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11:33 WOMEN “Women’s voices after Turkish invasion”
10:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in NE Syria to take to the streets against Turkish attacks
10:22 FEATURES Cemil Bayik: International forces must take a stand
09:58 NEWS Call for a no-fly zone over Shengal
09:26 ECOLOGY Water4Rojava campaign celebrates success beyond expectations
08:58 NEWS Kurds and their friends take to the streets in Copenhagen
08:21 NEWS Thousands gather in Basel to protest Turkish attacks
07:49 NEWS Activists in Paris and Marseille protest the Turkish attacks
23:10 KURDISTAN Turkish war planes bomb surrounding of Bêrsivê in Zaxo
23:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Afrin city centre
20:20 NEWS Kurds protest Turkey’s attacks on Kurdistan across Germany
19:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey’s mercenaries seize wheat crop, loot villages
19:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two doctors to provide free service in Kobanê
17:44 WOMEN Seminar on violence against women in Deir ez-Zor
17:09 NEWS HDP’s Democracy March reaches Ankara
16:29 KURDISTAN HPG vows to avenge civilians killed by Turkish attacks
15:54 KURDISTAN KDP asayish attack people attending funeral for civilians -UPDATE
15:27 KURDISTAN People gather in Sheladize to bid farewell to martyrs
14:47 KURDISTAN HPG: Two helicopters damaged, 22 soldiers killed in Heftanin
14:14 KURDISTAN Park in Maxmur reopened after lengthy renovation
13:49 KURDISTAN Yazidis in Shengal: We will not let Turkey drive us away
13:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA More men and women join the security forces in Ain Issa
12:06 KURDISTAN South Kurdistan government didn't see the Turkish massacre
11:33 NEWS HBDH: Let's raise the united revolution flag against fascism
11:02 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD warns about worsening of conditions in the country's jails
10:27 KURDISTAN HPG releases identity of 4 guerrillas fallen martyrs in Xakurkê
10:16 NEWS Memorial for commanders Avesta and Engin in Copenhagen
09:59 NEWS Revenge Units claim actions in Adana and Istanbul
09:28 NEWS Women in Bakırköy Prison issue call to join March for Democracy
08:55 WOMEN Women webinar discusses co-chair system for a democracy society
08:21 NEWS Civil disobedience action in Paris against Turkish attacks
07:49 NEWS Actvists in Linz, Duisburg and Marseille protest Turkish attacks
23:03 KURDISTAN Turkish jets bomb Xantur area in South Kurdistan
19:57 NEWS Syrian opposition alliance and MSD agree to form a coalition
19:19 KURDISTAN Turkish air raid kills 4 civilians in Sida – UPDATE
18:41 KURDISTAN HPG reports heavy losses for the Turkish army in Heftanin
17:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Aleppo: Thousands protest against attacks on South Kurdistan
17:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Several mercenaries killed in HRE action in Afrin
16:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA ​​​​​​​Turkey’s mercenaries murder 13-year-old in Gire Spi
16:16 NEWS "We will carry the desire for justice to Ankara"
15:32 KURDISTAN 10 people detained in Bingöl
15:05 KURDISTAN Turkish airstrikes kill four civilians in South Kurdistan
14:17 NEWS Three people from the same family detained
13:44 NEWS HDP MPs set off from Amed to Adana
13:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces attack Sherawa and Til Rifat
12:41 HUMAN RIGHTS Mother detained with 10-day-old baby and 2-year-old daughter
12:14 NEWS HDP Muş MP Koçyiğit: The HDP is the guarantor of unity and peace
11:39 NEWS KON-MED calls on people to join rallies to be held on Saturday
11:04 NEWS KESK co-chair: AKP is fighting people's rights not the pandemic
10:21 NEWS Police take two people into custody in Amed