Kurds to address European bodies in Brussels

Kurds and allies are to address European bodies that have remained silent against the isolation and the hunger strikes in Brussels.

A central rally will be held on April 24 in the Luxembourg Square in front of the European Union Parliament in Brussels, Belgium to demand the European Union, Council of Europe and the CPT take a stand about the hunger strikes and the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The rally will start at 13:00 and participants will come from Germany, the Netherlands and France.

Democratic Kurdish Society Congress Europe (KCDK-E) issued a statement on the matter and called for participation to the rally.


The statement issued by KCDK-E Co-Presidential Council is as follows:

“Leyla Guven started an indefinite non-alternating hunger strike on November 7, 2018 to end the absolute isolation imposed upon the Leader of the Peoples of Kurdistan Abdullah Ocalan. She put her body on the line and said she will continue the protest, risking her own death, until the isolation is broken. After Leyla Guven sparked the resistance, it spread throughout Europe and all prisons in Turkey and Kurdistan. It has been 5 months since Leyla went on a hunger strike.

With activists in Hewler, Strasbourg, Wales, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Maxmur and all prisons, there are over 7.000 of them. Participation from Kurdish politicians, patriots and socialist allied organizations continues to grow. The comrades on indefinite hunger strikes have moved beyond the critical stage and are at a place where deaths can occur at any time. The CPT, Council of Europe and European governments have played deaf, dumb and blind and approved the Imrali isolation system. They continue to support the fascist Turkish state keep up the absolute isolation in ignoring the Imrali isolation system.

Our people have protested every day during the hunger strikes and they continue their struggle in every area, day and night. We are on the streets and in the squares with the motto Break the Isolation, Smash Fascism, Free the Leader. The hunger strikes have been put on the agenda in Europe and throughout the world through diplomacy and mass demonstrations. Many famous writers, intellectuals, MPs and European institutions say the hunger strikers’ demands should be met at once and that the isolation must end immediately.


A rally will be held in front of the European Union Parliament against the European governments and institutions continuing to take no stance in the face of rising fascism in Turkey and to act deaf dumb and blind, against deaths in prisons and against the fact that the hunger strikers’ health will continue to deteriorate in the coming days.

Until the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), European institutions and European governments fulfill their obligations and take a stand, every Wednesday we will hold a rally in front of the European Parliament to create public awareness. We are working to create active participation for the first rally on April 24. We are calling on our people in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands to attend the rally with the spirit of uprisings.