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12:53 NEWS Shiite leaders condemn the Turkish aggression in South Kurdistan
12:21 NEWS 1 May Bologna: Rise up against the war in Kurdistan
11:45 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV publishes footage of YJA Star action in Avaşin
11:01 HUMAN RIGHTS Ill prisoner in Ahlat T Type Closed Prison threatened with death for saying "I am Kurdish"
10:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA TEV-DEM calls for mobilization to defend the Yazidis against a new genocide
10:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA HPC member Melek Mahmud: We are not a military force, but we are ready to defend our land
09:40 KURDISTAN TAJÊ Diplomacy member Suham Şengalî says they will resist simultaneous attacks against Shengal
09:23 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS RSF condemns arrest of Marlene Förster and Matej Kavčič in Shengal
08:51 NEWS RiseUp4Rojava campaign's education initiative kicks off in Vienna
08:22 NEWS Kurds in Cologne protest attacks against Shengal
07:49 NEWS Activists in Germany protest against attacks on Shengal
19:15 KURDISTAN HPG: 16 Turkish soldiers were killed in actions by guerrillas
18:37 NEWS Kurdish parties: This war is against our people
17:33 NEWS Workers and Kurds rallied in Toronto on May Day
16:54 KURDISTAN YBŞ Commander: We are ready for any possible attack, we defend ourselves
16:19 NEWS KCDK-E issues urgent call for Şengal
15:43 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Canwelat: Our people must stand up against Turkish invasion
14:28 KURDISTAN KNK calls on Iraq to stop attacks on Yazidis in Şengal
13:51 NEWS KCDK-E calls for strengthened solidarity on the occasion of the Ramadan feast
13:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Dr. Naisse calls on Arabs to endorse the PKK
12:47 KURDISTAN Action in Bamerne leaves 6 Turkish soldiers dead
12:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Villages in occupied Afrin under renewed attack
11:39 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Islahiye T Type Prison continue their hunger strike to protest violation of rights
11:07 KURDISTAN Iraqi army launches an aggression on Şengal - UPDATE
10:53 NEWS World Social Forum kicks off in Mexico
10:34 CULTURE Stêrka Rojê, a collective music group in which children are both students and teachers
10:06 NEWS Children of Fire Initiative claims responsibility for a fire at Billas Tire Factory
09:40 WOMEN YPJ Internationalist Berçem Slava: Women are an important part of the Rojava Revolution
09:23 NEWS Kurds in Armenia protest Turkish state's invasion attacks and KDP's betrayal
08:51 KURDISTAN Clashes resume in Shengal
08:22 NEWS HDP launches "Vigil for Life" in Cizre
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Another murder in Hol camp
18:47 CULTURE Kurdish film "Ji bo Azadiyê" screened in Mexico City
18:04 NEWS Over 160 people detained in Istanbul on May Day
17:28 KURDISTAN HPG reports guerrilla actions in northern and southern Kurdistan
16:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA Armenian couple refuses to leave their village in Til Temir despite Turkish attacks
15:19 FEATURES Guerrilla doctor: “NATO is using chemical weapons against Kurds through Turkey”
14:44 HUMAN RIGHTS KHRN publishes its 2021 report on human rights violations in Rojhilat
14:11 WOMEN Third YPJ Congress in Heseke on its second day
13:41 KURDISTAN People are afraid after Iraqi military deployment and attack in Şengal
13:03 NEWS Shengal people demand the immediate release of journalists Marlene and Matej
12:30 NEWS Many detained trying to reach Istanbul’s Taksim Square to mark May Day
11:59 FEATURES Zagros Hîwa: NATO legitimizes Erdogan's neo-Ottoman ambitions
11:24 NEWS Children of Fire Initiative claim responsibility for a series of actions
10:55 KURDISTAN Nasır Xeyro: It was the Asayiş that defended Shengal when the KDP forces left
10:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD says it collected 37,000 signatures in and around Derik demanding the delisting of PKK
10:07 KURDISTAN Martyr Delal Air Defense Force targets Turkish forces in Kurojahro
09:40 NEWS Workers in construction industry: We have no hope for future
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army and its mercenaries heavily bomb Shehba and Afrin
08:51 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Activists in Finland pay tribute to PJAK press workers who fell as martyrs in 2008