MSD rejected accusations by Damascus

The MSD said the Syrian regime's accusations against the SDF are unrealistic.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) has denied charges against the SDF issued by the Syrian regime's Foreign Ministry.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Damascus administration has issued a statement targeting the SDF and sending accusations far from the current situation. This statement is far from reality and we reject it," the MSD said in a written statement.

The Syrian Democratic Council linked the statement of the Syrian regime to the summit held on Monday in the Turkish capital Ankara.

"We do not separate these accusations from the summit in Ankara, which aims at satisfying the Turkish side and discuss with it about normalization. The Syrian government is committed to its mentality, which caused all this destruction and allowed foreign countries to seize the Syrian territory."

The statement by the Syrian Democratic Council added: "The authority in Damascus should have launched its threats and accusations against Erdogan regime, which is doing everything in its power to occupy more Syrian territory.

The latest example is the public announcement made by Erdogan that his forces would not withdraw from Idlib and warned the Syrian army not to go near there. The Damascus government remained silent and issued no statement of condemnation. It continues to look at patriotism, sovereignty and independence from the point of view of its Russian and Iranian allies, which are holding a meeting with Turkey to discuss the Syrian situation."

The statement continued: "The Syrian Democratic Council consider this statement a wrong statement as it seems to be talking of another region and another logic that do not apply at all to our regions. We regret this and we assure that changing this central despotic regime has become a national duty that must not be delayed."

The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Council and the tribes of Northern and Eastern Syria repeatedly appealed to the Syrian regime for dialogue, but the regime did not respond to this appeal.