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18:34 KURDISTAN HPG: Four Turkish soldiers were killed in actions by the guerrillas
17:54 NEWS Death toll in the Gaza war rises to 38,664 dead
17:15 FEATURES Reflections of Turkish annexation from Washington to Baghdad
16:39 KURDISTAN Iraqi Communist Party: Turkish attacks must be stopped
16:00 KURDISTAN Delegation from Baghdad visits Sulaymaniyah after Hewlêr
15:22 NEWS Remains of 139 people exhumed from a mass grave in Tal Afar
14:43 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV broadcasts footage of aerial actions in Zap
14:07 NEWS Kirkuk Provincial Council delegation in Ankara
13:36 KURDISTAN Explosion in front of the house of a KDP official in Kelar
12:23 KURDISTAN Martyr Doğan Zinar Unit carries out 7 aerial actions in memory of 14 July Resistance
11:50 CULTURE Health of jailed Kurdish singer Nudem Durak deteriorating, says her mother
11:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Training cycle of Self-Defence Forces in Tabqa completed
10:44 KURDISTAN Fire breaks out in village bombed by Turkey in Amêdiye
10:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey bombs villages in Manbij
09:26 KURDISTAN Kalkan: 14 July resistance brought us to where we stand today
08:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPJ and SDF meet with families of martyrs in Raqqa
08:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Attack by occupation forces kills a young man, injures another in Ain Issa
07:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Escalating humanitarian crisis in Syria is a call for solidarity among various parties
18:26 NEWS Hamas: Death toll in the Gaza Strip reached 38,584
17:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces capture an ISIS ringleader in Deir ez-Zor
17:16 WOMEN ‘Women become stronger thanks to the ideas of Leader Abdullah Öcalan'
16:37 FEATURES While collaborators prolong the life of the occupiers, the guerrilla continues to strike blows
15:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR reports ongoing violations in Turkish-occupied Afrin
14:49 KURDISTAN KDP forces detain media team covering Turkish occupation attacks
14:29 NEWS 68 percent disabled man arrested for his social media posts
14:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD boycotts the legislative elections to be held by the Damascus government
13:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF captures an ISIS member in Qamishlo
12:33 KURDISTAN Guerrilla holds the enemy to account in the spirit of 14 July
11:57 NEWS Hamas withdraws from talks on a ceasefire in Gaza
11:26 NEWS KCK: When resisted in the spirit of July 14th, the enemy will be defeated
09:48 NEWS Kongra Star Assembly issues a statement about human rights violations and violence against women in
08:56 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist Sadık Topaloğlu remanded in custody
08:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Isolation in Imrali will be discussed at UN Human Rights session
07:50 FEATURES 14 July 1982, the day the Great Resistance began in Amed prison
19:25 NEWS Activists march in Cologne to protest Turkish state's invasion attacks
18:31 HUMAN RIGHTS HRW brings Turkish state's war crimes to the UN and says an explanation should be requested
17:50 NEWS Activists in Melbourne protest Turkish state's invasion attacks
17:02 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV publishes images of the drone shot down by guerrillas
16:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA At least 50 people kidnapped in Turkish occupied areas in first two weeks of July
15:23 KURDISTAN Three ISIS mercenaries captured in South Iraq
14:35 NEWS Village guards who resigned denounce threats
13:51 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to guerrillas Serhildan Kurdo and Fîraz Arjîn
13:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoner suffering from cancer released
12:10 KURDISTAN KCK calls for all-out resistance against occupation and treason on anniversary of Zilan Massacre
11:31 KURDISTAN Drone that crashed in Gever on 12 July shot down by guerrillas
11:13 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV publishes footage of Turkish army crane destroyed in Zap
10:34 KURDISTAN Turkish army destroy cemetery of guerrilla martyrs on Gabar Mountain
09:55 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist Sadık Topaloğlu still in police custody
09:12 KURDISTAN DEM party delegation visits village of Bilêxşê
08:33 NEWS Kurds in Berlin to demonstrate against war in Middle East and Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan