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09:55 HUMAN RIGHTS Rights of prisoners and families constantly violated
09:13 ECOLOGY Make Rojava Green Again: Ecocide in Kurdistan is the product of colonization
08:32 HUMAN RIGHTS UN: Turkey continues to kill civilians in air strikes
07:50 WOMEN TJK-E calls on everyone to attend actions to mark the anniversary of killing of Jina Amini in Tehran
18:59 KURDISTAN Village in Şırnak under military siege for nearly 2 months
18:17 WOMEN Imprisoned Kurdish politician Leyla Güven faces yet another lawsuit
17:34 KURDISTAN HPG: 19 Turkish soldiers were killed in guerrilla actions
15:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mercenaries take action to seize the olive groves of local people in Afrin
14:24 NEWS Lawyers apply once again to visit Öcalan
13:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Unexploded cannon ball shell injures two children in Manbij
13:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion of ISIS mine injures 13-year-old in Til Temir
12:10 CULTURE 18 students in Shehba receive diplomas in theater
11:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Osê: Those who want to destroy the Autonomous Administration project won't succeed
11:04 CULTURE Kurdish artist Beytocan passes away in exile in Sweden
10:15 NEWS Green Left Party conference ends with resolutions for the future
09:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Afrin
09:12 HUMAN RIGHTS PKK and PAJK Committees call on people to protest torture in prisons
08:33 FEATURES PJAK: Handing over our weapons is out of the question
07:50 FEATURES 12 September 1980, a never ending military coup
19:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA A senior leader of ISIS arrested in al-Busayra town
18:43 KURDISTAN HPG: Stuck in Zap, Turkish army launched a new attack to extend the occupation operation to Metina
17:56 WOMEN Co-founder of Rosa Women's Association sentenced to seven and a half years in prison
16:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA People's Initiative in Cizîrê Region launches campaign for the freedom of Öcalan
15:01 KURDISTAN 2 killed, 2 wounded as village guard attacks the family of his wife in Patnos
14:25 FEATURES Denial and silence continue one year after the Turkish army burned the bodies of its own soldiers
13:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army continues its attacks on Til Temir
12:21 CULTURE Time for Hope, a day in Milan for Abdullah Öcalan
11:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA New Academy for teachers and school directors opens in Qamishlo
11:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Woman from Afrin tells of her 5-year ordeal
10:34 NEWS Green Left Party conference delegates discuss isolation in Imrali
09:55 WOMEN Şarklı: A better organization will strengthen women
09:12 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Committee will investigate attacks on journalists in Northern and Eastern Syria
08:33 HUMAN RIGHTS At least 201 workers lost their lives in occupational homicides in August
07:50 FEATURES Atabay: We need to fight self-assimilation to increase rate of those speaking in Kurdish
18:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Balance sheet of the mercenaries’ foiled attacks and the legitimate responses in Manbij
17:51 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing actions against the Turkish army
17:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Manbij demonstrate in solidarity with the SDF: We will defend our city
16:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA Man kidnapped for the second time in Turkish-occupied Afrin
15:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Manbij Military Council: 52 mercenaries were killed, 102 others injured
14:33 NEWS Green Left Party holds conference in Ankara to discuss a road map
13:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish-backed mercenaries kill a young man in occupied Gire Spi
13:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: At least 11 invaders killed
12:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Ill prisoner in Kırşehir S Type jail not taken to hospital
11:46 WOMEN Çubuk: The Green Left Party will strenghten its women's organization
11:04 KURDISTAN Village in Beytüşşebap under blockade for 45 days
10:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state attempts to infiltrate villages of Manbij again
09:55 KURDISTAN Iran arrests founders of Roznewbar Kurdistan Science Institute
09:12 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Kurdish journalist Maroofian released on bail
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Hundreds of people in Shirin attend funeral of Manbij Military Council fighter Ebîd El Îsa
07:50 FEATURES Öcalan's lawyers prepare to respond to Turkey's answer to UN