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16:25 News AKP’s ‘social media’ terror: 13 detained in Viranşehir
16:00 News Mothers in Amed: We support our children’s resistance
15:20 News Mothers protesting in Parliament want to meet the Minister
14:55 Women Women from Rojava: Resisting mothers are not alone
14:15 News Mothers in white headscarves hold sit-in at Parliament
13:50 Rojava-Northern Syria MLKP Rojava held first conference: We will spread the revolution
13:25 Kurdistan Young man goes on death fast in Sulaymaniyah
13:00 News Gangs in Idlib: Erdogan sold us out
12:30 Human Rights Prisoners’ mothers tortured with strip searches
12:00 News Leyla Güven reached day 188 of hunger strike
11:30 News Resistance makes you free
11:00 News Week 360 in the Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
10:30 News Activists protested Amnesty International in Catalonia
10:00 News Solidarity action with the hunger strike in Borlänge
09:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Three terrorists killed in Afrin
09:30 News Mothers: Today is us, tomorrow it could be you. Speak out now!
09:01 News Sinn Féin: Agreement in North of Ireland talks possible
08:30 News Kurdish People's Assembly in Scotland went to Congress
08:01 News Three-day solidarity hunger strike in Lucerne
07:33 News KCDK-E called on Kurds to join Dersim Festival
17:15 News Mothers detained in Bakırköy referred to court
16:45 News Clashes intensify in Idlib
16:10 Rojava-Northern Syria 43 prisoners released in Deir ez-Zor
15:45 News Families resist in Gebze and Bakirkoy
15:15 Kurdistan Guerrillas: Attacks against mothers won’t go without a response
14:45 News France: We are looking into a mechanism to try ISIS members
14:25 News “Fascist states have the same system”
14:00 News Seehofer: We won’t take back ISIS members en masse
13:30 News Germany to instate “mosque tax” against Erdogan threat
13:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Invading Turkish state destroys 300 years of history
12:30 News Families of martyrs: We stand by the hunger strike resistance
12:00 News MED Cooperative held Second Ordinary Congress
11:30 News HDP: Don't forget Soma Massacre
11:03 Women Women in Armenia: We are ready to do our part
10:26 News DAESH killed two people from same family in Xaneqin
10:00 News French senator: We stand by Kurds in this brave action
09:32 News Make Rojava Green Again: A meeting in Manhattan
09:01 News Galatasaray Mothers met Plaza de Mayo mothers
08:33 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg: Day 148
08:01 News Rally in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Marseille
07:34 Culture 7th FilmAmed Documentary Film Festival ended
21:08 Kurdistan Patriotic Youth took over the hunger strike in Sulaymaniyah
20:27 Rojava-Northern Syria Demonstration in Amûdê against Turkish occupation
19:21 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla raid in Turkish military base in Şemdinli
18:49 Women Leyla Güven sends Mother’s Day message
18:39 Rojava-Northern Syria HRE: Three Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Mare
11:35 Features New round of talks in Belfast kicks off on Monday
11:03 News Hunger strikers in Paris received solidarity visits
10:33 News British deputies visited hunger strikers in London
10:00 News Protest against wall built in Afrin