YPG fighter from the Netherlands loses his life

Dutch YPG fighter Sjoerd H, nom de guerre Baran Sason, has reportedly lost his life.

RTL Nieuws reported that YPG fighter from the Netherlands Sjoerd H, nom de guerre Baran Sason, lost his life in the explosion of a bomb-laden vehicle.

De Volkskrant newspaper said a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands has confirmed the death of Sason. According to the newspaper, Sason’s family did not ask for help from the Dutch Consulate.

In an interview with ANF on 29 May 2017, Sason stated that he came to Rojava to fight against enemies, to learn the Kurdish language and culture, and the 'Democratic Confederalism' project introduced by Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Sason was in Rojava for one year when he gave the interview to the ANF. He took part in the strategic campaign for Tabqa, and then the fourth phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates.

Regarding the operation for the liberation of ISIS stronghold Raqqa, Sason said: “Turkey will try to prevent us but we will go on Raqqa. It is a last phase for final defeat for DAESH (ISIS).”

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