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16:00 Rojava Turkish occupation: torture and abductions in Afrin
15:30 Rojava Victims of Turkish attack remembered in Qereçox
15:15 News Iran reacts to new Trump-Macron pact
14:30 News Kartal: “Demonstrations supporting Leader Apo should grow”
14:00 News KNK: “There must be recognition for the Armenian Genocide”
13:00 Kurdistan KCK: We'll push back the anti-Kurdish, fascist AKP-MHP government
11:35 Kurdistan Turkish jets shell Qandil
11:30 News Hunger strikes for Öcalan continue in Europe
10:50 Kurdistan Workers’ protests continue on day 10 in Rojhilat
10:40 Kurdistan Two female TİKKO members lose their lives
10:30 News ISIS attack in Kirkuk and Diyala
10:15 Freedom of the Press Turkey continues to lead the worldwide decline in press freedom
10:00 Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan Elections High Council officer killed
09:35 News New party born in Raqqa
09:00 Kurdistan Kurdish votes are the target
00:50 News HDP’s Kürkçü: PACE should keep an eye on the elections in Turkey
00:30 News Hunger strike for Öcalan in Hannover
00:25 News Racist attack against Kurdish student in Uludağ University
00:20 News Attempts to flout the elections ban with the Solingen excuse
00:10 Kurdistan DTK: “Yesterday Armenians, today Kurds”
00:05 News Police disturbed by Armenian Genocide commemoration
00:00 News HDP MP: Armenian Genocide hasn’t been confronted in 103 years
20:00 Kurdistan Middle East: A complex scenario
19:00 Human Rights Hundreds of children in Turkish jails
17:00 Human Rights Dozens associations on hunger strike in Europe
14:35 Kurdistan HPG: “Invaders hit in Hakkari and Lêlîkan”
14:15 Kurdistan Call for action against Kurdish prisoner Penahî’s execution
13:16 News Kışanak’s message for Özgürlükçü Demokrasi
13:11 News Kurdish youth in compulsory military service being killed
12:59 News Önder: “We will have great success in the elections”
11:44 News MÖP: “The Turkish state has been committing crimes since 1915”
11:41 Kurdistan Attack against Goran election offices
11:39 News Hunger strike starts in Germany
00:00 News Crisis in Armenia deepens
16:15 Women Women of Kobanê protest against Turkey’s attacks and isolation
15:45 Kurdistan HDP elections campaign begins in Cizre
15:00 Kurdistan Guerrillas hit Turkish emplacements in southern Kurdistan
14:00 Rojava 15 people, including 6 Ezidis, kidnapped in Afrin
12:00 News Drought depopulates villages in Central Iran
11:50 Women Two women kidnapped in Afrin missing for twelve days
11:30 Women Commemoration for Alina Sanchez and Anna Campbell in Rojava
11:00 Kurdistan Call for Global Sur and Hasankeyf Action Day
10:20 Rojava Children of Afrin start education after three months
10:10 Kurdistan University students in solidarity with the boycott in Rojhilat
10:00 Rojava Turkish-backed gangs and families settled in Afrin
01:20 News HDP: We are ready for the elections
01:10 Women French women delegation visits Women’s Village in Rojava
01:00 Kurdistan Ezidi Democracy and Freedom Party presents elections program
00:50 Women Remembering internationalist Helin of the YPJ
00:40 Rojava Report: The invasion plan aims to return to Misak-i Milli borders