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18:00 NEWS Vengeance Units carry out actions in Istanbul and İzmir
17:27 HUMAN RIGHTS Demo against Turkish war crimes in front of OPCW
16:54 NEWS Suspended co-mayor of usurped Diyarbakır Municipality jailed
16:22 NEWS Joint declaration by five Parliaments against Turkish incursion
15:55 HUMAN RIGHTS UN: Nearly 180,000 people displaced in northeast Syria
15:33 NEWS KURD-AKAD campaign for Rojava against Turkish invasion
15:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA Snipers shoot civilians in Serekaniye
14:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF balance sheet: Attacks continued, 15 mercenaries killed
14:17 NEWS Öcalan's lawyers apply to visit Imralı
13:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish aerial attack kills a fighter, injures 3 others in Zirgan
13:30 NEWS Mesopotamia Beliefs Platform: Join demo in Brussels on Wednesday
13:00 NEWS Freedom for Öcalan Vigil reached week 383
12:30 NEWS European Parliament to meet on Wed to discuss sanctions on Turkey
12:00 NEWS Protests against Turkey in Rome, Marseille, Montpellier
11:30 NEWS Trustees appointed to 4 HDP-run city councils
11:00 NEWS HDP Mazıdağı province co-chair detained
10:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Foza Yusif: Turkey used napalm and phosphorous against civilians
10:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA West of Girê Spî attacked by Turkey, clashes in the region
09:30 NEWS Activists targeted Lockheed Martin to support Rojava
09:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ceremony in Hesekê to bid farewell to 8 SDF fighters
08:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Five SDF fighters laid to rest in Kobanê
08:00 NEWS Action in front of the Russian consulate
07:30 NEWS Unionists tried to stop abortion law to apply to the North
23:15 NEWS Pompeo: We are ready for military action if needed
21:10 NEWS 12 people detained amid a curfew in Derik, Mardin
20:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 10 invaders killed in Afrin
20:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish armored vehicle destroyed in a village of Serekaniye
20:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF's Xelil: Turkish army violated the ceasefire 37 times
16:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF retaliates against Turkish attack on a village of Serekaniye
16:00 KURDISTAN HPG: 21 Turkish soldiers killed in Serhat and Garzan
15:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack the village of Mishrafa in Serekaniye
15:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Farewell to six SDF fighters who fell in Serekaniye
14:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPJ commander Zîn Kobanê martyred in Siluk
13:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF balance sheet for the 12th day of fighting
13:05 NEWS Lisbon in solidarity with Rojava against Turkish invasion
12:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish mercenaries attack villages in Gire Spi
12:00 NEWS Pressures on the HDP increase with the invasion of northern Syria
11:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey bombed the village of Um Ishib
10:37 NEWS Thirty people remanded in custody in Urfa
10:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPJ Commander Nucan: The resistance will determine our future
09:50 NEWS Staff entered Kayapınar Municipality chanting slogans
09:30 NEWS Protest in Scandicci against Turkish attacks
09:00 NEWS Women in San Marino protested Turkish occupation of NE Syria
08:32 NEWS Scottish Green party passed motion condemning Turkey
08:09 NEWS Four co-mayors taken into custody in Amed
08:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF disclosed the names of 16 fighters fallen martyrs
07:32 FEATURES Thousands took to the streets all over Europe
21:27 NEWS Civil disobedience actions in Europe against Turkish invasion
20:26 FEATURES People's Resistance: DAY 12 - LIVE BLOG
17:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Spokesperson announces withdrawal from Serêkaniyê