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18:33 WOMEN Socialist youth activist Berfin Polat imprisoned in Istanbul
17:29 KURDISTAN HPG: Seven Turkish soldiers were killed in Zap
16:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces bomb a forest area and a village in Sherawa, Afrin
15:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Demo in Kobanê demands “Freedom for Öcalan”
14:59 FEATURES Paths to a stateless world democracy discussed at the "New World Embassy: Kurdistan” in Lausanne
13:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR: Turkish border guards killed and injured nearly 65 Syrians since early 2023
12:53 KURDISTAN Three kolbars injured in attacks by Iranian forces
12:02 WOMEN Silgir calls on women to support the TJA campaign in Urfa
11:16 KURDISTAN In memory of Martyr Zilan Afrin
10:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Human Rights Association exposes situation of ill prisoners Erol and Demirtaş
09:55 KURDISTAN Bayık calls on the KDP to stop acting as an agent for Ankara
09:12 NEWS Activists in Mulhouse and Stuttgart condemn KDP betrayal
08:33 WOMEN Gökkan: I am in prison because I am a Kurdish woman
07:50 FEATURES Karasu: Effects of 12 September 1980 military coup still very big
18:33 NEWS Civil disobedience action in Paris calls for international action for Öcalan
17:51 NEWS Kurds protest the Turkish state and the KDP in Melbourne
16:55 NEWS "New World Embassy: Kurdistan" event kicks off in Lausanne
15:19 KURDISTAN 11 more Turkish soldiers killed in ongoing guerrilla resistance against the Turkish army
14:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three civilians kidnapped in Turkish-occupied Afrin
13:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Saturday Mothers attacked and detained again on the 965th week of action
12:23 NEWS How the Kurds are politically oppressed in Germany
12:01 CULTURE 'The Art of Freedom' conference to be held in November
11:16 NEWS Internationalist Konstantin Gedik to be commemorated in Kiel
10:34 CULTURE "Heart of the East" exhibition opens in Berlin
09:55 ECOLOGY Ecology Film Days kick off in Amed
09:12 KURDISTAN Thousands attend funeral of KNK representative Bülbün
08:33 FEATURES Kurdistan is establishing its own 'embassy' in Lausanne
07:50 FEATURES Karasu: The behaviour of the KDP amounts to betrayal
18:44 HUMAN RIGHTS UN urges Iran to repeal the hijab bill
17:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA 3 Turkish soldiers and 7 allied mercenaries killed in actions by Til Temir Military Council
16:25 KURDISTAN 12 Turkish soldiers killed in actions of revenge by the guerrillas
15:18 ECOLOGY Ecocide in Northern Kurdistan continues
13:09 NEWS Mehmet Dizin taken into extradition custody in Italy
12:20 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV shares footage of the helicopter hit in Girê Cûdî Resistance Area
11:49 NEWS Peri Municipality co-mayor released
11:08 NEWS Police take three people into custody in Istanbul
10:34 NEWS Kurds in Graz condemn killing of KNK South Kurdistan Representative
09:55 KURDISTAN Family of Deniz Bülbün given his remains
09:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Anti-Terrorist Forces capture 3 mercenaries in Deir ez-Zor
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Child killed during clashes between Damascus forces and Difa al-Watani mercenaries in Hesekê
07:50 FEATURES Karasu: The history of humanity is the struggle of women
19:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA 5 killed in successful retaliation operation in Manbij countryside
18:23 KURDISTAN HPG: Nine soldiers were killed in guerrilla resistance against Turkish occupation
17:45 KURDISTAN Green Left Party delegation visits village under military siege for two months
16:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish drone attack injures a civilian in Ain Issa
15:55 WOMEN KJK calls for the expansion of struggle against Turkish fascism and KDP treason
14:38 NEWS 22 people detained in Antalya for remembering revolutionary leaders in Turkey
13:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Woman murdered in Turkish-occupied Afrin
13:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Female prisoners tortured in Patnos transferred to other prisons
12:27 CULTURE Jina Amini and 'Jin Jiyan Azadi' uprising nominated for Sakharov Prize