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07:47 FEATURES Karayılan: The guerrilla of the 21st century will prove its invincibility
18:16 NEWS Police detain mothers of prisoners in Istanbul
17:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE says one of its fighter died on 12 August as a result of a heart attack
16:07 KURDISTAN Turkish army bombs villages in Amediye
15:25 KURDISTAN HPG announces that 4 Turkish soldiers were killed and three camera systems destroyed
14:45 NEWS Police take at least 15 people into custody in Amed and Adana
14:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey bombs Shehba and Til Temir
13:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish soldiers and mercenaries linked to them kidnap 11 people in Afrin in the last week
13:03 NEWS Iranian state kills a kolbar in Kermanshah
12:30 HUMAN RIGHTS Writer Ayşe Düzkan: Aysel Tuğluk and other ill prisoners are actually sentenced to death
12:01 NEWS International Kurdish Solidarity Collective: Pressure must be put on Turkey
11:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kurdish commanders Rêzan Cavid and Dijwar Kobanê buried in Hesekê
10:55 NEWS 49 dead in Gaza, including 17 children
10:36 HUMAN RIGHTS Mother of prisoner Polat holds sit-in in front of Denizli Prison demanding for her son to be treated
10:07 FEATURES Turkey attacked Northern and Eastern Syria 3,761 times in past 8 months, killing 33 and wounding 124
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two Assyrian Military Council fighters killed in Turkish bombardment of Til Temir
08:51 NEWS Öcalan's family and guardian once again apply for visit
08:22 HUMAN RIGHTS Constitutional Court rejects request to release Kurdish politician Aysel Tuğluk
07:49 FEATURES Attacks on Cem Evis
18:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Sit-in in front of the UN headquarters in Qamishlo
17:54 WOMEN 'My only crime is being a Peace Mother'
17:01 NEWS Sweden fulfils Turkey’s extradition request
16:28 HUMAN RIGHTS ÖHD publishes report on the vigil of the Şenyaşar family
15:41 KURDISTAN Iraqi commander killed in Turkish attack commemorated in Bradost
14:39 KURDISTAN 6-year-old Yazidi girl and her father murdered in Duhok
13:57 KURDISTAN KONGRA-GEL calls for mobilization in the 39th year of struggle
13:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA People protest Turkish state in occupied territories in North-East Syria
12:41 WOMEN TAJÊ: Now is the time to reclaim the holy Yazidi land and resistance
12:05 KURDISTAN Footage of guerrilla infiltration and seizure of military equipment of Turkish forces
11:28 NEWS Colombian President wants to resume talks with ELN
10:55 HUMAN RIGHTS 76 percent disabled and seriously ill prisoner to remain in jail
10:36 KURDISTAN PKK Executive Committee said: Martyr Rezan Cawid will live in the struggle of Kurdish youth
10:07 HUMAN RIGHTS Alaattin Tuğluk demands her sister to be released immediately
09:40 KURDISTAN Dr. Mazlum Dersim: Turkish is the invader and will be expelled from our land
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyrs laid to rest in Qamishlo and Manbij
08:22 NEWS Fourth member of "Beatles" Islamic State cell arrested in Britain
07:49 FEATURES Lindsey German on Turkey's war crimes and killing of 9 Arab civilians in South Kurdistan
19:09 KURDISTAN 75-year-old man and HDP politician imprisoned in Batman
18:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA 23 Turkish soldiers killed as SDF responds to attacks
17:38 WOMEN Great interest in the Jineology camp in the Basque Country
16:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Kobanê protest deadly Turkish drone attacks
15:27 KURDISTAN ‘PUK will withdraw from the government if the crisis in Sulaymaniyah continues’
14:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF announces the names of two fighters martyred in Turkish attack
13:53 KURDISTAN Cindo: Freedom can be achieved by adopting Öcalan’s ideas
13:19 KURDISTAN Footage of action by YJA Star guerrillas in Şırnak countryside
12:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA 6 Turkish soldiers killed as HRE retaliates against daily attacks
11:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Evin Cuma: Turkey should be tried for crimes against children
11:20 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS 16 journalists arrested in Amed remain in prison
10:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kobanê citizens receive first aid training to be able to face possible attacks
10:36 KURDISTAN YJA Star and HPG guerrillas: The first bullet fired on August 15 reached millions