Arab guerrilla Cûdî: We have to fight harder for a free and fair life

Arab guerrilla Amara Cûdî joined the PKK after the Rojava Revolution. "We need to fight harder to lead a free, equal, fair and honourable life in our country," she said.

Amara Cûdî is an Arab citizen. She spoke to ANF about her joining the PKK ranks.

Amara Cûdî joins the freedom struggle in 2016. She said that she did not know the freedom movement before the beginning of the Rojava Revolution, but started to hear about it over time. "We did not hear the names Kurd and Kurdistan in our society much or they were told differently to us. With the start of the Rojava Revolution, I got to know about the freedom fighters, especially through the Kobanê war. In the Manbij war, I had the opportunity to see and get to know the freedom fighters. Manbij was occupied by ISIS, YPG-YPJ fighters came to the city to stop this occupation. I met their friends there.

The thing that I saw in friends and that impressed people deeply was the bond they formed between them. They were bound together by a very strong comradeship. In addition, their love for the public was also one of the aspects that affected people.

These approaches were thought-provoking. We were Arab. But despite that, they fought for us without making any distinction between peoples. This got me thinking. It gave me the idea that we should join this just war. That's when I decided that I wanted to join.”

Guerrilla Cûdî added that “another aspect that impressed me was the presence of female fighters. In our society, a woman could not fight, she did not hold any prominent place in society. A woman's fighting in the front line, as well as Leader Ocalan’s thoughts on women, and the army of women were the things that made me think intensely. These thoughts increased my willingness to participate more. As an Arab woman, I thought I could be a fighting woman."

Life in the mountains is one of comradeship

Noting that she had the opportunity to see the bond of comradeship between YPG-YPJ fighters more closely after she joined, Amara Cûdî continued as follows: "I was very curious about the mountain back then. After I joined, I went to the mountains and saw that life there was created out of nothing. Everything was the product of your hands, heart and mind. Life was knitted with effort here. Of course, it was difficult, but when you see the values ​​created, there is no mention of hardship.

These were the things that impressed me the most. I think the Leadership has been held captive in the Imrali for so long, yet he has never given up on improving his intellectual and philosophical aspects, his goals and objectives, and his resistance."

Guerrilla Cûdî said that “the implementation of the leadership paradigm will lead to very serious changes in the life of world societies. This is a historical event. The capitalist system resorts to all kinds of methods to prevent the Leadership paradigm. No matter how much the system tries to prevent it, we must ensure the struggle and organization of the leadership's philosophy to spread more to all peoples."

Young people should be a barrier to fascism

Finally, guerrilla Cûdî addressed young people and said: "I want to call out to the Arab young people. They should come and join the freedom struggle. The Turkish state does not only apply pressure and exploitation on the Kurdish people, but also attacks the peoples of the Middle East with the same pressure. Arabs, Circassians, Assyrian people are considered as a threat by Turkey. We must prevent these hostile attacks by the Turkish fascist state. Young people should see this and strengthen their participation. They should head towards these mountains. If we truly love our country and our people, we should lead a free, equal, fair, dignified life in our country. If we want to drive, we have to fight for it and fight harder.

Whether it's in Kurdistan, Arab lands, or somewhere in Europe: the way to live humanely and freely is through struggle. As long as the peoples of the Middle East unite, the Turkish state won’t easily attack Kurdistan or Middle East lands. This call is for all young people. Come and join the freedom struggle. Now is the time to take a bold step."