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18:28 NEWS Vigil for Öcalan launched in front of the Council of Europe
17:49 WOMEN The growing struggle of women in Rojava – VI
16:33 WOMEN Two more female journalists arrested in Iran
15:35 KURDISTAN Residents of Maxmur on day 44 of vigil against the isolation of Öcalan
14:58 WOMEN Femicides in Iran go unpunished
14:27 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS 158 journalists subjected to rights violations in Kurdistan Region in 2022
13:48 NEWS KCDK-E calls for participation in protest demo against Erdoğan in Paris
13:09 NEWS Protests continue in Iran and East Kurdistan
12:34 KURDISTAN What the Turkish army left behind in Zap
11:59 NEWS KNK: The status and security of Yazidi people must be guaranteed
11:27 WOMEN Jin Jiyan Azadi: An event in London in solidarity with women in Iran and Rojhilat
10:52 NEWS Kurdish young people in Berlin call for participation in Long March
10:22 FEATURES Bayık: Europe, the CPT and Turkish state are carrying out a policy of isolation together
09:51 NEWS New YouTube channel ahead of IV Challenging Capitalist Modernity Conference in Hamburg
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE and Internal Security Forces martyrs buried in Ehres and Dirbesiyê
08:51 NEWS European Democratic Forces Union calls on everyone to attend rally in Berlin to protest Erdoğan
08:22 HUMAN RIGHTS Protest by 12 cleaners fired for demanding their rights at LC Waikiki warehouse enters 15th day
07:49 FEATURES PJAK releases statement on anniversary of the establishment of the Kurdish Republic of Mahabad
18:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Death toll in Sheikh Maqsoud rises to 16
17:27 FEATURES Özsoy: Turkish-Syrian rapprochement seeks to eliminate Kurdish status
16:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA People’s Initiative in North-East Syria launches petition for Öcalan
15:48 NEWS Number of asylum applications in EU rises by almost half
15:02 NEWS ‘Erdogan Not Welcome’ Initiative calls for protest in Berlin on Friday
14:22 KURDISTAN Many unanswered questions after the deadly attack in Mardin
13:28 KURDISTAN HPG statement on the murder of five people in Mardin
12:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Death toll in Sheikh Maqsoud rises to 12
11:45 CULTURE Concert for Abdullah Öcalan in Barcelona
11:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin Liberation Forces pay tribute to martyr Mihemed Seydo (Şêrhat Afrin)
10:48 KURDISTAN Memorial in Shengal for three YBŞ martyrs
10:19 NEWS Thousands rally in Stockholm to protest Sweden’s policy of concessions to Turkey
09:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Five-story building collapsed in Aleppo
09:23 NEWS Activists in Hagen protest isolation imposed on Öcalan
08:51 KURDISTAN Memorial for martyrs of Afrin Resistance in Sulaymaniyah
08:22 HUMAN RIGHTS ESP and SGDF members on hunger strike in Adana demand end of isolation imposed on Öcalan
07:49 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS 16 journalists in Amed spend their 220th day in prison
17:55 NEWS Thousands in Marseille protest the isolation of Öcalan and the silence of Europe
17:03 WOMEN Journalist Derya Ren placed in solitary confinement
16:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Kobanê bid farewell to fighter martyred in Turkish drone attack
15:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Invaders storm a village and kidnap six residents in Afrin
14:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA 12-year-old injured in Turkish drone attack in Rojava loses his life
14:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF fighter martyred in Turkish drone attack in Rimelan
13:46 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing Turkish attacks and guerrilla actions
12:39 CULTURE Women maintain cultural heritage through handicrafts
11:58 NEWS KNK: Isolation in Imrali must end
11:24 NEWS Federal court in Canada rules that 4 Canadian ISIS mercenaries held in Rojava should be brought back
10:51 KURDISTAN Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly: All countries should recognize the Yazidi Genocide
10:20 WOMEN The growing struggle of women in Rojava – V
09:54 NEWS Former Italian YPG fighter laid to rest in Pombia
09:23 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Jailed documentary director Tekin: "I am patiently waiting for free and fair days"
08:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoner who served 30 years in jail not released as court says "he shows no signs of remorse"