DEM Party election victory celebrated in many cities

The people of Van, Ağrı, Siirt, Muş, Erzurum celebrated the election victory of the DEM Party.

The Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) started election celebrations in the cities where it won the local elections yesterday.


Thousands of people flocked to Musa Anter Peace Park where the victory was celebrated today.

DEM Party Provincial Co-Chair Gülşen Kurt said, "We bow a thousand times in front of the people of Van who made history by winning all the 14 municipalities. Van gave a strong response by saving its city from the usurpation of the trustees."

DBP Party Provincial Co-Chair Harun Okay said, "You made history in Turkey. The victory you achieved showed that you will not back down in this struggle. This people have now put an end to the trustee system forever."

Neslihan Şedal, Co-Mayor of Van Metropolitan Municipality, said: "This success is the success of those who say 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadî', women, youth and our mothers. From today onwards, we expect more support from you. We need to clean this city from the garbage dump of the trustees."

"This square will not allow trustees to be appointed again," said Abdullah Zeydan, Co-Mayor of Van Metropolitan Municipality: "Our people have claimed their will and paved the way for social peace. We will solve the accumulated problems of the city together day and night in a way worthy of our people. We thank the people of Van a thousand times. We promise we will protect your honour."

After the celebrations, artist Kadir Çat gave a concert.


Party members gathered in front of DEM Party Ağrı Provincial Organisation building and marched to Tahir Elçi Street together with the people.

Ağrı Co-Mayor Mehmet Akkuş said, "You have rewritten a history. You gave the necessary answer to those who ignored you."

Hazal Aras, Co-Mayor of Ağrı Municipality, said, "Despite all the injustice and persecution, you made history as a people. Ağrı defended its will, defended its honour".

DEM Party MP Heval Bozdağ said, "This municipality belongs to all of us, there is no discrimination", while MP Sırrı Sakık stated that Ağrı was on everyone's agenda and added, "People who did not belong to this city wanted to come and usurp the will of this city".


Celebrations were also held in Siirt in the Newroz area. Party members, including co-mayors Sofya Alağaş and Mehmet Kaysi, marched from the provincial building to the Newroz area. People in the neighbourhood also participated in the enthusiastic march.

Sofya Alağaş said that AKP has become a "signboard party" in Siirt.

Mehmet Kaysi promised to make the municipality a "people's municipality".

DEM Party MP Sebahat Sarıtaş Erdoğan said that the people responded to "dirty policies". Sebahat Sarıtaş Erdoğan sent greetings to the prisoners on hunger strike and said "Your power will break the isolation of Mr Öcalan. We will dedicate this enthusiasm and power of Siirt to 4 April".


Hundreds of people gathered in the Malazgirt district of Muş and danced. Celebrations have been going on in the city since yesterday evening. Today, people gathered in front of the party building for the celebrations. Co-mayors Gülistan Özel and Ahmet Kenan Türker described the success as "the will and victory of the people".


The DEM Party started celebrations in the Karayazı district of Erzurum, where it won again. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the party building. Co-mayor Bahar Göksu said, "We owe our existence and victory to you." Co-mayor Fuat Tutkun stated that they won the elections although they did not compete under equal conditions.