KCDK-E: Tourism in Turkey finances the war in Kurdistan

The Kurdish umbrella organisation KCDK-E calls for a boycott of holidays to Turkey and points out that the Turkish state is financing its war against the Kurdish people through tourism.

The Europe-wide Kurdish umbrella organisation KCDK-E calls for a boycott of tourism in Turkey. "The Turkish state has blood on its hands. It is using its economic and political resources for a war of annihilation against the Kurdish people and is murdering civilians. In its massacres, it uses all kinds of weapons, including chemical weapons," says a recent statement by the co-presidency of the Kurdish association.

The rulers in Turkey even go beyond the killing of Kurds, says the KCDK-E and continues: "With unimaginable brutality, corpses are mutilated and graves are devastated. Dead bodies are taken out of graves and re-buried under asphalt. This act is intended to erase them from history. The genocides committed against other peoples in the past are now being committed against the Kurdish people. Together with the DAESH (ISIS) Islamists, the Turkish state is occupying Kurdish territory and plundering the property of the civilian population.”

According to the KCDK-E, the profits from the tourism business in Turkey will flow into this campaign of destruction: "The most money comes from the European countries that have concluded tourism agreements with the Turkish state. Millions of euros are used to shed Kurdish blood. The profits made through tourists from abroad are an essential basis for the continuation of the war against the Kurdish people".

The statement continues: “The boycott of Turkey tourism is therefore a "human obligation". Above all, people from Kurdistan and their friends should be aware that every cent spent on holidays in Turkey is a weapon against the Kurdish people.”

The KCDK-E calls on people not to spend their holidays in Turkey at the expense of the Kurdish people and to take part in the worldwide boycott campaign.