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18:15 News Güven and Yağız call for resistance until isolation ends
16:55 News Strasbourg rally against isolation commended the resistance
15:50 Women Women in Armenia promoted conference on Abdullah Öcalan
15:25 News Australian senator tabled a motion to parliament for Güven
15:10 News French MPs issue call for Rojava and hunger strikes
14:40 News Two more prisoners go on indefinite hunger strike
14:25 Human Rights Saturday Mothers met for the 725th week in Istanbul
14:00 Kurdistan KDP and PUK agree on Governorate and Government
13:45 News Long March for Öcalan in south France on day 3
13:30 News 11 people detained in Bursa
13:25 News Rome to protest the international conspiracy against Öcalan
13:10 Rojava-Northern Syria The joy of Yazidi women after their liberation from ISIS
12:55 News March for freedom in Strasbourg: Isolation will be broken!
12:25 Freedom of the Press Kurdish journalist sentenced to three years imprisonment
12:10 News Kurdish hunger strikes on Federal German Parliament’s agenda
11:55 Women Saturday Mother Meryem Baskın passes away
11:25 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF Commander: We will give the good news soon - UPDATED
11:20 News Tens of thousands gather in Strasbourg to rally for Öcalan
10:40 News International conspiracy against Öcalan protested in Sydney
10:10 News Ögmundur Jónasson: We want to be the voice of Leyla Güven
09:50 Rojava-Northern Syria “Ocalan’s ideas liberate the peoples in the Middle East"
09:30 Culture Irish artist Fitzpatrick painted a portrait of Abdullah Öcalan
09:15 News Protest for Ocalan outside Turkish embassy in Bolivia
09:00 Features The International Conspiracy in Abdullah Öcalan’s words
21:15 News Argentina: Freedom for Öcalan, solidarity with Leyla Güven
20:45 News Brazilian Left Front in solidarity with Leyla Güven
20:00 News Police attacked the Long March for Ocalan in Wales
19:40 News Internationalists call for revolutionary struggle against fascism
18:45 News Yazidi women to join the rally against isolation in Strasbourg
18:20 Rojava-Northern Syria Tens of thousands from Afrin and Shehba protested the conspiracy
17:50 News Long march for Ocalan in southern France on day two
17:30 News Sarıyıldız: Kurds have been living under siege for 20 years
17:10 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF liberates northern part of Upper Baghouz village
17:00 Kurdistan "No matter what the cost, our action will continue and succeed"
16:30 News Rally after long marches merged in Strasbourg
16:00 News Internationalists met hunger strikers in Strasbourg 
15:45 News HDP Ağrı Co-mayoral candidate jailed
15:30 News Long marches arrived in Strasbourg
15:15 News HDP, DTK, HDK and DBP call for an end to the isolation of Öcalan
15:00 Human Rights German human rights organizations: CPT must go to Imralı urgently
14:40 News Why are the internationalists marching for Ocalan?
14:00 News “Germany exports weapons to Turkey, imports bans from there”
13:30 Kurdistan Hunger strike in Hewler on day 87
13:05 Kurdistan Guerrillas: We will continue our struggle until Ocalan is free
12:45 News US issues warning for Turkey: Reconsider travel plans!
12:30 News Leyla Guven: My body won’t give up before I do
12:10 News Conference on Ocalan starts in the House of Lords
11:45 Rojava-Northern Syria ISIS uses civilians as human shields
11:30 News International Peace Delegation: Güven’s resistance will triumph
11:15 News Internationalist march to Strasbourg continues