Human shield action in Serekaniye on day 20

The human shield action started in the border region of Serekaniye against Turkish state’s invasion threats continues on day 20.

The human shield action launched in the border city of Serekaniye to protest the Turkish state’s invasion threats against North and East Syria continues on day 20.

Local people ensure strong participation in the action which today received the support of the inhabitants of Til Birak and Til Hemis districts as well as Asayish (public security) forces.

Spokesperson of the Cizire Region Women’s Asayish Forces, Hesîna Hisên Ehmed, Til Birak District Council Co-chair Mutleg, Til Birak People’s Municipality Co-mayor Fatima Iweyd, Ehmed El-Heyba on behalf of the tribes in Til Hemîs district, and Til Birak Education Center Co-chair Yasîn Elî made speeches.

The speeches condemned the Turkish state’s invasion threats and recalled that Turkey provides the mercenary groups with military, economic and logistic support.

The speakers stated that Turkey’s threats directly target the achievements of the revolution and people’s will for co-existence in North and East Syria. Speakers called on the peoples of the region to be on alert against conspiracies.