KDP provocation in Berwari

The KDP has accepted Turkish state's invasion attacks in South Kurdistan and continue to act in a provocative way.

The KDP is accepting not only the Turkish state's invasion attacks in South Kurdistan, but also continues with its provocation.

According to the information obtained from local sources; on Monday, a commander of the KDP forces held meetings in the areas of Batufa, Seyda, Bêqulkê, Gire Biyê, Cidîdkê in the region of Berwarî. The commander told the KDP forces at these meetings to take measures against the Kurdish Freedom Movement and to be prepared.

Stating that there are no guerrillas in the region, the people of Berwari pointed out that the meetings held were pure provocation.

This is not the first time such meetings are held in South Kurdistan. According to the information obtained; on October 15, KDP's Dihok forces, military intelligence and a group from the Turkish intelligence held a meeting in the Kanîmasî area.

It is noteworthy that such meetings were held after the murder of Gazi Salih Alîhan, a member of the public order in Kanîmasî, by unidentified persons on 8 October.