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13:44 NEWS HDP co-mayor sentenced to 8 years and 6 months in prison
13:16 NEWS Şenyaşar family’s justice vigil enters 218th day
12:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Vigil at Semalka border crossing continues
11:48 HUMAN RIGHTS Refugees in Italian graveyard get reburied in mass grave
11:19 HUMAN RIGHTS Violations of rights increase in Silivri prison
10:50 CULTURE Book by Internationalist fighter and martyr Lorenzo Orsetti to be presented in Berlin
10:21 NEWS Family of guerrilla Saniye Toprak still waiting to be given her remains
09:52 NEWS Six people sent to prison while new arrests take place this morning in Antalya
09:23 KURDISTAN PADÊ demands voting cancellation
08:51 WOMEN Van Women's Platform denounces violence against women and children
08:22 NEWS Iraqi officials say ISIS leader Sami Casim al-Jaburi captured in Turkey
07:49 FEATURES KCK: There can be no free society without free women
20:52 NEWS Children of Fire set fire to two factories and an automobile
20:20 NEWS Anti-terror police raid Kurdish wedding in Ankara due to local dresses worn by guests
19:46 NEWS Court accepts indictment against murderer of HDP member Deniz Poyraz
19:07 NEWS HDP submits motion for October 10 to become an official day of remembrance
18:32 NEWS Birthday celebration for internationalist HPG guerrilla Jakob Şiyar Gabar
17:26 NEWS Hundreds of thousands supported the #FreedomForOcalanNow campaign
16:49 NEWS YPS Retaliation Team targets a drug dealer in Nusaybin
16:13 KURDISTAN Guerrillas strike Turkish attack helicopters in Avaşîn and Zap
15:39 HUMAN RIGHTS Pressure against inmates on the rise in Kandıra prison
14:54 KURDISTAN Member of Sarmaşık Association sentenced to two years' imprisonment
14:29 KURDISTAN A group of guerrillas in Werxelê puts up epic resistance
13:56 KURDISTAN KDP blocks Peace Mothers asking for the bodies of slain guerrillas
13:27 KURDISTAN Shepherds prepare for winter in difficult conditions
12:54 NEWS Iraq captures ISIS deputy leader wanted by the US
12:21 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Memorial for ANF journalist Murat Kuseyri
11:48 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Delîla Yusuf: We made the enemies run in panic
11:19 HUMAN RIGHTS Dozens of political prisoners face torture by guards in Tekirdağ jail
10:50 FEATURES Women in camps talk about second anniversary of occupation of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî
10:21 FEATURES KCK: We are waging the liberation struggle for all the oppressed
09:52 NEWS Just 41 percent of the people votes in Iraq elections
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state bombs villages northeast of Manbij
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey targets church in Assyrian village of Til Cuma for 5th time
08:22 NEWS Memorial in Rome for guerrilla Hakim Acar
21:18 NEWS Student Sapan: We are not afraid
20:02 KURDISTAN HPG: Five guerrillas were killed by Turkish chemical weapons in Werxelê
19:28 NEWS "Kurdish songs threaten prison security"
18:59 KURDISTAN Women urge the KDP to stop hostility to the Kurdistan freedom movement
18:26 NEWS Victims of Ankara massacre commemorated across Turkey
17:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG fighter wounded in battle for Serêkaniyê: "I was saved by YPJ fighters"
16:11 NEWS Parliamentary election in Iraq
15:29 WOMEN 11 women abducted in Turkish-occupied Gire Spi in a month
14:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two more civilians kidnapped in Turkish occupied Afrin
14:17 KURDISTAN Basic training for Yazidi security forces completed
13:39 KURDISTAN Footage of YJA Star action in Werxelê
12:17 KURDISTAN HPG announces martyrdom of Commander Azad Çelê
11:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Belgian and French victims' associations visit Northern and Eastern Syria
11:19 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers denounce increase in rights violations in prisons in Urfa and Izmir
10:50 KURDISTAN Police besiege several neighbourhoods in Yüksekova