Women’s Union in Manbij condemned Turkish attacks

The attacks of the invading Turkish army were condemned by members of the Young Women's Union in Manbij.

Young women held an action at the central stadium in the city of Manbij.

"Young People of Manbij will not accept the Ottoman Invasion" read one of the banners opened by women.

The text of the press statement was read by Nesrin Berkel, a member of the Youth and Sports Association.

The statement condemned the Turkish state’s attacks against Northern Syria while at the same time drew attention to the silence of the international community against such attacks.

"The peoples of Syria will never be silent against the attacks - said the statement - and will defend their lands".

Speaking after the statement was read, Manbij Women's Council executive, Nadia Milhim, said that "the unity of the peoples of Syria will defeat Turkey and reject the attacks”.

Milhim also called on people to "resist against the Turkish invasion and step up the struggle for the liberation of Afrin, Jarablus and al-Bab".