Turkish fascists in German police uniform

While the number of fascists of Turkish origin in the Berlin police force has increased in recent years, these police officers are still deployed at Kurdish demonstrations despite warnings from experts.

At the demonstration last Saturday in Berlin against Turkey's war of aggression in Southern Kurdistan, in which Turkey closely cooperates with the KDP, the behavior of the Berlin police was conspicuous. Despite compliance with the conditions imposed by the assembly authorities, the police harassed the demonstration and deliberately tried to provoke the participants.

At the demonstration, which took place a few days after the application to the Ministry of the Interior to lift the PKK ban in Germany, it was noticeable that the police did everything in their power to escalate violence. Under the pretext that slogans such as "Bijî Serok Apo" (Long live Chairman Apo) and "Bijî PKK" (Long live the PKK) had been shouted, the police repeatedly provoked the demonstrators. Among the police officers were many of Turkish origin, some of whom deliberately insulted and threatened demonstrators in Turkish.

Erdoğan supporters are used

It is not the first time that the Berlin authority deliberately deployed fascist Turkish-born police officers, who are supporters of the AKP-MHP/government, at a demonstration of Kurds. This situation has been a topic of discussion in the German media several times in recent years, and security experts have called on the Berlin police to refrain from this practice. The events on Saturday in Berlin show that the police, contrary to these warnings, have deployed even more police officers of Turkish origin.

In the November 2017 issue of Der Spiegel magazine, an instructor at the Berlin Police Academy stated that radical supporters of Erdoğan were among the police officers deployed at Kurdish demonstrations and that he could not say whether this would go well. Another instructor made similar statements to the Berliner Morgenpost. Many of the police trainees of Turkish origin are Erdoğan supporters, said the instructor, who did not want to be named: "Even if I criticize this, the relevant authorities then refer to freedom of expression."

They pose with their police uniforms on social media!

These police officers, who work in different departments of the Berlin police, do not hide the fact that they are supporters of the AKP or MHP, they openly share their photos with the Turkish flag or fascist symbols on social networks. In 2017, the case of a police officer who shared his photo taken in uniform with the greeting sign of the Grey Wolves on social media aroused public attention.

Far beyond Germany, organized Turkish fascists shared the said photo with the caption, "We are inside, no problem." Regarding the posting, which also included threats and insults against Western countries, the Berlin police only announced that the photo was genuine and were content to open an internal investigation against the officer. After the investigation was completed, the police officer was probably transferred to another location and is still on duty.

A fascist named Tolga is said to be protecting a synagogue

In 2019, a fascist named Zafer Gülgen shared a photo with the phrase "For us, everywhere is TR" on his social media account. While doing so, he wore the uniform and equipment of the Berlin State Police Directorate and used nationalist symbols. The Berlin police said that the person in question was not currently working for the police after the scandal: "It is being investigated how he got the police equipment."

In March of this year, a Turkish fascist shared rap music clips on the Internet under the false name "Tolga," which he had filmed in police clothing in front of a Turkish flag. Through research by German media, it became known that the person who appeared in the clip, which featured racist threats such as "The infidels will be beheaded by the Turks, we are ready to die in the way of Allah," is actually an officer with the Berlin Police Department.

Talking to the newspaper "Die Welt", a policeman testified that this policeman of Turkish origin is in charge of a unit guarding sensitive places and squares. It turned out that the racist policeman, who shared pictures of the Turkish army's war against the Kurdish people and photos showing him saluting a Turkish flag, was in charge of guarding Kurds and with protecting foreign embassies and the synagogue in Berlin.

High-ranking policeman exposed as MIT agent

But the scandals at the Berlin police are not limited to that. In 2018, it became known that an official of the Berlin police department was working for the Turkish intelligence agency MIT. The high-ranking police officer was caught red-handed when he passed on to an official of the Turkish embassy the information he had collected about opposition members and Kurds living in Berlin.

While the investigation launched by the Berlin prosecutor's office was kept secret, it turned out that the person informed by the spy was also an agent of the MIT disguised as a diplomat. In a brief statement after the scandal became public, Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said that he was aware of the allegations against the police officer.

From the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to the BAMF – targeted infiltration of authorities

It is not new that the Erdoğan regime is trying to gather information about Kurds and Turkish opposition figures in Germany by MIT, which has built up an agent network through the religious institution DITIB, consulates, front companies and Turkish banks, also deliberately infiltrating German authorities. Döndü Yazgan, a chief inspector of Turkish origin whose identity was unmasked by ANF in August 2017, had been exposed as an informer for the Erdoğan regime while working as a police migration officer in Wiesbaden, Hesse.

While links to MIT were uncovered in the case of several Turks who had applied to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, it became known that 20 translators for the Turkish language who worked at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) also worked for MIT. However, the investigations against Turkish spies in Germany, where more than 6,000 informants and agents of the MIT are active, did not go beyond symbolic significance. None of the investigations launched against nearly 20 MIT members in the last five years led to any results.