Swedish MPs: Erdoğan is afraid

“Recent polls show that the AKP has lost votes. The government is afraid of losing these elections and having to face his crimes before justice."

Anders Österberg and Kadir Kasırga, members of the Swedish Social Democratic Labor Party, said Erdoğan, who understands that he will lose the local elections, is afraid of being tried.

Social Democratic Workers' Party Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee member Anders Österberg called on Turkey to ensure a transparent local elections.

Österberg said that the basic criterion of democratic and free elections is equal opportunities for all parties and no party privileges.

Österberg also condemned the appointment of Trustees by the State thus denying the will of people who had elected their mayors and deputies.

He remarked that developments in Turkey in the last few years are very worrying and not democratic.

The Swedish MP said he hoped the opposition would win the local elections, but at the same time expressed concern that the pressures on the opposition would increase.

Turkey has become a huge prison, said the MP, adding that in this prison are journalists, politicians and human rights defenders.

“Justice will prevail”

“The AKP’s heavy violations of human rights - said the Swedish MP - will not be forgotten. Eventually, justice will be done. 50-60 years ago, the crimes committed by the people could remain unpunished. But this is not the case today. They have to be held accountable for what they have done. If someone keeps thousands of people in prisons with groundless accusations, one day they will have to face justice."

As to what the Foreign Affairs commission has done and is planning to do, Österberg said: “We closely monitor the developments. We hope that democratic and fair elections will be held. But the information we are receiving do not point to this. We will send observers to the elections. In the meantime, we will visit our sister party HDP. We will also closely monitor the developments after the elections.”

“Turkey should respect prisoners’ rights”

Österberg said: “All prisoners have fundamental rights. Turkey must respect the rights of prisoners. No one can be arbitrarily treated. Equal treatment of all prisoners is one of the basic principles of law. Turkey must respect it."

The MP also underlined the hunger strike resistance carried out to demand the end of isolation on Öcalan.

Social Democratic and Labor Party MP Kadır Kasırga said: “Recent polls show that the AKP has lost votes. The government is afraid of losing these elections and having to face his crimes before justice. Alliances with the MHP and other nationalist parties are also problematic. The AKP described itself as a modern Islamic party.”

Kadır Kasırga also expressed solidarity with the HDP and added: "My expectation is that people do not lose their lives in hunger strikes. Turkey is a European Union candidate country. It must comply with the Copenhagen criteria. It must respect the European Union Convention on Human Rights. The United Nations has laws that guarantee the rights of prisoners. Turkey must show respect and implement all of them. The prisoners are on hunger strikes demanding to end the isolation imposed on Öcalan.

Öcalan and the imprisoned detainees on İmralı Island have the same rights as the other prisoners. They must be granted visits by their families and lawyers.

A few years ago, Öcalan was leading the peace process negotiations with the Turkish state. Isolation should be removed immediately.”

Kadır Kasırga, in a written question to Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, addressed the issue of the hunger strike and asked the Swedish government to do what is possible to solve the problem.