23 ISIS members killed in Operation Cizire Storm

In the second phase of the Operation Cizire Storm launched against ISIS mercenaries to “end terror”, SDF fighters liberated an area of 3 square kilometers and 23 mercenaries were killed during clashes.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched the final phase of the Operation Cizire Storm on September 11 against the last positions ISIS holds to the east of the Euphrates.

SDF Press Office announced the two-day balance sheet of the campaign, according to which an area of 3 square kilometers was liberated and 23 mercenaries were killed.

The statement by SDF Press Office said the following;

“Al-Bagouz Fawqani front: The terrorist organization launched a counter-attack and regained some of the points that our forces had liberated in the previous two days. Yesterday, our forces retaliated and achieved a 1 km advance and recovered the points that the terrorist organization had taken over. The liberation of nine mercenary positions was confirmed.

On this front, three mines planted by mercenaries exploded during efforts to remove them with sweeping bulldozers, causing  damage to a Hummer car. The third mine exploded as a vehicle transporting our forces was passing by, leaving 10 of our fighters injured, one critically.

On this front, our field commanders confirmed the killing of 21 mercenaries, one of them being a sniper, near Baguoz village at noon. Two more mercenaries were killed in the same area in the evening.

The terrorists launched a counter-attack, regaining some of the points that our forces had already liberated on Baguoz front. Our forces retaliated in kind and regained these points from the mercenaries, making a one kilometer advance and liberating 7 more points.

The total area that has been liberated till now is 3 square kilometers.

Coalition forces participated actively in the combat operations on Wednesday. In this scope, warplanes targeted the bases of mercenaries and hit them with rockets, while the fixed targets of the mercenaries were also bombed.”