HBDH announces revolutionaries who lost their lives in Afrin

HBDH issued a written statement and said, “We are fighting for the freedom of our peoples against colonialist fascist forces, and for the revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan.”

The Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement (Halkların Birleşik Devrim Hareketi - HBDH) commemorated the revolutionaries who lost their lives in Afrin fighting the Turkish state and FSA gangs.

HBDH announced the identities of the fighters: “In this war, comrades Ulaş Bardakçı, Tirej Alişer, Özgür Avaroni, Zeynel Seyid Rıza, Sinan Ateş, Taylan Demircioğlu, Nurhak Cem and Bayram Ali Akdeniz have been martyred fighting against the Turkish state and the FSA gangs.”

The statement included the following:

“The Turkish state, their army and the FSA gangs launched an invasion and a massacre against the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan in Afrin, and resorted to the most vile, most inhumane methods while doing so. They have massacred hundreds of civilians, innocent patriotic Kurds. The AKP-MHP fascist government has spread the fascist terror they impose upon Turkey and Bakure Kurdistan to Rojava, and resorted to looting, invasion and massacres in Afrin along with gangs. Revolutionaries of Turkey did not stay silent in the face of this invasion and fascist terror, and stood with the people of Afrin. Like in the past when the Palestine resistance was supported, today, the resistance developed by the Kurdish people against the invasion is being supported. In this sense, the martyrs of the Afrin resistance have shown the way to correctly uphold their own revolutionary tradition and the accumulation of struggle.

The revolutions in Turkey and Kurdistan have come together. It has been proven once again that the only way to resist fascism is with a united struggle. The invading expansionist Turkish state poses a threat against all revolutionary, democratic, patriotic or progressive groups. The enemy of the peoples is the Turkish state. Our enemy is one, and the enemy is attacking anybody that doesn’t accept it or resists it. HBDH fighters acted with such an understanding of the enemy and fought until their last drop of blood, and they have been martyred.”

HBDH statement continued; “We are calling on the youth of Turkey and Kurdistan to uphold the memories and values of the HBDH fighters, to protect our revolutionary socialist tradition, to increase the resistance and to unite against fascism, to create the united organization and action.

We salute the heroes of the revolution who have become immortal in this resistance. We have an account to settle with fascism, and the last word will be by the revolutionaries. We repeat our promise to avenge our martyrs and to hold the Turkish state and their gangs to account.”

The information on the identities of fighters who lost their lives are as follows:


First-Last Name: Ramazan Güleken

Date of Birth: 3 February 1999

Place of Birth: Tarsus

Date of Participation: 2014

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 27 January 2018/ Afrin-Rajo-Kevirê Ker Hill



First-Last Name: Ruhat Aşkara

Mother’s Name: Gulê

Father’s Name: Mehmet

Place of Birth: İstanbul-Gaziosmanpaşa

Date of Birth: 20 November 1996

Date of Participation: August 2013

Date of Martyrdom: 27 January 2018/ Afrin-Rajo-Kevirê Ker Hill



First-Last Name: Erdal Demirhan

Mother’s Name: Güler

Father’s Name: İbrahim

Date and Place of Birth: 9 September 1979/ Yozgat

Date of Martyrdom: 2 March 2018



First-Last Name: Sedat Akyüz

Mother’s Name: Fatma

Father’s Name: Hüseyin

Place of Birth: Antep

Date of Birth: 22-08-1972

Date of Martyrdom: 2 March 2018



First-Last Name: Emre Bora

Date and Place of Birth: 1990, Tokat

Mother’s Name: Satı

Father’s Name: Dursun

Date of Participation: 2014

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 9 February 2018 /Jindires, Afrin



First-Last Name: Kenan Aktaş

Date and Place of Birth: 1988, Adana

Mother’s Name: Güzel

Father’s Name: İmam

Date of Participation: 2003

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 5 March 2018 / Meydanke, Afrin



First-Last Name: Görkem Tuğal

Date and Place of Birth: 29 September 1995, Adana

Date of Participation: 30 March 2017

Date of Place of Martyrdom: Afrin – 27 January 2018



First-Last Name: Hüseyin Cem Özdemir

Party Name: Bayram Ali Akdeniz

Date and Place of Birth: 22 August 1995, Mersin

Date of Participation: 17 September 2015

Date and Place of Martyrdom: Afrin –7 March 2018