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17:15 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Visit ban for JinNews correspondent imprisoned in Ankara
16:13 NEWS Activists in Barcelona protest the invitation of Turkish Consul to a Catalan public institution
15:37 KURDISTAN General strike continues in dozens of cities in East Kurdistan
14:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF announces the outcome of Turkish aggression on December 5
14:22 NEWS Swiss Committee for Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan calls for an urgent meeting with the Kurdish leader
13:33 WOMEN Jovita Montes: We are different, but we can unite
12:52 NEWS KCK: Protests must not stop until the CPT makes a statement and lawyers meet with Öcalan
12:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish armoured vehicle kills a woman and a child in Aleppo
11:38 NEWS Activists carry out civil action at SPD event in Stuttgart
11:06 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV broadcast footage of action in Girê Cûdî
10:37 NEWS Basque movement Askapena expresses solidarity with Kurdish people
10:11 NEWS Anonymous hacks Swedish government's website to protest extradition of Mahmut Tat
09:50 NEWS At least seven people die in roadside blast in Afghanistan
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Şadiye Manap arrested again after spending 30 years in jail
08:51 NEWS Young people in Berlin demand freedom for Öcalan
08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Delegation from Catalonia holds meeting with Kongra Star in Qamishlo
07:49 NEWS KCDK-E: It's time to increase the struggle for Öcalan's freedom
21:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey bombs many villages in Northern and Eastern Syria
18:49 KURDISTAN HPG: Seven soldiers killed in heavy fighting in Muş
18:16 WOMEN JINNEWS releases report on violence against women in November
17:34 KURDISTAN Villages in Pervari sealed off due to military operation
16:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Asayish says explosion in Qamishlo was a terrorist attack
16:19 NEWS Arms sales of SIPRI Top 100 arms companies grow despite supply chain challenges
15:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF announces the outcome of Turkish aggression on December 4
14:59 NEWS General strike across Iran and Eastern Kurdistan
14:26 NEWS Kurdish asylum seeker extradited by Sweden jailed in Turkey
13:47 NEWS French media covers Turkish use of chemical weapons against the PKK
13:14 NEWS Activists in Mexico denounce Turkish chemical attacks in Kurdistan
12:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ehmed: Necessary response will be given to Turkish attacks
11:43 CULTURE Gerîla TV releases new clip
11:09 NEWS Activists in Catania block Turkish Airlines check-in desk in solidarity with Kurdish people
10:41 NEWS Action Days against chemical weapons show international solidarity with Kurdish Freedom Movement
10:12 WOMEN Hîlala Zêrîn releases song "Baraye" in solidarity with women protesting in Iran and Rojhilat
09:50 NEWS French paper publishes feature article on Turkish use of chemical weapons in Kurdistan
09:23 WOMEN Two women killed in Riha and Amed
08:51 NEWS Families cannot identify bodies of 3 HPG members
08:22 NEWS Serhildan Paris, days of action in solidarity with Kurds
08:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion involving a car occurs in Qamishlo
07:49 NEWS Activists in Argentina ask government to urge Turkey to stop attacks targeting Kurdish people
18:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Infiltration attempt in a village of Til Temir repelled
17:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces conduct missile attack on Zirgan
17:12 NEWS Demonstration in Marseille calls for “Freedom for Öcalan”
16:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Signature Campaign: Stop Turkish aggression against North-East Syria
15:28 CULTURE "The Epic of the PKK" - Pioneering work of revolutionary art
14:43 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing guerrilla actions and Turkish attacks in southern Kurdistan
13:47 NEWS Demonstration in Bristol against war crimes
12:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF announces the outcome of Turkish aggression on December 3
12:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Catalan parliamentary delegation on solidarity visit to Rojava
11:37 NEWS Explosion at work place in Urfa leaves 4 injured
11:08 ROJAVA-SYRIA Hesen: The Turkish government is losing