SDF: 32 ISIS terrorists killed in Baghouz

SDF announced that during the past 24 hours when 32 ISIS terrorists, including 4 group leaders, were killed and a large quantity of ammunition was seized.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Media Center released the balance sheet of battle in Baghouz for the past 24 hours.

The statement said the following;

“Our forces carried out an operation against the bases and positions of DAESH (ISIS) terrorist organization in Baghouz, which resulted in clashes between our fighters and the gangs. During the confrontation, several terrorists including group leaders were killed and many others were wounded.

On the other hand, two of our fighters, with whom connection had been lost two days ago, were founded in a slightly wounded state, and were taken to hospital for treatment.

Our fighters have seized a number of arms and large quantities of ammunition belonging to the gangs.

Two terrorists were killed as a result of assassination. On the other hand, Coalition aircraft shelled the bases of the terrorists.

During the course of the fighting, one of our fighters was slightly wounded and was taken to hospital for treatment.”

Most recent balance sheet of the Baghouz battle announced by SDF is as follows;

32 terrorists, among them 4 group leaders, were killed.

One military vehicle was destroyed.

International Coalition aircraft carried out 12 air strikes.

Several arms including 45 Kalashnikov rifles were seized.