SDF: At least 18 terrorists killed, several bases destroyed

SDF Press Center announced that at least 18 gang members have been killed and several bases have been destroyed in the last 24 hours in the Operation Cizire Storm’s Battle to Defeat Terror phase.

SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) Press Center announced the balance for the last 24 hours of the Operation Cizire Storm’s Battle to Defeat Terror phase against ISIS mercenaries in Deir ez-Zor.

The statement is as follows:

Al-Baghouz Front

There were clashes between our fighters and ISIS gangs. Our fighters advanced 700 meters and took positions in 5 new spots.

Our fighters have also pushed back ISIS attacks and killed 2 terrorists. The terrorists used heavy weapons in their attack. International Coalition forces targeted the terrorist bases. Clashes and mortar fire continues in the region.

Hajin Front

Several terrorists were killed in intense clashes. Our fighters advanced 400 meters and took positions in 10 new spots. Our fighters have also neutralized a landmine laid by the terrorists.

Our fighters have downed one scout aircraft of the terrorists.

Terrorists attacked our fighters’ positions with DHSK weapons but the position hasn’t taken any damage. Our fighters retaliated. There is no clear information yet on the outcome.

International Coalition aircrafts have targeted several terrorist positions.

Balance of Clashes

- 18 gang members were killed

- Coalition aircrafts have carried out 10 strikes

- One terrorist howitzer was destroyed and one terrorist scout aircraft was downed. 3 terrorist bases were destroyed

- One landmine was neutralized”