Turkish regime executes two brothers in al-Bab

Turkish state allied gangs tortured and executed two brothers in al-Bab region.

Local sources say two brothers named Juma Nedim and Bekri Nedim from Aleppo were detained by Ankara allied gangs in the Tiltene village of al-Bab and were tortured violently.

The gangs based in Jarablus executed the Nedim brothers two days ago.

In the Turkish state’s line of invasion from Jarablus to Afrin, torture and executions have become daily occurrences.

Afrin has been under Turkish state occupation since March 18, 2018. Since the invasion attacks, war crimes have been committed systemically in the region. Alongside severe crimes like confiscation of locals’ property, abduction of civilians for ransom, torture and executions, the Turkish state is also changing the demographic makeup of the region.

The war crimes and ethnic cleansing have been mentioned in reports by international organizations as well. The United Nations Independent Investigation Commission for Syria pointed out in a report in February that war crimes were being committed in Afrin. The report stressed that arbitrary arrests, abductions, ransom, human trafficking, torture, harassment, bribery, pillaging and various other practices were frequent occurrences.