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20:58 WOMEN More than a thousand cases of violence against women in South Kurdistan
18:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Families asking for the bodies of fallen guerrillas on day 55 of protest at Sêmalka
17:12 KURDISTAN HPG guerrilla Botan Malazgirt martyred in Gare
16:33 NEWS 19 detained during anti-government protest in Ankara
15:57 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD Co-Chair: There is a search for justice all over the country
15:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Necah Gulo: We will avenge our children and prosecute their murderers
14:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Civilian from Afrin tortured to death in prison
13:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mercenaries in occupied Girê Spî kidnap two civilians and hand them over to Turkish intelligence
12:39 NEWS Police raid house of journalist Turgut in Batman and threaten children with guns
12:17 NEWS Family and lawyers pay tribute to Tahir Elçi at Four-Legged minaret
11:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two women and two young children killed in car explosion in Manbij
11:22 NEWS Şenyaşar family pays tribute to lawyer Tahir Elçi
11:03 NEWS Children of Fire Initiative says that they carried out actions in four cities
10:42 NEWS French activist Jan: Kurds represent the new world
10:14 FEATURES Six years ago today, lawyer Tahir Elçi was murdered in Amed
09:52 NEWS ISIS mercenaries carry out attack in Sulaymaniyah: 5 peshmerga dead, 4 injured
09:23 NEWS Solidarity with María, expelled from Germany for her work with Kurdish Freedom Movement
08:51 NEWS Activists in Heilbronn celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of the PKK
08:22 HUMAN RIGHTS Activists in Ankara and Istanbul demand to release ill prisoners
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army and its mercenaries interrupt water flow of Alouk station
20:10 NEWS Thousands of Kurds and friends say 'lift the ban on PKK' in Berlin
19:05 NEWS Over 1,800 Iraqi nationals brought back from Belarus
18:18 NEWS Mesopotamia Freedom Party: We stand by the PKK
17:44 KURDISTAN PJAK: PKK is the model of the Freedom Struggle
16:10 CULTURE New song and clip for the anniversary of the founding of PKK
15:37 NEWS International support for PKK: The real terrorist is the Turkish state
15:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: Eight Turkish-backed mercenaries were killed in clashes in Ain Issa
14:25 NEWS Thousands demonstrate against the PKK ban in Berlin
14:01 KURDISTAN Guerrillas hit Turkish forces to mark the PKK anniversary
13:32 KURDISTAN Guerrillas celebrate PKK founding anniversary in Qandil
12:58 NEWS Germany deports Spanish activist, citing a link with the Kurds
12:24 WOMEN YJA Star: A free future is only possible by defending the PKK and its Leader!
11:52 FEATURES Australian politicians demand removal of PKK from list of terrorist organisations
11:23 NEWS 120 French personalities call on US President Biden to remove PKK from terrorist organisations list
10:56 NEWS Young activists in Europe open celebrations for 43rd anniversary of the PKK's establishment
10:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ehmed Gulo: The existence of the PKK means the existence of Kurds
09:57 NEWS İsmail Parmaksız: 'The PKK was a source of hope for us'
09:13 NEWS Police take many into custody in Kızıltepe and Mazıdağı
08:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Jazira Canton Lawyers Union visits martyr's families at Semalka Border Gate
08:11 NEWS Women's delegation meets MEP Özlem Alev Demirel in Duisburg
07:49 NEWS Coalition Against Chemical Weapons in Kurdistan demands investigation
20:54 HUMAN RIGHTS Sick prisoner from Rojava died in Turkish custody
19:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD celebrates PKK’s foundation, calls for its removal from the 'terror list'
18:24 NEWS Leyla Güven sentenced to 5 years in prison
17:59 NEWS Osman Kavala remains in prison
16:49 KURDISTAN 'We will defeat the enemy in the spirit of November 27'
16:13 NEWS PKK and PAJK prisoners: 44th year will be the year of our Leader's freedom
15:38 NEWS Families of Imrali prisoners submit visitation request
15:04 NEWS TKP-ML celebrates PKK’s foundation anniversary
13:42 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers turn to international institutions for Öcalan