ISIS cell neutralized by SDF and Internal Security Forces

SDF and Internal Security Forces have neutralized an ISIS cell that carried out 14 bomb attacks in Raqqa and Tabqa.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Internal Security Forces have captured several members of ISIS sleeper cells in their operations in North and East Syria after the territorial defeat of the terrorist organization in the Baghouz town in Deir ez-Zor region in March 2019.

The latest ISIS cell neutralized by the security forces consists of 6 members and is led by a so-called leader named Ebdulrehman Elî El-Salih (Ebû Mihemed).

The targeted ISIS cell was confirmed to have carried out 14 separate attacks that targeted people, SDF and Internal Security Forces in Tabqa and Raqqa.

Members of the cell had shot and critically wounded Sheikh Ebdulrehman El-Mudhî Ebû Mihemed El-Idwanî from the Tabqa Tribes Reconciliation Council on April 24.

The leader of the group, Ebdulrehman Elî El-Salih, has made confessions on their plannings as well as how they supplied explosives and weapons.