and this creates a fear psychology for the soldiers. According to the information we have received, the soldiers in Heftanîn are beginning to suggest a possible withdrawal.”

Turkey will be defeated in all parts of Kurdistan

Guerrilla Hemze Oxir, called on all the people of Kurdistan, especially the people of the South and said: "Our people, particularly in the South, should react more to the invasion attacks. Just as the guerrillas are fighting on the mountain, the public's actions should support the guerrillas in cities and villages and continue to resist until the occupation ends. Because this is a period of revolutionary people's war.

Guerrilla Oxir added: “Our people know the character of the Turkish state very well. The Turkish state has been hostile to all Kurds for years. It has targeting Kurds in all four parts. Therefore, everyone should see that the Turkish state is not only fighting against the PKK. As HGP guerrillas, our people's interests come before everything else for us. We will end the occupation of the Turkish state not only in Heftanîn, but in all of Kurdistan."