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10:07 NEWS NAV-BEL and CDK-S call on everyone to attend Kurdish festival in Landgraaf on Saturday
09:42 FEATURES The Flower of Transformation Blooms in Kurdistan
09:23 NEWS International lawyers: We want to break the isolation in Imrali
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyr Kamber Söylemez laid to rest in Qamishlo
08:22 NEWS Activists in Geneva call on everyone to attend festival in Netherlands on Saturday
07:49 NEWS Petition demands Swiss Federal Parliament to impose sanctions against Erdogan
18:57 KURDISTAN Seven soldiers killed in actions by YJA Star guerrillas
18:19 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Justice Ministry says number of jailed journalists 'doesn't concern public'
17:29 NEWS "The Kobanê trial is directed against Kurds, women and opposition members"
16:41 HUMAN RIGHTS Families of sick prisoners resume justice vigil in front of ATK
16:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Spokesperson: It is too early to conclude the security operation in Hol Camp
14:57 HUMAN RIGHTS Asrın Law Office thanks 350 lawyers who applied to Turkish Ministry to visit Öcalan
14:16 NEWS KON-MED calls for participation in the 30th Kurdish Cultural Festival in the Netherlands
13:33 HUMAN RIGHTS 350 lawyers from 22 countries apply to visit Imrali Prison
13:00 KURDISTAN HSM congratulates guerrillas in Avaşîn and Girê Cûdî
12:25 KURDISTAN Political genocide operation in Silopi: 5 detained
11:29 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoner reports constant raids in Van High Security Closed Prison
10:55 ECOLOGY Naci Sönmez: Let's be in Cûdî to protest plunder of nature
10:36 NEWS Activists from Salzgitter take over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
10:07 NEWS Young activists march from Düsseldorf to Leverkusen on 4th day of Long March
09:42 NEWS Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan kills almost 100 soldiers
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mobile library in Qamishlo offers books by Öcalan
08:51 CULTURE Rojava Film Commune releases official trailer of film "Kobanê"
08:22 CULTURE Prison sentence for sharing Kurdish music on social media
07:49 FEATURES Turkish army uses all kinds of chemical weapons
19:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA UN: Cholera outbreak in Syria poses serious threat
18:33 NEWS Long March in Germany continues on its third day
17:52 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing guerrilla actions and Turkish attacks
17:14 KURDISTAN Bombed by Turkey, Sinûn People's Council building is being rebuilt
16:31 NEWS DBP Co-chair: We are going through a strategic period
15:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA 16 members of the occupation forces killed in HRE actions
14:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA 13-year-old injured in Turkish attack on Shehba dies
14:23 NEWS Iraqi MP calls for an investigation into MIT's visit to Baghdad
13:41 NEWS Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: At least 49 Armenian soldiers killed
13:02 KURDISTAN Footage of guerrilla action against the Turkish army at Girê Cûdî Resistance Area
12:34 KURDISTAN KDP builds military positions for the Turkish army in guerrilla areas
11:29 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist Sinan Aygül sent to prison
10:55 WOMEN YPJ forces rescue another Yazidi woman in Hol Camp
10:36 NEWS Third day of Long March kicks off from Düsseldorf airport
10:07 HUMAN RIGHTS Three prisoners go on hunger strike in Kilis L Type Closed jail to protest torture
09:42 WOMEN Man tortures and kills his wife
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Women prisoners in Diyarbakır Women's Closed jail go on hunger strike against rights violations
08:51 NEWS Hundreds of lawyers apply to visit Imrali
08:22 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Bafra T-Type jail expose violations of rights
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Young and Promising, for a new university system in the Autonomous Administration of NE Syria
18:52 KURDISTAN 12 soldiers killed in guerrilla actions in memory of Mehmet Hayri Durmuş
18:11 ECOLOGY KCK Ecology Committee calls for participation in the protest march to Mount Cudi
17:04 HUMAN RIGHTS Emine Şenyaşar to stand trial again
16:17 NEWS Long March for Öcalan’s freedom on its second day
15:38 NEWS Kurdish-Arab Dialogue Meeting held in the Netherlands