26 Kurdish parties in Syria call for national unity

26 Kurdish parties from Syria draw attention to the AKP government's ambitions for great power and called on all forces of Kurdistan to meet without preconditions and to solve the existing problems through dialogue.

26 Kurdish parties from Syria called on in a joint appeal to all forces of Kurdistan to form a unity on issues of strategic importance.

A statement published by the parties today includes the following: "The Kurdish people are experiencing an intense period of historic importance in Syria and the whole region. After the occupation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and other areas in Northern Syria that took place under different pretexts, the AKP government wants to continue its attacks in order to occupy the area up to the border with Southern Kurdistan. The aim of the Turkish state is to destroy the hope of the Kurdish people for a legal recognition in Syria. The Turkish state's action is changing the demographic structure in the Kurdish region. In all discussions with the Syrian Government and representatives of other states, Turkey is pushing to destroy the justified developments of the Kurdish people in Syria.

The Kurdish people have responded positively to the calls for unity by the SDF Commandant's office. The hope of the people is being revived as a result.

We call on all Kurdish parties in Syria to meet without preconditions, discuss the existing problems and take responsibility for finding solutions. The attitude of the Kurds on issues of strategic importance must be united.

We call on all forces of Kurdistan, cultural institutions, media, faith communities, civil society organisations and the entire Kurdish people to fulfil their role in achieving Kurdish unity".

The undersigned parties

The call was signed by the following parties:

Partiya Pêşerojê ya Sûriyê, Partiya Yekitiya Demokratîk (PYD), Partiya Aştiya Demokratîk a Kurdistanê, Yekitiya Lîberal a Kurdistanê, Partiya Komînîst a Kurdistanê, Partiya Demokratîk a Kurdistanê ya Sûriyê, Partiiya Demokratîk a Kurdî ya Sûrî Partiya Çep a Kurdî li Sûriyê, Partiya Kombûna Nîştimanî ya Kurdistanê, Partiya Guhertin a Demokratîk a Kurdistanê, Tevgera Veguherandinê ya Kurdistanê, Yekitiya Kedkarên Kurdistanê, Partiya Kesk a Kurdistanê, Partiya Wîfaq a Demokratîk a Kurdî ya Sûriyê, Partia Yekitiya Demokratîk a Kurdî li Sûriyê (Yekitî), Tevgera Serastkirinê ya Sûriyê, Partiya Demokratîk a Kurdî li Sûriyê (El-Partî), Partiya Hevgirtin a Kurdistanê, Partiya Roj a Demokratîk a Kurdî li Sûriyê, Yekitiya Niştîmanî ya Azad a Rojava, Şepêla Pêşerojê ya Kurdistanê, Tevgera Civaka Demokratîk, Kongreya Star, Partiya Têkoşîn a Demokratîk and Partiya Gelêrî ya Kurdistanê.