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10:55 KURDISTAN At least 26 East Kurdish kolbers killed and 164 injured in past six months
10:36 KURDISTAN People in Maxmur condemn Iraqi government for insisting on surrounding camp with barbed wire
10:07 NEWS Armenian MP Manukyan condemns handing over of two HPG guerrillas to Turkey
09:42 NEWS Berlin activists celebrate PYD's 19th anniversary
09:23 NEWS Fringe meeting on Turkey’s war on Kurds at Labour Party Conference
08:51 CULTURE 12th Kurdish Film Festival in Berlin to kick off on 12 October
08:22 NEWS People in Freiburg and Hamburg protest murder of Jina Amini in Iran
07:49 FEATURES Muzaffer Ayata: Turkey is a mafia state
18:51 NEWS Arab and Kurdish representatives meet in Brussels
17:53 KURDISTAN HPG: Eight Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions in South Kurdistan
17:04 HUMAN RIGHTS IHR: At least 54 protesters killed, hundreds wounded in Iran protests
16:28 FEATURES Eastern Kurdistan - Land of Popular Uprisings
15:26 NEWS HPG: Two Kurdish revolutionaries were extradited from Armenia to Turkey
14:15 KURDISTAN KNK delegation meets with PJAK and KODAR to discuss latest developments
13:27 WOMEN Amed: "Greetings to the women's revolt in Rojhilat and Iran"
12:33 HUMAN RIGHTS Amnesty International calls for urgent global action against the bloody crackdown in Iran
11:54 NEWS KNK: Kurds should unite around common goals
11:25 NEWS YJA Star guerrilla Hatice Ay buried in Kulp
10:59 CULTURE Neighbours by Mano Khalil opens London Kurdish Film Festival
10:43 HUMAN RIGHTS At least 50 people killed during demonstrations for Jina Amini in Iran and Rojhilat
10:26 NEWS Lawyer Benkhelifa says Abdullah Öcalan should be released
09:55 NEWS Labour and Freedom Alliance holds first public meeting today
09:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish gendarmerie kills a civilian in Idlib countryside
08:52 FEATURES Murat Karayilan: The PKK cannot be crushed
08:23 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist arrested in Iran after reporting on Amini's death
07:44 FEATURES Ayata: Turkey is the centre of terror
19:47 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Prison sentence for JinNews reporter for “terror propaganda"
18:22 KURDISTAN Eleven soldiers killed in guerrilla actions in South Kurdistan
17:40 KURDISTAN YBŞ calls on the people to stand up against Turkish attacks
16:35 WOMEN PAJK calls for expanded actions in unity with the rising women's revolution in Iran
15:33 KURDISTAN Turkish drone strike targets civilian settlement in Shengal
15:07 NEWS Demirtaş and Mızraklı shave their hair for Mahsa Amini
14:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA 19 Turkish troops killed in YPG’s retaliatory actions
14:10 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's family applies for a visit
13:57 WOMEN TJK-E: It's time to expand resistance
13:26 NEWS New York-based non-governmental organization says at least 36 people killed in Iran protests
13:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 13 occupying troops killed in three regions
12:37 KURDISTAN KDP builds a base for the Turkish army
12:01 WOMEN Association of Kurdish Women organises actions in Germany for Jina, Anush and Cansu
11:29 FEATURES Murat Karayilan: Next three months are crucial for guerrilla struggle in Kurdistan - PART ONE
10:55 WOMEN Mauritanian writer tells story of YPJ martyr Barîn Kobanê
10:36 NEWS Activists from Oldenbourg take over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
10:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration's Health Board holds press conference about outbreak of cholera
09:42 NEWS At least 34 refugees die when boat sunk off Syrian-Lebanese coast
09:23 WOMEN NGOs say at least 31 people killed in Iran and Rojhilat as protests for Jina Amini continue
08:51 CULTURE Governor in Urfa bans concert by Ilkay Akkaya
08:22 NEWS Four prisoners deported in haste
07:49 WOMEN Activists in Switzerland march in support of women's resistance in Rojhilat and Iran
18:48 HUMAN RIGHTS UN experts demand accountability for death of Mahsa Amini, call for end to violence against women
18:01 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing actions by guerrillas and attacks by the Turkish army