People on the streets in Amed despite bans and police violence

Protests have continued since the metropolitan municipality was usurped on Monday in Amed, and so have the police attacks. Today’s protests were attacked as well, but the people remain on the streets.

The Amed, Mardin and Van metropolitan municipalities were seized on Monday and trustees were appointed in the place of elected mayors. Hundreds were detained in operations carried out in tandem.

Protests in Amed have continued on day two. The police closed off all streets on Elazig and Lise Avenues leading to the municipality’s offices.

Despite the police blockade, hundreds of party members and city residents have gathered in the area since the morning. The crowd gathered on the Lise Avenue leaned on police barricades and chanted slogans. The police attacked the protesters.

As the attack continued, HDP Co-chair Sezai Temelli, DTK Co-chair Berdan Ozturk, HDK Co-spokespersons Gulistan Kilic Kocyigit and Sedat Senoglu and DBP Co-chair Mehmet Arslan went to the protesters for the statement.

The police attacked the crowd a second time as they applauded Temelli and other party officials. The crowd refused to leave the Lice Avenue and continued the protest. HDP MP Ayse Acar Basaran was injured during the attacks and was hospitalized by party members.

HDP MP Saliha Aydeniz protested the attacks and said they won’t abandon their democratic demands, or leave the streets, despite the governorate issuing a ban against protests.

Temelli gave a speech in the area, and the crowd was attacked again as they chanted slogans in response. The civilians were attacked by TOMA and riot police units and many were injured.

When the people didn’t disperse, the police fired tear gas on the Lise avenue. Some protesters started to march towards the Anit Park where the governorate building is. When they reached the park, they were attacked again.

Hundreds of others marched to the Ofis district in Yenisehir. Some of the crowd marched to the Kosuyolu Park and continued in the streets of the Baglar district.

The protests continue on the streets of Amed despite police attacks.