MSD official: Our talks with the Syrian regime continue

MSD Political Council member Hesen Mihemed Elî stated that their talks with the Syrian regime continue with the ultimate goal of solving the Syrian crisis.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), representative of Northern Syria peoples, had a meeting with the Syrian government officials in Damascus, on 26 July. During the meeting, it was decided to establish a committee from two sides in order for the achievement of a solution to the crisis raging in the country.

Speaking to Hawar News Agency (ANHA), MSD Political Council member Hesen Mihemed Elî said the mentioned committee would monitor the functioning of local administrations and take steps for the solution of the Syrian crisis.

Mihemed Elî said they have talked about many issues with the Syrian regime, adding; “During the talks, it was decided to form a committee with joint participation from the MSD and the regime.”

He said the committees set to focus on the future of Syria and follow the developments in Northern Syria will continue their talks.

Mihemed Elî said they have also talked about the Tabqa Dam with the Syrian regime, continuing; “Tabqa Dam is a national structure and serves all the peoples of Syria. Our talks on this subject will continue until all the needs and deficiencies of this dam are met.”

MSD official emphasised that they aim to solve the Syrian crisis and serve the people, noting that the committee will ensure that talks between the two sides continue in accordance with the interests of the people.