Northern and Eastern Syria responds to Damascus threats

Northern and Eastern Syrian Autonomous Administration Defense Bureau responded to the Damascus regime threats that they will “use force”.

Syrian Defense Minister Ali Abdullah Eyub issued a statement on Monday and, threatening Northern and Eastern Syrian Federation, said they would take the region under complete control through either “a reconciliation agreement”, or “by force”.

Northern and Eastern Syrian Autonomous Administration Defense Bureau issued a written statement and said: “On the first anniversary of the Turkish state and their allied gangs invading Afrin, on Monday the Syrian Defense Minister made comments about the SDF. His comments show how far removed they are from the national interests of Syria.”

The Defense Bureau added: “And it is a sign that they continue with the policies that pushed Syria into this situation in the first place. Their language of threats and protecting terrorists, against the SDF who rescued Northern and Eastern Syria, serves the forces that want to fracture Syria.”

The Defense Bureau stressed that the Autonomous Administration is in favor of a solution through dialogue and said: “The attitude on Monday shows that the Syrian government is running from a peaceful and democratic solution and insists on politics of oppression and violence.”

The Defense Bureau said they favor a political solution and stressed that they will defend Northern and Eastern Syria’s gains.