54 more families from Deir ez-Zor return home from Hol Camp

More refugees from North and East Syria living in the Hol Camp are returning to their own lands. 54 more families from Deir ez-Zor have returned home yesterday.

Following a decision made in the Syrian Clans Workshop held in Ayn Isa on May 3, a delegation made up of officials from the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria visited the Hol Camp 45 km to the east of Heseke. The visit in late May was made to monitor the state of refugees in the camp who have no relationship to ISIS gangs. An extensive meeting was held by the delegation and the camp administration where the parties decided that the women and children from northern and eastern Syria who live in the camp could go back to their own lands.

After the Democratic Autonomous Administration and representatives of Arab clans took the necessary measures, 54 families from Deir ez-Zor have returned home yesterday. The 184 people, made up of mainly women and children, were welcomed by a delegation of clan representatives in al-Sur region.

Deir ez-Zor Council Public Relations Committee Deputy Chair Yûsif El-Cîcan remarked that a safe and peaceful environment would be built again for the returning migrants in the areas liberated by SDF.

The autonomous administration had enabled the return of another group of migrants from Hol Camp to Deir ez-Zor in July.