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12:01 WOMEN KJK: Let's build our space against the male-run pandemic times
11:31 WOMEN YPJ General Command pays tribute to martyrs of 25 June 2015
10:59 WOMEN KBDH: We'll raise the struggle in the name of Zehra
10:26 NEWS Activists take to the streets in Switzerland against Turkey
09:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Parties and organisations in Rojava protest Turkish attacks
09:27 NEWS Demos in Duisburg, Cologne and Den Haag protest Turkish attacks
08:54 WOMEN Women in Paris protest Turkish attacks against Kobanê
08:22 NEWS Activists in Sweden protest Turkish attack targeting women
07:49 WOMEN PYD Women's Council condemns massacre carried out by Turkey
21:54 NEWS Memorial in Florence for YPG fighter Lorenzo Orsetti
21:18 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Court orders release of three journalists
20:51 KURDISTAN HPG reports guerilla actions in Heftanin and Gever
20:15 NEWS Protest in Sydney: Turkey’s attacks target the whole of Kurdistan
19:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces member martyred in Manbij
18:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Artillery attack starts fire in a village near Til Temir
18:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Thousands protest in Kobanê against the Turkish state
17:42 NEWS ILO warns of COVID-19 migrant ‘crisis within a crisis’
17:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD: International silence motivates Turkey to commit more crimes
16:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Commander: Turkish policy of massacre against Kurds continues
16:00 KURDISTAN Co-mayor of Cizre sentenced to six years in prison
15:28 WOMEN Zehra, Hebûn, Amina: Murdered by the Turkish state
14:49 NEWS Kurdish organisations call for protests over Kobanê massacre
14:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA 5,900 bodies recovered from 25 mass graves in Raqqa
13:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Afrin
13:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Protests against Turkish massacre of Kurdish activists in Kobanê
13:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Twin explosions in Manbij: Two civilians injured
13:19 NEWS Turkish government seizes another HDP-run municipality
12:29 NEWS HDP co-chair Sancar: Hopelessness leads to surrender
12:05 NEWS Activists in Ludwisburg protest attacks on Alevis' graves
11:33 NEWS Arab League calls for ceasefire in Libya
11:01 WOMEN TJK-E calls on women and activists to take the streets today
10:34 NEWS Call to join demos for Kurds and Palestinians on Saturday
10:02 WOMEN Women Defend Rojava: We must stop the Turkish attacks!
09:46 WOMEN Identity of third woman martyred in Kobanê confirmed
09:24 WOMEN Kongra Star condemns the massacre in the village of Helîncê
08:54 NEWS Eelam Tamils condemn Turkish attacks on Kurds
08:21 NEWS Memorial for Italian internationalist Lorenzo 'Orso' in Florence
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD publishes 10-year report on rights violations in Amed
21:10 KURDISTAN Turkish warplanes bomb Xantur in Heftanin
20:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA Protests against occupiers in continue Girê Spî
20:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish armed UAVs bomb a village of Kobanê, three martyrs- NEW
19:49 NEWS Two members of HDP Youth Council detained in Mardin
19:11 KURDISTAN HPG: Four Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin
18:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Protest in Til Kocher against invasion in Southern Kurdistan
17:51 KURDISTAN Trustee has Kurdish street signs painted over in Batman
17:14 NEWS Öcalan’s lawyers apply to visit Imralı
16:44 FEATURES Karayilan: Turkey wants to complete what the ISIS failed to do
15:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF commander receives tribal elders from Tabqa
15:07 KURDISTAN YRK: Iran launched a comprehensive operation in Eastern Kurdistan
14:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in al-Rai, artillery attack in Til Temir