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20:47 KURDISTAN HPG: 9 soldiers killed in Hakkari and Şırnak
20:04 WOMEN Woman found dead in Ağrı
19:12 NEWS Protest in Kiel against the war policy of the Turkish regime
18:03 KURDISTAN Demonstrators call for the resignation of the KRG
17:29 WOMEN Four detained in police attack on women's demo in Istanbul
16:47 KURDISTAN Guerrilla commander martyred during meeting with Iraqi officials
15:48 FEATURES Three-stage plan for the Turkification of North-East Syria
14:58 KURDISTAN Iranian forces kill a kolbar, torture another
14:23 CULTURE AKP seizes the Mesopotamian Cultural Centre in Istanbul
13:39 KURDISTAN KCK: KRG must take a stand against the Turkish state
13:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA Website for the martyrs of Rojava
12:23 NEWS 27 more people prove positive with Covid in NE Syria
11:52 NEWS 404 citizens support "101 Grey-Haired Elders" declaration
11:14 WOMEN YJA Star: 15 August Initiative marks the renaissance of women
10:35 KURDISTAN HPG Press Centre releases identity of guerrillas fallen in Elazığ
10:04 FEATURES PKK: 15 August 1984 marks a new line of resistance
09:31 NEWS The key to peace is in Imrali, says HDP executive Ümit Dede
08:59 NEWS Online panel celebrates Kurdish freedom movement on 15 August
08:24 FEATURES Guerrillas: 15 August marks the key to peace
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Report confirms systematic rights violations in Elazığ jail
21:01 WOMEN Police take 24 women into custody in Ankara
20:56 NEWS Journalist dies while covering protest in Ranya, South Kurdistan
20:24 NEWS Arab Parliament condemns deadly Turkish attack on Iraqi land
19:39 NEWS EU Foreign Affairs Council to meet to discuss Turkey and Belarus
18:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS cell neutralized by SDF in Deir ez-Zor
18:07 KURDISTAN Five soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
16:59 HUMAN RIGHTS Bar associations: Timtik and Ünsal must live
16:18 ECOLOGY Alevis protest against construction work on Munzur springs
15:39 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkey deliberately attacked Iraqi forces
14:51 KURDISTAN Guerrillas hit Turkish troops in Xantur, Heftanin
14:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA "It's like hell in occupied Girê Spî"
13:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces kidnap five more civilians in Afrin
13:05 KURDISTAN HPG guerrilla laid to rest in Mardin
12:15 NEWS Kongra Star issues solidarity statement with Bolivian peoples
11:46 NEWS Victims of earthquake in Van forced to migrate
11:07 NEWS German Refugees authority issues scandalous decision
10:33 CULTURE Culture and arts are forbidden in Van!
10:02 FEATURES Lawyer Bilmez: The CPT confirms isolation in Imrali is deepening
09:31 NEWS Iraq cancels visit by Turkish Defense Minister over attack
08:58 ECOLOGY Dersim: A paradise on earth
08:24 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoner Gül calls off hunger strike
07:49 FEATURES The Kurdish Institute says Sweden must apologise to Kurds
19:39 KURDISTAN Over 18,000 Coronavirus cases in Southern Kurdistan
18:48 NEWS Conference against the criminalisation of the Kurdish movement
18:04 WOMEN Mayors of Kızıltepe and Savur remain in prison
17:02 KURDISTAN HPG reports guerilla actions from Dersim to Heftanin
16:28 KURDISTAN Turkish attack kills two Iraqi Border Guards commanders - UPDATE
15:51 KURDISTAN Co-mayor of Varto released from prison
15:03 KURDISTAN Five arrested during house searches in Malazgirt
14:31 NEWS Russia approves first COVID-19 vaccine, Vladimir Putin says