Resistance against occupation growing - 12 October - LIVE BLOG

The resistance against the Turkish occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria is on its fourth day.


Turkish warplanes bombing Serêkaniyê.


Clashes intensified in Serêkaniyê. The invading Turkish state, along with its mercenary allies, launched an intensive attack from the industrial zone east of Serêkaniyê. SDF are repelling the attacks. 


Arab tribal and opinion leaders in northern and eastern Syria announced that they would participate in the mobilization proclaimed by the Autonomous Administration against Turkish invasion with 50,000 fighters.


Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the German cities of Hannover, Munich, France's Gronoble and in the Italian cities of Pisa and Milan voicing their anger at the Turkish state.


30 political parties and civil society organizations operating in northern and eastern Syria held a meeting to discuss the latest developments in the region.

After the meeting a public statement was made. The statement stressed that the SDF fighters are engaged in an epic resistance, and called for the support of the people of the region.


Turkish state protested in Finland, Denmark, Greece

Thousands of people took to the streets in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Athens and Thessaloniki to protest the Turkish state's invasion of North East Syria.


Mass protests in many British cities

Thousands of people protested against the invasion of Rojava during the simultaneous protests in many cities in Britain. Demos were held in Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Cardiff and London.


Armenian Battalion in Serêkaniyê

Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Battalion, the first Armenian battalion in Syria was founded on the 104th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The battalion went from Til Temir to Serêkaniyê to join the defense of the city.


MIT armored vehicle destroyed

An armored vehicle belonging to MIT, which was moving on the opposite border of the village of Qere Xirab on the border  of Dêrik, was destroyed by SDF fighters.


Tens of thousands protested the Turkish invasion in Paris and Lyon

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Paris to protest against the Turkish state's invasion of Rojava. The action was held in Lyon.


Tens of thousands protested in Cologne

The city of Cologne in Germany has been the scene of the most crowded protest in recent years. The Turkish state's attempt to invade North-East Syria was condemned by a mass demonstration attended by a hundred thousand people.


Warplanes belonging to the occupying Turkish army are moving towards Qamishlo.


'Turkish state wants to abduct ISIS mercenaries from prison'

A member of the General Administration of North Eastern Syrian Prisons said that the Turkish state wanted to abduct ISIS mercenaries by targeting the area around the prisons, and that the ISIS sleeper cells which attacked Hesekê Prison where ISIS people were held are used by Turkish to create chaos.


Brussels, Strasbourg, Marseille, Mannheim and Nicosia protested the Turkish invasion of Rojava.


12,000 march against Turkish invasion in Stockholm

12,000 people held a rally and march in Stockholm to protest the Turkish state's attempt to invade Rojava.


Dêrik is experiencing heavy warplanes and reconnaissance planes activity.


Images of Ceyş Al Vatan mercenaries destroying bodies

Following the assassination in Xelef, the mercenaries of Ceyş Al Vatan, one of the group affiliated to the Turkish state, tried to destroy the bodies of their victims removing them from the vehicles.


Young people joined the resistance in Qamishlo

In Qamishlo, dozens of young women and men joined the ranks of resistance against the invading Turkish state by responding to the call of mobilization issued by the Autonomous Administration.


58 Turkish soldiers killed in clashes in Serêkaniyê

The SDF heroic resistance in Serêkaniyê dealt a heavy blow to the Turkish army today.

In the clashes, 7 vehicles were destroyed, 58 soldiers were killed and 19 wounded.


After the call issued by the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria and the SDF for permanent mobilization against the Turkish occupation, many went to join the resistance.


Two civilians were wounded in the invasion of the village of Girkê Zîra in the east of Qamishlo.


People are arming themselves in Qamishlo

People in Qamishlo are responding to the attacks by the invading Turkish army by going to Qamishlo Military Council to get armed and thus be able to defend the people and gains of the Autonomous Administration.


PACE President: Turkey must stop military operation

The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Liliane Maury Pasquier, said: "It is with great concern that I am following the events related to Turkey's military intervention in northern Syria. This intervention entails risks of great tension, its humanitarian consequences for the population of the region are disastrous, and I regret the loss of human lives, especially civilians.


The invasion of the Turkish state in Qamishlo's neighborhoods and villages continues. Newaf and Fehed Ali brothers were wounded in the attacks on the village of Girkê Zîra village in the east of Qamishlo.


Thousands of Afrin refugees in Shehba gathered in front of the Russian base in Til Rifet. The people of Afrin called on the international community to fulfill its mission.


Heavy clashes in Till Helef in the north of the Serêkaniyê, which the occupying Turkish state claimed to have "captured".


Protests against Turkish occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria are taking place in Düsseldorf, in front of the US consulate. 


A woman fighter in Serêkaniyê spoke to our journalist.


Images from the Serêkaniyê front


Protests in Belgium, France, Germany and Cyprus


After the tribes in Tebqa called for mobilization, 100 young people from the city joined the resistance.


Clashes in east and south of Serêkaniye intensified again. Clashes continue in the Til Xelef road from the north and in the industrial zone to the east. While howitzer are being fired in the city, warplanes are also resumed their flights.


Qamishlo bid farewell to its martyrs

The people of Qamishlo held a ceremony for the four martyrs who lost their life on Friday and Saturday.


SDF fighters destroyed a panzer belonging to the invaders as it was trying to enter the city from the Serêkaniyê Industrial Zone.

Furthermore, the invaders tried to attack SDF-controlled points in Til Xelef (Serêkaniyê), but were repelled following a strenous reistance by SDF fighters. The invaders suffered heavy losses. Many mercenaries killed and wounded.


The Arab League met today. In a statement it categorically reject any Turkish attempt to impose demographic changes. The League called for an end to the aggression and Turkey's immediate and unconditional withdrawal from all Syrian territories.


Nearly two million people are facing thirst because the Turkish occupying state has hit stations providing water to northern and eastern Syria.


Angry march of tens of thousands in Zurich: the invaders will lose!

Tens of thousands marched in Zurich against the occupation carried out by the Turkish state. Activists chanted slogans in support of the resistance fighters.


The invading Turkish state has been targeting civilians since 9 October when it started the attacks.

A civilian was killed and another was seriously injured in the bombing of Qamishlo.


Today in Serêkaniyê: Two brothers under the bombing

Brothers Yezid and Xofran and another citizen called Abu Dawud met our correspondent Ruken Cemal while walking around Serêkaniyê streets with rusks bags. They are just some of the civilians living in the city under heavy bombing and clashes.


People took for Rojava to the streets all over the world

Kurds and their friends living abroad protested the invading attacks carried out by the Turkish state against Rojava.


Turkish state protests in Norway, Germany and France

In order to protest the occupation attacks carried out by the Turkish state against North East Syria, thousands held demonstrations in Trondheim (Norway), Frankfurt, Bordeaux and Nancy.


Message from Berlin: Rojava we are with you!

Tens of thousands of people gathered at Hermanplatz, in Berlin, to protest the genocide attacks carried out by the Turkish state in North East Syria.


Message from Sulaymaniyah: Rojava is us!

The occupation attacks carried out by the Turkish state against North East Syria were protested in the city of Sulaymaniyah in Southern Kurdistan.


Germany suspends arms exports to Turkey!

The German government has halted arms exports to Turkey.

Germany exported arms worth €243 million ($268 million) to Turkey in 2018, making up almost one third of all German weapons exports, according to Bild am Sonntag


SDF General Relations Officer Rêdûr Xelîl held a press conference on the 4 th day of the occupation attacks carried out by Turkey.

SDF commander Rêdûr Xelîl said:

"We have always fulfilled our duties and responsibilities to the whole world. We have implemented the obligations of all international agreements signed without hesitation or flaw. .

However, international public opinion and current statements by different states do not stop the Turkish state's invasion attacks. Today we are dealing with two separate fronts. One is the Turkish state and the other ISIS mercenaries.

Three mercenaries killed in Serêkaniye

SDF fighters targeted a 3-vehicle convoy trying to infiltrate the city of Serêkaniyê from the west in the evening. At least 3 mercenaries were killed and 3 were injured in the action. Mercenaries fled the area, putting dead and wounded in vehicles.


The invading Turkish state bombed the neighborhood of Qinat El-Siwês in Qamishlo hitting also wheat storages.


The peoples of northern and eastern Syria gathered in Girê Spî to protest the invasion of the Turkish state.

Defense Committee Chair Zêdan Asî said: "We are here and we will not submit to the occupation. The invaders airplanes and howitzers cannot scare us. Our comrades are resisting on the war fronts."


Dozens of families are protesting in front of the International Coalition base

The citizens of the village on the border bombed by Turkey are protesting in front of the International Coalition base in Çelebi.


SDF Press Conference has begun. SDF commander Redur Xelil speaking.


A fighter in Serêkaniyê: We broke them, our front is intact

SDF fighter Tolhildan Qamishlo, who was injured on the foot during the Serêkaniyê defense against invasion attacks, said: “Our situation is good, our morale is high. All of our friends are in position, we broke them. Our front is solid."


ANF journalists Ersin Çaksu and Ruken Cemal spoke with SDF commander in Serêkaniyê city center.

The SDF commander Diyar Amude said: "We are in Serêkaniye now, no mercenary has been able to enter the city center. All the streets of the city are under SDF control. The morale of our fighters is very high. We destroyed two vehicles, killed a high number of mercenaries."


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Press Office announced the balance sheet of occupation attacks and resistance.


Young people from Kurdistan and Italy protested in Rome against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state against Rojava.

The activists went to Fiumicino, the country's largest international airport, and protested the occupation.


The actions of the relatives of the disappeared people continued in Amed and Batman. Öztürk Türkdoğan, the co-chair of the Human Rights Association (IHD) denounced that the Turkish invasion is causing many civilian victims.


Intellectuals and politicians from South Kurdistan came together to protest against the invasion attacks and called on the government to take a clear and practical attitude.


Today at 5 pm press conference of the SDF General Command.


The occupying Turkish army is intensively bombing the city center of Girê Spî, where thousands of civilians live, with tanks and artillery.


At 9 am in Şedade an attack was carried out. A motorcycle exploded. Material damages have been reported.


70 deputies from the United Kingdom demanded the end of the Turkish state invasion attacks in North-East Syria. The statement said Erdogan plans ethnic cleansing against the Kurds and used mercenaries groups in the attacks.


Saturday Mothers were attacked by the police while protesting the invasion of the AKP-MHP in Istanbul.


The invading Turkish army intensively bombed the villages of Elqemiya, Merenaz, El-Malikiyê and Shewarxê in the canton of Shehba.


Footage from Serêkaniyê Front

Following the invasion carried out by the Turkish state against Rojava Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) co-chair Riyad Dirar went to Egypt with a delegation. Today they met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Semih Şükrü.

During the meeting, Şükrü stated that Erdoğan wanted to occupy the whole of northern and eastern Syria and added: "This is a massacre. He does not act according to international rules. We are sure that Erdoğan wants to endanger the whole region and we will make any effort required to prevent this."


An explosion was reported in Ezaz: 9 people wounded.


The AKP's former Swedish ally and sister party, the Moderate Party, reacted strongly to the invading attacks carried out by the Turkish state against Rojava. The party's MP, Edward Riedl, tabled a written motion to parliament asking Sweden to take action to stop the attacks of the Turkish state.


The Turkish army targeted civilians who were going from Raqqa to Girê Spî. It was learned that there were dead and wounded in the attack.


The Turkish army and its mercenaries who were trying to infiltrate the west of Serêkaniyê were repelled. BMB-type armored vehicle and an anti-aircraft loaded vehicle were destroyed


The SDF Press Centre confirmed that they have regained control over the international road M4, after clashes with Turkey-backed armed group, who infiltrated the area and killed some civilians.

The SDF reported that the invaders had been repelled and several mercenaries have been killed.


Our correspondent Ersin Çaksu stated that the invading Turkish army and its mercenaries attacked by land from the east and west of the city of Serêkaniyê, and that intense bombing continues on the city.

He said that the city was bombed with howitzer, and that the bombs hit civilian settlements causing casualties. Because of the intense bombing our correspondent was not able to reach the area nor to learn the number of casualties.


Our correspondent Ersin Çaksu, who has been following the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish army and its mercenaries against Northern and Eastern Syria from Serêkaniyê since 9 October, stated that heavy clashes are taking place between SDF fighters and the invading Turkish army and mercenaries at 12:30 (local time). 


Heyva Sor a Kurd executive Cemîla Hemê said: "First aid teams cannot reach the wounded in Serêkaniyê because of the attacks."

Cemîla Hemê said that the Turkish army bombed the health center in Serêkaniyê at 7 am and 4 civilians were injured.

Hemê called on the international public to act to stop the attacks.


Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Hefrin Khalaf, fell martyr after her car was targeted by Turkish occupation forces while she was on the international road, between Qamishlo and Raqqa.


Severe clashes in Sêrekaniyê

Reporter Ersin Çaksu from Sêrekaniyê city center denied the Turkish state's statements that the city was being taken. Çaksu said that violent clashes are taking place in the city, and confirmed that the invading Turkish army is carrying out continuous bombing by land and air.


Two civilians were killed and six injured following an attack in Qamishlo yesterday. The people had just left a bakery.


KDP President Massoud Barzani issued a statement saying that the invading attacks on Rojava poses a great threat, targeting the entire region. Barzani added that the operation should be ended as soon as possible. "It is time to avoid changing the region's demography," Barzani said.


Hundreds of people from Manbij, Tebqa, Raqqa and Deir Ez-zor reached Girê Spî to protest the occupation attacks.


The Turkish state and its mercenaries bombed Tıl Rıfat district of Şehba canton causing material damage.


The invading Turkish army and mercenaries bomb Roj Hospital in Serêkaniyê.


In the morning raids have been carried out in Sirnak and 5 people were taken into custody on the basis of messages they posted on social media against the occupation of the Turkish state in Rojava.


Iman Ibrahîm, who was seriously injured as a result of cannon attacks by the occupying Turkish state from Nusaybin, lost his life.


Calls of Western countries and the world public opinion to sanction Turkey increased.

The calls for sanctions are also growing in Germany: co-chair of the opposition Greens party, Annalena Baerbock, condemned the invasion and said that the relations with the Ankara regime should be changed.


Thousands of people gathered in Hewlêr coming from many provinces, districts and villages to march to the UN Hewlêr Representative to protest the Turkish invasion attempt of Northern and Eastern Syria.


The occupying Turkish army bombed the market in Ronahi, a neighborhood of Sêrekaniyê.


The Turkish state, which suffered heavy losses during the occupation attacks, continues its deployment to the border regions. Mercenaries groups were brought to Akçakale last night, and this morning with hedgehog type armored vehicles and loaded pickups were transferred east of Girê Spî.


Journalists in Serekaniyê call on international forces to stop the war: "We, the journalists in Serekaniyê, call on the international community to stop this war thus to prevent further killing of civilians."


In Hatay, HDP Hülya Ateş, SKYP Belgin Ayrancı and Burcu Özkaya Günaydın were detained while protesting the occupation carried out by the Turkish state.


Civilians targeted in Girê Spî

The invading Turkish army and mercenaries bombed the neighborhood of Eyn Erus, 10 meters from the gathering point of civilians from Manbij, Tebqa and Raqqa, south of Girê Spî.


Turkish army strikes civilians again

The invading Turkish army and its mercenaries once again targeted civilians in Qamishlo. Civil settlements in the Xerbî neighborhood were bombed. According to the first information, there are wounded.


PKK Culture and Art Committee Member Nurettin Demirtas: "This war is a war between humanity and fascism. Let's create the most active resistance front against this war everywhere. No matter how we respond to fascism, it is legitimate to the end."


People from Ipekyolu (Van) marched against Turkish occupation. 


The Turkish army and its mercenaries are also shelling Tıl Rıfat and Shehba.


Violent clashes reported at Sêrekaniyê border

Sêrekaniyê is currently experiencing very violent clashes. There is a heavy air and land attack reported. The clashes with heavy weapons intensified on the East and Sanayi and Merce border as well as Til Xelef line.


Turkish military fighter planes bombed the village of Arishe between Sêrêkaniye and Til Tamir.

The invading Turkish army and gangs bombed a school in Salihiyê village, west of Serêkaniyê. SDF fighters immediately responded to the attacks.


Protests against the occupation held in Hamburg, Augsburg, Giessen, Nuremberg, Dortmund, Kassel, Saarbrücken, Bonn, Pforzheim and Bremen.


The Security Forces captured a suspected person after the explosion in front of the prison where ISIS mercenaries are held in Xiwêran, a neighborhood of Hesekê.


Warplanes belonging to the occupying Turkish state have been flying over Qamishlo since 2 am.


Explosion in front of prison in Hesekê where ISIS mercenaries are jailed

According to information from our correspondents in the region, an explosion occurred in front of the prison where ISIS mercenaries are held in Xiwêran, neighborhood of Hesekê. 


Heyva Sor announced that 14 civilians were killed and 46 civilians were injured in the Jazira region in the 3 days of the Turkish invasion operation.


Thousands of people in Switzerland and Madrid protested the Turkish state's genocide attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria.


Protests against the Turkish state in Cologne, Hildesheim, Ulm, Bochum and Bielefeld in Germany.


Anti-Terror Units affiliated to the Manbij Military Council neutralized the ISIS cell that wanted to carry out attacks in the city center.

The Manbij Military Council said in a statement that the mercenaries have been neutralized while trying to enter the city center on the way to the village of Ezir.


The occupying Turkish army is intensely bombing Serêkaniyê's Mittan Junction and Industrial zone.