Five civilians including two women abducted in Til Temir

Five civilians have been kidnapped in Til Temir in the northeast of Syria by Islamist proxies of the Turkish army. Three men have been released, but there is no trace of the two women.

In the mainly Christian populated town of Til Temir (Tal Tamer) in the northeast of Syria, five civilians were kidnapped by jihadist allies of NATO partner Turkey on Saturday noon. The group was reportedly grazing livestock in a pasture near the village of Um al-Kaf when they were kidnapped. Three men have been released but there is still no trace of the two women; Fatima Miter and Yazi Shelo.

The jihadists also robbed about 150 sheep and goats from the villagers from Um al-Kaf.

The village of Um al-Kaf is virtually under constant artillery fire from the Turkish Islamic occupiers. The area is shelled almost on daily basis.