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16:43 News Sinn Féin’s spokesperson condemns Turkish attack on Afrin
15:38 Rojava Civilians and fighters killed by Turkey in Afrin laid to rest
15:21 Rojava Three-day balance sheet in Turkey’s Afrin operation
15:11 News Turkey attacks Kurds in Afrin with German tanks
14:36 Kurdistan KDP forces attack pro-Afrin demonstration in Duhok
14:30 Kurdistan ‘Afrin Front’ campaign launched in Southern Kurdistan
13:53 Rojava Clash between Turkish army and YPG in Serêkaniyê
13:21 News “Honorable people of the world should raise a voice for Afrin”
12:55 Rojava Clashes between Turkish army and YPG in Derik and Shiye
12:48 News SYKP: The resistance of Afrin people is our resistance
12:20 News Iraqi parliament sets May 12 as election date
11:40 Freedom of the Press Journalist who wrote about civilian casualties in Afrin arrested
11:25 Rojava Sipan Hemo: Russia betrayed the Kurds, but victory will be ours
11:21 Rojava Two Turkish tanks destroyed in Raco
10:35 Freedom of the Press Journalist Baysal detained for her social media posts
10:30 News PKK: AKP-MHP fascism will drown in the blood they spill
10:20 Rojava Heavy clashes between SDF and Turkish army in Bilbile and Raco
10:10 News SDF denies involvement in bombings in Kilis and Reyhanli
09:40 Rojava Six Turkish supported gang members killed in Azaz
09:25 Rojava Turkish attacks continue in Afrin
01:00 News Egypt: Turkish attack on Afrin is unacceptable
00:40 News Kurds in Europe protest Turkish invasion attack on Afrin
00:20 Women Cenî calls on governments to refrain from arms exports to Turkey
00:10 News Another step from "Murderer Assad" to "My brother Assad"
00:00 Rojava Jaysh al-Thuwar Commander: We are fighting alongside YPG/YPJ
22:29 Rojava Turkish attacks on Afrin continue
21:52 Rojava 8 people from the same family martyred in Turkish attack on Afrin
20:21 Rojava SDF: Attacks were foiled and the area was cleared of gangs
19:38 Rojava Some 20 civilians killed in Afrin, U.S. only calls for restraint
18:54 Rojava Death toll in Turkish attack on Cilber village rises to 7
18:43 Rojava SDF Afrin Commander: We have launched Revolutionary Operation
18:35 Rojava 9 members of Turkish army and allied gangs killed in Afrin
17:20 Rojava Kurdish and Arab youths headed to emplacements in Afrin
16:50 News Istanbul police detain demonstrators against Afrin operation
16:45 News Iran calls for immediate end to Turkey’s Afrin operation
16:35 Rojava Clashes between YPG/YPJ and Turkish soldiers
15:10 Kurdistan PUK: We are ready to dispatch forces to Afrin if needed
14:55 News Erdoğan ordered, judiciary launched investigation against HDP MPs
14:00 News France calls for urgent UNSC meeting on Turkey’s Afrin operation
13:40 Rojava Moment Turkish tank was destroyed in Afrin’s Bilbile district
13:05 Rojava Two Turkish tanks destroyed in Shehba
12:50 News Socialist Alliance National Council in solidarity with Afrin
12:40 Rojava Fierce clashes in a village of Afrin’s Rajo district
12:35 Rojava YCR calls on the youth of Rojava to join the YPG/YPJ ranks
12:05 Rojava Another Turkish tank destroyed in Afrin
12:00 Kurdistan Hewler in solidarity with Afrin
11:50 Rojava Turkish warplanes Shell Afrin center and Mabeta district
10:45 Rojava Two Turkish tanks destroyed by YPG/YPJ
10:40 Rojava Turkish artillery seriously wounds a child in Afrin
09:50 News Clashes reported between YPG/YPJ and Turkish army in Afrin