People demand President Erdogan and the government to resign

After the rise in the exchange rate, people took to the streets in Istanbul and Ankara and called for the AKP and President Erdogan to resign.

With the increase in the exchange rate, the dollar rose to 13.50 against the Turkish Lira, while the Euro rose to 15.01.

As the Turkish Lira gradually lost value and the economic crisis deepened, people increased their protest and on Monday took to the streets in Istanbul and Ankara.

In the Kadıköy district of Istanbul, many citizens, as well as members of the Turkish Workers' Party (TIP) and Socialist Re-establishment (SYKP) parties, protested the AKP and President Erdogan.

Resignation of both the government and the president demanded

SKYP members held a march with torches on Monday evening accompanied by slogans. They unfolded a banner reading ‘Not like this, Tayyip resign".

TIP members, on the other hand, gathered in front of the Central Bank's Istanbul Branch in Kadıköy and held a press statement.

The statement said that the AKP had dragged Turkey into the abyss and added: "We will judge those who screwed us up, we will hold accountable those who stole our bread. We will take Turkey out of the darkness and into the light."

Dozens of people marched in Çankaya's Esat neighbourhood, chanting "AKP resign" despite the police blocking them.

Protests have also spread to other cities in Turkey. After Istanbul and Ankara, in many parts of Amed, the people protested the economic crisis and the AKP with a "pots and pans" action.

Students from METU joined the protests

Students from METU took to the streets on Monday night. Their protest followed that of people who protested against the increase in the exchange rate.

The calls for the resignation of the AKP-MHP regime continue to increase after the rise in the exchange rate and the Central Bank's (CBRT) interest rate cut by 400 basis points in September, October and November, accelerating the depreciation of the Turkish lira.

While the number of people who took to the streets in Ankara with the slogans of "AKP resign" gradually increased, the students of METU also organised a march.