Revolutionary Youth Movement expresses solidarity for members of Greek groups K*VOX and Rouvikonas

The Revolutionary Youth Movement (TCŞ-Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger) called for solidarity for the members of K*VOX and Rouvikonas on trial in Greece.

Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger issued a written statement regarding the hearing, in Greece, of the trial against two members of K*VOX and Rouvikonas, to be held on October 13.

The statement said, "Especially in countries such as Turkey and Kurdistan or countries which are seen as not yet completed Europeanization, such as Greece, things such as chemical drugs have begun to be used as a weapon to disrupt the collective structures of resistance. In almost every country, many citizen of the Global South, struggling with poverty and existing on the fine line between life and death, are directly or indirectly pushed into drug-selling due to their social and economic marginalization. After a while, the poor young people drawn into this quagmire organize themselves as gangs and sometimes turn into small mafias."

The statement recalled the facts: "A part of the revolutionary struggle is, of course, to clear from these gangs our living spaces and neighbourhoods that we are trying to liberate, and to destroy the system that has drawn people into this quagmire. Besides other political groups that have been active in Exarcheia, one of the political neighbourhoods of Athens, the K*VOX members and Rouvikonas have played a major role in combating many kinds of organized crime in the area, especially the drug trade. Of course, their determination to direct action was not left unanswered by other forces in the area. During this period, K*VOX was shot at twice – in June 2014 and August 2020 – and some comrades were even attacked with knives by the gangs. The attitude taken by the Greek state in the case of these clashes was to pave the way for the drug trade to take place freely and to support these people. Even today, the drug trade continues in plain sight in Exarcheia, where the police are constantly raiding political spaces. It is clear that this is the state policy in the insurgent neighbourhoods. In this way, the youth, who have been driven into despair due to the socioeconomic crises that have been going on since 2008, are being kept away from the resistance fronts by perpetual use of alcohol and drugs."

The statement continued: "During all these clashes, a drug dealer was punished and killed in Exarcheia on Tuesday, 7 June, 2016. The organization “Ένοπλες Ομάδες Πολιτοφυλάκης” (People's Armed Militia) claimed responsibility for the attack in a published text. However, despite all the obvious, the Greek state proclaimed two Rouvikonas members, G. KALAITZIDES and N. MATARAGKAS, who had been politically active in the neighborhood and known for their opposition to drugs, as the perpetrators of the incident.

It is clear that the Greek state, which has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of refugees on its territory, whose names are not even known, is not concerned with whether a drug dealer dies or not. With this lawsuit against G. KALAITZIDES and N. MATARAGKAS, the Greek state wants to directly convict the freedom struggle and the resistant youth movements."

The statement added: "After being released without bail by the court in March 2020, these two revolutionaries were sentenced to be tried again upon the so-called “evidence,” which has nothing to do with the truth. One of these two revolutionaries is N. MATARAGKAS, who fought with us fearlessly against the brutal ISIS gangs in the ranks of Rojava and did not hesitate for a minute in the face of death. The other is G. KALAITZIDES, one of the important subjects of the international struggle for the Kurdish people taking place on the streets of Greece, who has always been by our side. Under all circumstances, we will stand in solidarity with our comrades, who are facing an organized political conspiracy, in court that will take place on 13 October, 2021, and we will resist together until their cases are concluded with their freedom. We call all revolutionary-progressive organizations to the court on 13 October, 2021 to show solidarity with the comrades."