SDF: 25 terrorists arrested in wider operations against ISIS

SDF security forces arrested 25 terrorists on different times and locations in operations against ISIS sleeper-cells.

During operations carried out by SDF security forces on different times and locations against ISIS sleeper-cells, a total of 25 terrorists were arrested.

The Press Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the following details regarding these operations:

1- Our security forces have carried out an operation targeting and arresting an ISIS member having the role as a commander who was the responsible for the prisoners taken by the terrorist organization. His name is Erkan Hussen (Muhammed Salih al-Ali).

2- Between the 15th and 22nd November 2019, a special operation was carried out against ISIS sleeper cells and their members in the Deir ez-Zor region. While 21 terrorists were arrested, 2 terrorists who attempted to attack our forces were killed.

3- A terrorist commander who was the responsible for the explosions in Hassakeh and had used the al-Hol camp to hide himself in was arrested.

4- On November 28th 2019, Counter Terrorism Units (YAT) carried out an operation. The operation resulted in 2 terrorists who were responsible for the attack with explosives against the prison in Hassakeh being arrested.