Name of the PJAK guerrilla martyred in Kunamasi announced

The PJAK of Eastern Kurdistan has announced the identity of a fighter killed by a Turkish attack drone in Southern Kurdistan last week.

The Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (Partiya Jiyana Azad a Kurdistanê - PJAK) has published the name of the fighter killed in a Turkish drone attack on Kunamasi area in Southern Kurdistan. In the statement, PJAK pointed out that the attack of 25 June was “part of a broad concept of annihilation campaign against the Apoist Movement" with the ultimate goal of “annihilating the Kurds”.

Two people died last Thursday in the Turkish army's aerial attack on a popular recreational area about 30 kilometres north of Sulaymaniyah city. Eight other people, including four children and two women, were injured, some of them seriously.

PJAK named the fallen guerrilla fighter as Rebwar Qulîzade from Bokan. PJAK expressed their sympathy to his family, his friends, the population of Bokan and the entire Kurdish people and vowed to continue the fight of the martyrs for a free Kurdistan.

First-Last Name: Rebwar Qulîzade

Nom de Guerre: Arîwan Şoreşger

Place of Birth: Bokan

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 25.06.2020 –Southern Kurdistan