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07:49 NEWS HDP to unveil new roadmap next week
19:59 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing guerrilla actions and Turkish occupation attacks
19:23 KURDISTAN Flooding hits Tuşba, causing material damage
18:49 KURDISTAN Women from Şırnak: “Hands off our land”
16:19 KURDISTAN Civilian injured in Turkish attack on Metina
15:36 NEWS Gültan Kışanak: We will rebuild local democracy in response to attacks
14:40 HUMAN RIGHTS Saturday Mothers: “Leave the Galatasaray Square you have occupied!”
13:57 CULTURE Kurds and their friends meet at the Culture Festival in the Netherlands
13:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG denies Turkish Defense Ministry reports
12:50 WOMEN Jineology in the high school curriculum in North-East Syria
12:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey continues to reduce water supplies to Northern and Eastern Syria
11:48 NEWS Federation of Alevi Foundations says it will use 73 'cemevi' for students' accomodation
11:19 WOMEN Kurdish author and human rights lawyer Burhan Sönmez is the new president of PEN International
10:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syriac Military Council Spokesperson: We will liberate Turkish and mercenary-occupied areas
10:21 HUMAN RIGHTS No place for disabled boy in Van courthouse!
09:52 WOMEN Zapatista and Kurdish women meet in Frankfurt
09:23 NEWS Panel on Kurdistan: Self-Determination, Freedom and Democracy at Labour Party Conference
08:51 NEWS DEM-NED calls on Kurds and friends to attend International Kurdish Culture Festival
08:22 FEATURES Fractured History, Colorful Lives - A review of the graphic novel 'Turkish Kaleidoscope'
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ain Issa People: The Turkish state has no place here!
21:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA The invading Turkish state bombs the village of Eyn Deqnê in Shehba
19:08 WOMEN Joint call from the '100 reasons' campaign panel: “Erdogan should be put on trial”
17:35 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration delegation visits Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
16:56 HUMAN RIGHTS 200 lawyers join the Justice Vigil of Şenyaşar family on day 200
16:21 NEWS Family of Deniz Poyraz says police helped the murderer
15:36 WOMEN 'Women can establish a free life only through national unity'
15:01 WOMEN Peace Mothers call on Kurdish parties to defend Kurdistan
14:27 HUMAN RIGHTS Police seize banners of Şenyaşar family before press statement with lawyers
13:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces kidnap three civilians in Afrin
13:21 HUMAN RIGHTS Hundreds of lawyers stand with Şenyaşar family on day 200 of vigil for justice
12:49 KURDISTAN HPG publishes identities of three guerrillas martyred in Turkish chemical attack
12:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey continues to change the demographic structure in Afrin
11:48 NEWS Four-week “Freedom for Öcalan” camp in Strasbourg begins on 2 October
11:19 CULTURE US hands back Gilgamesh Dream Tablet to Iraq
10:50 NEWS HDP expresses solidarity with 'We can't shelter' campaign launched by students
10:21 HUMAN RIGHTS Şenyaşar family: 200 days demanding justice
09:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish artillery targets villages in Afrin-Sherawa and Ain Issa regions
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Two kolbars killed in Turkish air strike laid to rest
08:51 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS 40th ban for Jinnews agency
08:22 NEWS Revolutionary Youth Movement expresses solidarity for members of Greek groups K*VOX and Rouvikonas
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Dr. Mistefa: People must comply with coronavirus curfew and measures taken
21:01 ECOLOGY Ecological destruction in Kurdistan will be protested on Global Climate Day
20:33 WOMEN TJA activist Bilgin sentenced to 9 years in prison
19:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA One-week lockdown declared in Cizire Region
19:29 NEWS Activists on vigil in front of UN pay tribute to PKK member slain in Sulaymaniyah
18:52 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS MA editor faces investigation over the “helicopter torture” report
18:18 NEWS Tuncel: We will build a democratic republic against racist mentality
17:41 KURDISTAN Guerrillas hit Turkish attack helicopter in Zap
16:43 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF releases balance sheet of Turkish assault on Dibis village
16:16 HUMAN RIGHTS PKK-PAJK Prison Committees commemorate prisoners murdered 25 years ago