“Turkey will experience the same disappointments in Afrin”

Rojava Strategic Research Center Administrator Temûz Şemali stated that the Turkish state is bound to experience the same disappointments as before in their attacks against Afrin.

Rojava Strategic Research Center Administrator Temûz Şemali spoke to ANHA News Agency about attacks against Afrin by the invading Turkish state and their allied terrorist groups and the Resistance of the Age waged against the attacks.

Şemali said the invading Turkish state has had attempts to invade the region since the start of the Rojava revolution and added that the Turkish state is attacking Afrin, the safest province in Syria, with the excuse to defend their borders. Şemali stated that the military units formed under the umbrella of the Democratic Autonomous Administration have never attacked anyone and are only trying to ensure the safety of the areas people live in, and added that the Turkish state’s greatest goal is to destroy the gains of the Rojava Revolution.


Şemali said many states are expecting the same interests as the Turkish state and thus stay silent in the face of the ongoing barbaric attacks: “The attacks against Afrin have been carried out with the consensus of various states and groups. Russia made a deal over the gas pipeline that passes through Turkey as well as the gang groups in Idlib.” Şemali stressed that the Turkish state is trying to weaken the SDF and make them dependent on Russia and at the same time smother the democratic autonomous administration and said: “And Russia allowed the attacks by Turkey, who is implementing their policies.”


Şemali stated that the resistance displayed by YPG and YPJ forces made an impression in international public opinion and added: “The Turkish state stated that they would be entering Afrin in a couple of hours, but they have failed to advance at all, bumping up against a heroic resistance. This resistance will create great changes in the international arena and locally. Afrin will continue the political, military and social resistance.”


Şemali said the attacks against Afrin are a continuation of the conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan: “The Turkish state is experiencing the same disappointment in Afrin now that they experienced in their goal to smother the freedom struggle after the conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.”

Şemali also stressed that the ongoing resistance in Afrin is strengthening Kurdish national unity at the same time: “The Afrin Resistance showed the whole world how the conspiracies against the Kurdish people have been voided. The resistance in Afrin will clarify the way the international public views the Kurdish people.”