Swedish MP: The world should speak up against Turkish threats

MP Redar said that Turkey should not be allowed to implement its own agenda for Syria.

Speaking to ANF, Social Democratic and Labor Party MP Lawen Redar said that the world should speak up and voice their opposition to Turkey's threats to occupy Rojava. She also said the PYD should take part in ongoing peace negotiations for Syria.

Redar presented a written question in Parliament about HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtas.

Redar asked the parliament to take a stance for the release of HDP former co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş and asked the Swedish government to take action.

Redar also said that the Swedish government made a statement on the United States’ decision to withdraw from Syria while at the same time organising an initiative to oppose Turkey's preparations for an attack, and bringing this to the United Nations. "Sweden is doing what it could. We are not militarily a NATO member country. We are not in a position to offer military support to the fight against DAESH. But in contrast, we have made clear our stance in the United Nations and the European Union. We are among the countries that have been decisively arguing that the PYD should take part in the peace talks for Syria. We criticized Erdogan's attitude towards Rojava."

MP Redar said that the PYD should have a leading role in the talks on the peace of Syria and future of Rojava. “Turkey should not be allowed to implement its own agenda for Syria. Another important point is the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria and Rojava. The most important thing is to meet water, food and medicine needs of the people there.”

Leyla Güven’s demand should be brought to the agenda

Ending her remarks, MP Redar said that the demands of Leyla Güven and prisoners on hunger strike should be brought to the agenda. She added that organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Right Watch should be monitoring the health condition of Güven.