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16:00 Women 31 women murdered in Turkey in November
15:30 Kurdistan Sur: The longest curfew in history still on
15:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Erdogan’s gangs violently murder civilian for ransom
14:30 Kurdistan New phase in the plan to invade Southern Kurdistan
13:45 Kurdistan HPG reports Turkish airstrikes in southern Kurdistan
13:15 News Syriacs support the hunger strike in Stockholm
12:45 Rojava-Northern Syria From the Sultan Murad Brigade to the Afrin resistance
12:20 News Danish MP: Öcalan should be free
11:45 Human Rights 10.000 rights violations in the Kurdistan Region in 10 months
11:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Health care in the Avrîn hospital in Shehba despite embargo
10:30 News Hunger strike in Berlin on day 5
10:00 Women Women in Van on hunger strike against isolation
09:45 News Prison sentences for HDP former MPs Birlik and Baydemir
09:30 News Hunger strike in Marseille on day 5
09:15 News 12 people detained in political genocide operations in Ankara
09:00 Culture Mesopotamia Cultural Centre celebrated its 27th anniversary
08:45 Women Women start a 3-day hunger strike in Amed against isolation
08:20 Women Women go on hunger strike in Aleppo
08:00 News French Communist Party in solidarity with hunger strikes
07:30 News Solidarity hunger strike in Cologne continues
20:15 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF fighters free 200 civilians from ISIS in Hajin
19:30 Kurdistan Kurdish filmmaker burned to death buried in Rojhilat
18:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Mine explosion in Shehba kills 13-year-old from Afrin
17:20 News Hunger strike and demo against the isolation of Öcalan in Vienna
16:55 Rojava-Northern Syria MSD: Dialogue and peace are only the way to solution for Syria
16:10 News HDP’s Temelli: Local elections will mark the end of fascism
15:45 News Kurds in Turin say no to isolation
15:20 News Swedish MP visited hunger strikers in Stockholm
14:55 News Tahir Elçi remembered in Perugia
14:30 News Hunger strike in Athens on day 4
14:00 News Hunger strike against the isolation of Öcalan in Graz
13:30 News French YPG fighter Farid Medjahed laid to rest in Marseille
12:30 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG: Four Turkish-backed mercenaries killed in Afrin
12:00 News 47 HDP people detained in Urfa
11:30 Women Kurdish women’s movement discussed in Paris
11:00 News New group of activists takes over the hunger strike in Stuttgart
10:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Young people marched for Öcalan in Girê Spî
10:00 News HDP executive arrested in Mersin
09:30 News KONGRA GEL calls on people to step up resistance
09:00 News Solidarity hunger strike in Copenhagen
08:30 News Kurds in Britain on hunger strike in London
08:00 Culture Film on disappeared people on Turkey awarded
07:30 Human Rights Saturday Mothers: We won’t give up our search for justice
14:30 News Former HDP MP Demirel: We are going on a hunger strike
14:00 News Swedish MP: International public opinion needed against isolation
13:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Young women march against the isolation
13:15 News French Left Party supports hunger strikes
12:45 News PES congress points to isolation against Öcalan
12:15 Culture Kurdish publications banned in Van Book Fair
12:00 News 3rd day of hunger strike in Stockholm