SDF rescues 4.000 civilians from ISIS in a week

In the last 48 hours, the SDF has rescued at least 2.600 civilians who were used as human shields by ISIS gangs. The number of civilians rescued in the last week is at around 4.000.

Thousands of civilians in the Hajin region who had been used as human shields by ISIS gangs, most of them women and children, have been rescued by the SDF and transported to safe areas. The number of civilians rescued on Monday and Tuesday has been announced as 2.600.


Civilians mostly wait for the nightfall to avoid capture by ISIS gangs. They end up braving a rough terrain and minefields laid by ISIS gangs to reach the areas with the SDF fighters.

Civilians who flee ISIS gangs end up walking 15 to 20 km in one night. Many on this march to freedom get wounded or lose their lives as they navigate the landmines.

The wounded are taken in for treatment urgently. Civilians are given water and food and other vital needs. Then they are transported to safe areas. As the civilians continue to flee ISIS, the SDF continues to advance.

The flight of civilians has intensified in the recent days. On January 21, around a thousand civilians were rescued from the same area and the SDF Press Center announced on January 17 that 300 civilians had been rescued earlier.