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09:12 FEATURES Peace in Kurdistan: Solidarity greetings to Abdullah Öcalan on his 75th birthday
08:33 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Van co-mayor Zeydan: No one will even think of usurping your will anymore
07:49 NEWS KCK Ecology Committee: 4 April is a call for environmental struggle
19:35 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 The resistance of the Van people ended the trustee period
18:46 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS DFG condemns police attacks on journalists during protests against the AKP's election coup
18:00 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Abdullah Zeydan of DEM Party reinstated as mayor of Van
17:43 KURDISTAN People of Amed demonstrate for Van
17:02 NEWS KNK: Stop Erdogan’s coup in Van and stand up for democracy
16:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in Qamişlo and Cizîre Canton rally in solidarity with the people of Van
15:58 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Saadet Party: The people of Van have made their decision
15:13 KURDISTAN Resistance in Van: We will continue our struggle until we get results
14:24 KURDISTAN MP Uysal: Interference with the will of voters is a problem for the whole country
13:39 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party exposes the real election results in Şırnak
13:12 KURDISTAN YCWK calls on Kurdistan youth to raise the fire of uprising against usurpation of people’s will
12:36 KURDISTAN Protests in Van continue unabated
12:01 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party wins again in Pirxus after recount of votes
11:13 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Young internationalist observers protest usurpation of will in Van
10:34 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party Amed calls on people to protest the coup in Van at 9pm every night on social media
09:55 HUMAN RIGHTS Seriously ill prisoner Çakal released from prison after 30 years
09:32 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Protests against usurpation of will in Van continue in many cities
09:12 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party's Central Executive Board meets in Van today
08:33 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party Amed: The will of the people cannot be usurped
07:49 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 KDC-F calls on international community to protest illegal dismissal of co-mayor of Van
22:01 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Call from French elected officials against usurpation of people's will in Van
20:02 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party: We call on everyone to show solidarity against the coup in Van
19:37 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 European Parliament Turkey Rapporteur Sanchez Amor: The will of the people cannot be usurped!
19:15 NEWS French Senator Savoldelli protests attempt to usurp will of citizens in Van
18:52 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 CHP Chairman: Ignoring the will of the people of Van means setting a trap on it!
18:43 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Co-Mayors of Van Metropolitan Municipality: Stand up against this lawlessness
17:51 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Sit-in protest in Şırnak: "The thieving AKP will be held accountable"
17:26 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party submits application for the cancellation of elections in Kars
16:54 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 People of Şırnak protest the usurpation of their will
15:36 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 AKP mobilises to usurp Pazarcık Town Municipality in Kars
15:12 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Political coup: Municipal election to be renewed in Hilvan, Urfa
14:43 KURDISTAN Resistance in Van spreads to the whole city
14:17 KURDISTAN Turkish drone strikes a vehicle in Shengal
13:38 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Police attack people objecting to election fraud in Bitlis
12:59 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party: We urge the AKP Government to respect the will of the people of Van
12:01 NEWS SMJÊ members take over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
11:03 CULTURE Rojava Film Commune pays tribute to director Halil Dağ
10:34 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Counting brings municipalities won by DEM Party to 78
09:55 FEATURES KCK: Everyone should take into account the will of the Kurdish people
09:12 HUMAN RIGHTS Grup Yorum members in Buca prison on a hunger strike for 38 days to protest violation of rights
08:33 NEWS KESK calls for 1 May rally in Taksim Square
07:50 NEWS Kurdistan National Congress congratulates Kurdish people and DEM Party for election results
20:23 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party Europe thanks all international parties and friends for solidarity during elections
19:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Commander-In-Chief congratulates the Syriac Military Council on Akito Day
18:33 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party election victory celebrated in many cities
17:57 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 KCDK-E: The will of the Kurdish people won
17:19 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Open election fraud in Kars: Transported soldiers and police officers leave the city