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17:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD Co-Chair: Turkey attacks Öcalan’s legacy out of fear
17:15 ECOLOGY Turkish soldiers and village guards uproot trees in Amed countryside
15:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Security forces take control of NDF checkpoints in Qamishlo
15:15 NEWS MEPs ask Meyer-Landrut to delegate an authorised observer to Kobane Case trial
14:21 NEWS Progressive International delegation to monitor the "Kobane case" trial in Turkey
13:49 HUMAN RIGHTS HRW denounces unfair trial of Behdinan activists in Kurdistan region
13:16 NEWS Şenyaşar family’s Justice Vigil continues on day 46
12:44 NEWS PACE calls on Turkey to put an end to laws and practices that contravene democratic standards
12:12 NEWS HDP delegation meets with CPT officials in Strasbourg
11:43 ROJAVA-SYRIA Al-Elwa water station ready to provide water to Hesekê
11:21 KURDISTAN Dersim mountains, a land of resistance and beauty
10:37 FEATURES Duran Kalkan says the "European Union blocks a solution in Turkey"
10:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Damascus militias kill Bani Seba tribe's leader
10:09 NEWS Activists in Kadıköy invite everyone to take to the streets on May Day
09:41 NEWS Activists in Bonn protest the isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan
09:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish occupation mercenaries kill a civilian and injure three in Girê Spî
08:40 ROJAVA-SYRIA Clashes in Qamishlo get heavier
08:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA New lockdown in the Euphrates Region to last until 2 May
07:44 WOMEN HDP fights against impoverishment of women
22:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Agricultural areas in Ain Issa risk drying out
21:38 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Court adjourns Özgür Gündem hearing
21:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Clashes between the Internal Security Forces and Difa al-Watani continue
20:32 KURDISTAN Cizire Yazidi House: Achievements of Shengal people must be protected
19:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA ‘International Community accomplice to the crime in Heseke’
19:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA "Turkey violates divine laws"
18:38 NEWS Cancer patient dies in prison
17:52 NEWS Another police attack on May Day alliance in Istanbul
17:17 KURDISTAN No arrests in investigation into murder of kolbar by Turkish soldiers
16:41 NEWS Şenyaşar family: We will not give up resistance
16:09 NEWS Lawyers file another application to visit Öcalan
15:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Attack by NDF militia kills a child, injures three people in Qamishlo
15:08 NEWS European Court of Justice announces its decision on PKK
14:27 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Female journalists celebrate 123-year-old Kurdish press tradition
13:49 NEWS Australian historian John Tully says Turkey is a ‘prison house of nations’
13:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces target civilians' homes in Hoshan village of Ain Issa
12:44 NEWS Osman Ismail: The closure of HDP is a slaughter of democracy
12:12 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strikes in prison reach day 147, in Maxmur day 126 and in Greece day 109
11:41 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Today marks the 123rd anniversary of Kurdish Journalist Day
11:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Renewed fighting in Qamishlo as NDF breaks ceasefire
10:43 NEWS Support to the HDP from European MPs ahead of 'Kobanê trial'
10:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA Jazira Martyrs' Families Assembly: The attack on Öcalan's house can't break our will
09:44 NEWS KCDK-E commemorates Sinan Dersim: "He was a great revolutionary"
09:17 CULTURE PEN International calls for conviction of Kurdish member to be overturned
08:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces release name of martyr of clashes in Qamishlo
08:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Temporary ceasefire agreed in Qamishlo
07:44 KURDISTAN HSM announces death of Sinan Dersim
22:17 NEWS US officially notifies Turkey of removal from F-35 program
20:56 NEWS KCK calls for democratic and civil measures to revoke the US decision
20:17 KURDISTAN Turkish soldiers raid house of condolence for fallen guerrilla
19:39 KURDISTAN TEV-DEM: Iraqi government's threats serve Turkey's interests