SDF Commanders start new trainings

The 8th training term opened for SDF commanders in the Martyr Eziz Ereb Academy in the Ayn Isa district, the Martyr Qurshîn Training Term, started with a ceremony.

The Martyr Eziz Ereb Academy launched the 8th training term titled Martyr Qurshin Training Term for SDF Commanders.

YPG/YPJ and SDF commanders were present for the opening ceremony of the training term.

Commanders to receive further training held a military ceremony, after which an oath ceremony was held.

The ceremony concluded after the oaths with revolutionary songs and dancing.

The term will continue for 2 months, and include ideological and political courses as well as military training.

Martyr Juma Shakir Hemê (Qurshîn) had fallen martyr during the Operation Cizire Storm on October 25 and bid farewell in a mass ceremony in Kobanê.