“Preventing the triaI of ISIS members is another plot”

Abdulkerim Siko said there is a need for an international court in North and East Syria for the trial of ISIS gangs and added that preventing the trials would constitute another plot.

Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party (El Parti) Leader Abdulkerim Siko said the demand for an international court to be set up in the Autonomous Administration territory for the trial of ISIS gangs is a legitimate and righteous demand.

Abdulkerim Siko recalled that the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, political parties and NGOs have called for an international court for the trial of ISIS gangs: “The states occupying Kurdistan and some others are stopping the setup of a court in northern Syria to put ISIS members on trial. Because the gangs are like sons to them. They do all they ask for. The gangs were trained at the hands of these states and this happened with support from the Syrian regime.”


Siko said the Turkish state is on top of the list of states trying to stop the trial of gangs: “Erdogan wants to revive ISIS and end the democratic project in Northern and Eastern Syria, as well as to reduce the rest of Syria to ruins.”

Siko said the Turkish military activity along the Northern and Eastern Syrian border is an attempt to revive ISIS.


Siko also spoke about the international public’s approach to YPG-YPJ and the SDF: “International powers have failed their duties to the region’s military forces YPG-YPJ and the SDF who have destroyed the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, ISIS. If it wasn’t for them, ISIS terrorism would have spread throughout the world.”

Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party Leader Abdulkerim Siko concluded with: “If the international court isn’t set up to put ISIS gangs on trial, this would mean there is a great danger and a new plot in the works against the region.”