Invading forces kidnap 9 civilians in Sherawa, Afrin

The occupant Turkish army and allied mercenaries continue abducting people in Afrin region which is under their occupation.

Sources from Afrin region reported that Faylaq al-Sham mercenaries have raided the village of Beiyê in Sherawa district and kidnapped 9 civilians on Wednesday.

Names of these civilians are; Ezet Behrî (60), Cemal Behrî (53), Mihemed Izet (37), Ezîz Şêx Elî (44), Hedî Osman (26), Omer Ehmed Şêx Elî (45), Ehmed Mehmûd (47), Hisên Omer Elûş (52) and Mihemed Mistefa Misto (54).

The same sources stated that the Turkish-backed gangs have asked for 200 thousand Syrian Lira ransom to release the people they have abducted.