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18:56 NEWS 26 cooperation agreements signed between Turkey and Iraq
18:18 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS YRA salutes Kurdish Journalism Day
17:46 WOMEN Sara Women's Movement in Sweden holds congress
16:59 KURDISTAN Tevgera Azadi: Every honourable Kurd should oppose the Turkish occupation plan
16:18 NEWS Erdoğan meets with Iraqi officials in Baghdad after 12 years
15:41 KURDISTAN Kurdish artists in Europe: Today is the day to unite and resist
15:06 KURDISTAN Turkish army shells rural areas in Bagok
14:00 NEWS Banner in solidarity with Kurdish guerrillas displayed during a football match in Italy
13:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Parties and NGOs in North-East Syria call for action against Turkish invasion attacks
12:02 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to guerrilla Xebat Turkmen
11:13 NEWS People's Bridge: Let’s unite and defend Kurdistan
10:34 NEWS KCDK-E calls for protests against Turkish invasion of Metina
09:55 NEWS KNK General Assembly: Now is the time for unity!
09:12 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Today is Kurdish Journalism Day
08:33 KURDISTAN HPG: Three Turkish soldiers killed in Metina
07:50 KURDISTAN Kalkan: Tayyip Erdoğan administration creates problems wherever it goes
18:49 KURDISTAN Governor of Sulaymaniyah: Kurds are part of the solution, not the problems
18:03 KURDISTAN KCK: Erdoğan’s aim is legitimization of occupation and new attacks
17:26 KURDISTAN KNK: We will not allow occupation in Kurdistan
16:49 KURDISTAN Kurdish teacher sentenced to ten years in prison in Iran
15:59 KURDISTAN KNK calls for national unity against occupation
14:38 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish army wants to expand the invasion operation in Metina step by step
13:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA 40 suspects apprehended in joint Security Operation in Heseke
12:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Urfa face punishment for their participation in the freedom for Öcalan protest
11:13 NEWS Youth organizations hold conference in Basel
10:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA 27-year-old civilian shot dead by Turkish occupation forces in Ain Issa
09:55 KURDISTAN Turkish army launches military operation on Metina
09:12 CULTURE Short version of Lêgerîn Magazine available to download
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Osman: Turkish regime deeply fears the power of women, that's why they attack us
07:50 FEATURES Nuha Ömer: We will send 3 million 699 thousand signatures for Abdullah Öcalan
18:53 NEWS Adem Uzun calls for a Kurdistan National Unity conference
17:24 KURDISTAN Bawer Deyndar, the selfless commander of the Cîloya Biçûk resistance
16:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Villages in Manbij under attack
15:49 NEWS Bakırhan: DEM Party has determined the election results and the course of the future in Turkey
15:00 NEWS Kartal: Abdullah Öcalan's ideas can solve the Middle East crisis
14:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Detention of three Kurdish men in Iran extended amid fears of death penalty
13:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Dozens of ISIS suspects captured in Heseke
12:58 NEWS 22nd interim meeting of the KNK starts
12:02 NEWS Arnott: Abdulah Öcalan is the key to peace
11:13 HUMAN RIGHTS Rozerin Kalkan's release postponed for 11 months for letters exposing violations in prison
10:34 NEWS Hashd al-Shaabi base in Iraq targeted
09:55 NEWS Ex officio investigation against Mardin Metropolitan Municipality
09:12 NEWS Scottish Trades Union Congress passes motion calling for Öcalan's freedom
08:33 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to guerrilla Berjîn Canda
07:50 FEATURES Wilson: Abdullah Öcalan presents a model
19:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR: 28 killed in two separate attacks by ISIS in Syrian desert
18:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF and International Coalition hold meeting with tribal leaders and dignitaries in Deir ez-Zor
18:18 HUMAN RIGHTS Demo in front of the Serbian Consulate in Zurich demands “Freedom for Ecevit Piroğlu”
17:32 WOMEN Halime, hold on!
16:04 KURDISTAN Another mass grave of Yazidis found in Shengal