Polat Can: Deir ez-Zor youths give a message to everyone

SDF Command member and Southern region commander Polat Can stated that all the Deir ez-Zor tribes support their forces, saying: “The youth’s intense participation in our ranks gives the message that there is no place for other forces in the region.”

From the beginning of the Operation Cizire Storm until now, while Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forces continue liberating villages and regions of Deir ez-Zor, the youth of the region are joining SDF and taking part in the liberation of their lands. In addition, the region's tribes and opinion leaders express their support for SDF, emphasizing that the SDF rescued them from the tyranny of gangs.

Speaking to ANHA, SDF South Commander Polat Can said that more than 700 youths from the Begara tribe, the towns of Cezra, Kesra and Bumihemid and different villages have joined the SDF over two months. “Hundreds of youths from the region participating in SDF ranks gives the message to everyone that people of the region believe in the democratic nation project. The people of the region are warmly welcoming our forces,” said Can.

Noting that all the tribes in the region hold trust in the SDF, Polat Can said: “The people of Deir ez-Zor believe that the only solution against all the forces that want to create chaos in the region is SDF. They say that SDF is the path to solution, and that there is no other place for any force other than SDF. This is the decision of the people of the region.”

Polat Can remarked that people of the region will be liberating their regions by gathering under the roof of the SDF, saying; “The young people of the region are joining the ranks of our forces. They will provide regional security under our flag. The participation of young people in the region is the guarantee of maintaining the security of the region. We will expose the sleeper cells of ISIS which want to target regional security.”

Lastly, SDF South Commander Polat Can added that Deir ez-Zor youths are joining their forces each day and called on all the youth of the region to join their forces and take part in the defense of the region.