Reconnaissance drones circle over Kobanê

Turkish reconnaissance drones are circling in the west of Kobanê. The population is concerned; in the Turkish drone war against Kurdistan, there are currently daily airstrikes in violation of international law.

Reconnaissance drones of NATO member Turkey are circling above the northern Syrian canton of Kobanê in West Kurdistan (Rojava). As is reported from the ground, the Turkish army's reconnaissance flights are concentrated on the west of the canton. For hours now, the settlement areas in Kobanê have been flown over continuously. The population is worried. In the Turkish drone war against Kurdistan, there are currently daily air strikes in violation of international law.  

Two weeks ago, a civilian vehicle was attacked by a Turkish killer drone in a village southeast of Kobanê. A day later, three people were injured in Qamişlo in a drone attack outside a rehabilitation facility for the war-disabled. On August 19, simultaneous drone attacks were carried out in Til Temir and Qamişlo, resulting in the death of five members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), some of them high-ranking. Among them were YPJ commander Sosin Bîrhat and YPG commander Rênas Roj.

The drone war is equally directed against the Kurdish population in neighboring Iraq. On Thursday, a checkpoint of the local Yazidi Asayish security forces was bombed in Shengal, injuring one person. An airstrike on a hospital in the Yazidi heartland killed eight people on August 18. Last Friday, the Maxmur refugee camp was attacked by Turkish drones. In addition to the targeted airstrikes with killer drones, artillery attacks on civilians in northern and eastern Syria and southern Kurdistan take place daily.