Latest News

20:03 NEWS DBP Co-Chair Keskin Bayındır released from prison
19:31 NEWS Activists at Geneva vigil demand “Freedom for Öcalan”
18:06 NEWS KCDK-E calls for mobilization for Newroz in Frankfurt
17:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD: Afrin should be declared a demilitarized humanitarian zone
16:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Farewell to fallen YAT members in Hesekê
15:57 NEWS Co-Chair of German SPD party visits HDP in Ankara
15:09 NEWS Labour and Freedom Alliance will not field a presidential candidate
14:19 NEWS Kurds celebrate Newroz in Britain
13:38 NEWS Kurdish teen brutally beaten and thrown into a swamp by the police
12:56 WOMEN Agricultural cooperatives develop with women in North-East Syria
12:28 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist Nûjiyan Erhan killed by KDP mercenaries commemorated in Shengal
11:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish-linked mercenaries kidnap citizen in Girê Spî
10:48 NEWS Earthquake survivor says aid only came from people
10:19 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist Bayram remanded in custody
09:52 NEWS Memorial for martyrs Ronahî and Berîvan in Mannheim
09:52 HUMAN RIGHTS Another political prisoner dies because of the AKP-MHP policies
09:23 NEWS Kurds celebrate Newroz in Damascus
08:51 NEWS Constitutional Court rejects HDP's application demanding postponement of closure case
08:22 KURDISTAN Tevgera Azadî: "We will get rid of the Lausanne Treaty and free Kurdistan"
07:49 NEWS French politician Melanchon: I hope the next elections will benefit all of the peoples of Turkey
18:53 KURDISTAN Newroz in Amed: “Freedom for Öcalan”
18:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Remains of fallen YAT members transferred to Rojava
17:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD Co-Chair: 2023 will be the year of victory and liberation for the occupied lands
16:53 KURDISTAN Bayık: The Lausanne alliance must be broken
15:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Foza Yûsif: We will break the Imrali system and liberate the occupied areas
14:44 KURDISTAN First Newroz fire in Rojhilat lit by the grave of Jina Mahsa Amini
14:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Kobanê celebrate Newroz
13:36 KURDISTAN Shengal Autonomous Administration celebrates Newroz
12:30 KURDISTAN Final Newroz event kicks off in Amed
11:58 NEWS Peace in Kurdistan Campaign sends solidarity greetings to Kurds on Newroz day
11:16 KURDISTAN Thousands of people attend Newroz celebrations in Qandil region
10:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey killed 4 Kurds who wanted to celebrate Newroz in Jindirês
10:19 NEWS Kurds in Stuttgart celebrate Newroz
09:52 NEWS Many taken into custody in Antalya
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Thousands of people lit the fire of Newroz in Rojava
08:51 NEWS Thousands on their way to Newroz celebration in Amed
08:22 NEWS Newroz celebrations in many European cities
07:49 FEATURES Newroz, a story of resistance against tyranny
07:05 NEWS Police take many into custody ahead of Newroz celebrations
19:13 NEWS Kılıçdaroğlu meets HDP co-chairs in Ankara
18:16 KURDISTAN HPG: One soldier killed after Turkish attack on guerrilla positions
17:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mothers of martyrs light Newroz fire in Manbij
16:59 KURDISTAN HBDH guerrilla calls for struggle against contemporary Dehaks
16:21 KURDISTAN KNK urges Kurds to strengthen national unity on Newroz
15:37 NEWS Iraq to hold provincial elections on November 6
14:29 HUMAN RIGHTS Iran sentences Kurdish teacher to jail, additional penalties
13:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA ‘People of Rojava never gave up on Newroz and turned it into a day of resistance’
12:58 CULTURE Koma Cûdî releases new album dedicated to Öcalan
12:28 NEWS Presidential candidate Kılıçdaroğlu visits HDP
11:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Euphrates Region executives call on everyone to attend Newroz celebration in Kobanê