Latest News

19:30 News Parties from Russia and Chile in solidarity with HDP
19:00 News Zurich and Bern protest AKP's appointment of trustees
18:30 Kurdistan Vengeance Unit retaliates police brutality in Van
18:00 News Kurds in Bremen protest AKP's seizure of 3 HDP-run municipalities
17:30 News Prosecutor investigates schizophrenia sufferer's “ties to terror”
17:00 News TIP MP Atay protests CHP leader on protests for municipalities
16:30 News KCDK-E announces protest calendar against trustee fascism
16:00 News Turkey-Russia-Iran triple summit to be held on September 16
15:30 News HDP MPs re-start sit-in in Amed
15:00 News Parliamentary question by Dutch parties on usurped municipalities
14:30 News HDP and DTK Co-chairs stopped on the way to Van
14:00 Features #Riseup4Rojava in solidarity with the anti-fascist resistance
13:30 News 4th day of resistance in Amed: We reject the invasion logic
13:00 News Turkish regime confiscates neighborhood offices: 4 more trustees
12:30 News Police attacks and detains lawyers for municipalities in İzmir
12:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Teachers protest Turkish threats in Kobanê and Serêkaniyê
11:30 News ISIS attack on Iraqi soldiers in Xanaqin results in casualties
11:11 News HDP group starts sit-in action in Amed
10:46 News Hashtag campaign today at 5.30 pm
10:16 News 15 activists detained in Sweden in protest against Iranian regime
09:45 News US statement on trustees: We are concerned
09:16 News Third day of protest in Cologne against the AKP
08:46 News Trustees decision protested in Russia
08:15 News Protest in Marseille against AKP-MHP appointment of trustees
07:46 News Kurds in Sydney protest seizure of HDP- run municipalities
20:00 News Trustees discussed in Swedish Parliament
19:30 News Syriacs in Sweden call on the EU to stop negotiations with Turkey
19:00 Kurdistan Another kolbar killed by Iranian forces in East Kurdistan
18:30 News Komalen Ciwan calls for uninterrupted action
18:00 News Vengeance Unit claims responsibility for sabotage in Urfa
17:30 News French Socialist Party condemns the seizure of HDP municipalities
17:00 News Lawyers in Amed protest the seizure of HDP municipalities
16:30 News TEV-DEM's Xelil appeals on France to prevent Turkish occupation
16:00 News Police prevents march in Van: Sit-in launched
15:30 News EH Bildu expresses solidarity with HDP
15:00 News Third day in Amed protests: Detentions and injuries
14:30 News Resistance in Amed continues amid police violence and attacks
14:00 Women YPJ martyr Anna Campbell dedicated a street in Bilbao
13:40 News Vengeance Unit claims responsibility for sabotage in Nusaybin
13:20 Freedom of the Press “AKP detained journalists to hide the truth”
13:00 News Arrest warrant against artist Ferhat Tunc
12:30 News German politicians criticise AKP's appointment of trustees
12:00 News Police closes off roads against people mobilizing in Amed
11:40 News Governor of Van dismisses municipal employees, seizes the council
11:16 News Kurdish women take over the Freedom for Öcalan Vigil
10:45 News International Action Days by Riseup4Rojava in September
10:16 News PSOL of Brazil condemns dismissal of HDP co-mayors
09:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish army and mercenaries plundering historical sites in Afrin
09:13 News HDP's Temelli: The government should revert its decision
08:45 News Human Rights Watch: The AKP violated voters' rights