Families of fallen internationalists visit Kobanê

The families of three internationalists martyred in Rojava and northern Syria visited the Kobanê Cemetery.

Family members of fallen Dutchman Sjoerd Heeger (Baran Sason) as well as two British internationalists Jac Holmes (Şoreş Amanos) and Konstandinos Erik Scurfield visited the "Şehîd Dîcle" cemetery in Kobanê.

The relatives were received by members of the Council of the Martyrs’ Families in Kobanê and accompanied to the cemetery.

Sjoerd Heeger fell a martyr in February of this year in the fight against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor (Dêra Zor). Briton Jac Holmes died in October 2017 during mine clearance efforts in Raqqa, Konstandinos Erik Scurfield in March 2015 in Hesekê.