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19:57 NEWS Dozens including journalists detained during workers' demo in Istanbul
19:19 ECOLOGY Villagers save forest trees from a private company in western Turkey
18:43 HUMAN RIGHTS TUAY-DER urges the government to act for prisoners on hunger strike
17:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Opinion leaders from Qamishlo condemn NDF’s efforts to cause a strife
16:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Cleanup after the end of fighting in Qamishlo
15:43 KURDISTAN ANF reporter released, dozens still in custody in Sulaymaniyah
15:01 HUMAN RIGHTS Woman urges Turkish authorities to release sick husband
14:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces: Clashes did not cause material damage in Tai
14:09 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS CPJ calls for release of ANF reporter detained in Sulaymaniyah
13:28 NEWS Öcalan’s lawyers file new application to visit him in Imrali
13:01 NEWS Hunger striker dies of heart attack in Lavrio
12:29 KURDISTAN Number of detained people in Sulaymaniyah march rises to 55
12:06 KURDISTAN Guerrillas going into action...
11:32 HUMAN RIGHTS Vigil for Justice carried out by the Şenyaşar family enters day 50
11:05 NEWS Limter-İş chair Saygılı: We will fill the squares on 1 May
10:33 KURDISTAN Guerrillas heading to the front say that Kurdistan will be the grave of the invaders
10:04 KURDISTAN Actions by YJA Star guerrillas kill one soldier, wound another
09:52 NEWS Labour MP Corbyn expresses "greatest concern" for closing down of political parties in Turkey
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces seize ISIS ammunition warehouse in Raqqa countryside
08:49 KURDISTAN Three Turkish soldiers killed in Avashin
08:19 NEWS Demo in Hamburg: "Stop arms exports!"
07:47 FEATURES YPG/YPJ fighters: Turkish state takes revenge against HDP for ISIS
22:26 NEWS Demo in London against Turkish attacks on guerrilla zones
21:48 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish army suffered heavy losses in South Kurdistan
20:53 NEWS Kurds in Lavrio protest against Turkish attacks on guerrilla zones
19:51 NEWS "Kobanê trial" in Ankara adjourned to May 3
18:43 NEWS HDP MP Ömer Öcalan visits Şenyaşar family
17:54 NEWS Kobanê Case hearing continues amid protests
16:53 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV releases footage of action in Çukurca
15:59 NEWS Kobanê Case: Swedish Left Party expresses solidarity with HDP
15:20 NEWS DBP: Kobanê Case is an official declaration of political genocide
14:39 NEWS German government monitors Kobanê trial
14:04 KURDISTAN Tevgera Azadi calls for release of those detained in Sulaymaniyah
13:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA WHO sends first doses of coronavirus vaccines to North and East Syria
13:02 NEWS Kobanê trial: Not lawyers but riot police admitted to the courtroom
12:28 NEWS Dortmund activists take over the Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
12:04 NEWS Police in Istanbul attack HDP members
12:02 WOMEN Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe calls on Kurds to protest Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan
11:32 NEWS Lawyers leave hall of Kobanê Trial
10:55 NEWS Activists in London and Gävleborg pay tribute to HPG Command Council member Sinan Dersim
10:24 KURDISTAN Three soldiers killed in Metina - UPDATE
09:52 NEWS NAV-BEL holds its conference in Brussels
09:35 FEATURES Mithat Sancar: We will foil this conspiracy trial
09:23 KURDISTAN Two Turkish soldiers killed in Zap
08:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces gain control of Tai neighbourhood in Qamishlo
08:41 NEWS Police detain many in new raids in Amed
08:22 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Bandırma jail expose rights violations
07:49 NEWS Activists in Europe protest the invasion attacks by the Turkish state on South Kurdistan
21:33 KURDISTAN Clashes in the area between Zendura and Derarê: 8 soldiers killed, 12 wounded
21:23 KURDISTAN PUK Public Order Forces in Sulaymaniyah prevent people from marching against Turkish attacks