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10:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA March in Aleppo protest occupation of Afrin in its 5th anniversary
10:19 KURDISTAN She filled her heart with the love of freedom
09:52 NEWS Young activists in Athens condemn isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan
09:23 NEWS Action in solidarity of Ecevit Piroğlu in front of the Serbian Consulate in Athens
08:51 NEWS Musician Mîr Perwer's mother dies in Muş
08:22 NEWS Young man who set his body on fire to protest isolation laid to rest
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Emine Şenyaşar: My children were killed at the hands of the state
19:29 NEWS Swedish newspaper launches satire competition to protest Erdogan
18:50 NEWS KCDK-E: AKP issues death orders in Germany
17:33 KURDISTAN HPG reports 21 chemical weapons attacks in one day
16:59 FEATURES Öcalan’s lawyers call on the CPT to release report on latest visit to Imrali
15:55 NEWS Lawyers of Öcalan submit another application to visit Imrali
14:49 WOMEN KJK condemns the assassination of Nabisada, calls for solidarity with women in Afghanistan
13:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA AANES: There will be no solution or stability until Afrin and other occupied regions are liberated
12:59 KURDISTAN Young man who set his body on fire to protest isolation loses his life
12:24 WOMEN The growing struggle of women in Rojava - I
11:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA More Iraqi nationals in Hol camp repatriated
11:17 NEWS Over 10,000 people express solidarity with Iranian people in Strasbourg
10:48 KURDISTAN HPG martyr Zagros: My commitment grew as I got to know Sara
10:19 NEWS Strong warning from Germany to AKP-MHP government
09:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state and its mercenaries continue to cut down olive trees in Afrin
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS 79-year-old Hadi Özer released
08:51 NEWS Students protest 3-month suspension of professor Bülent Yücel
08:22 NEWS Young person set his body on fire in Amed
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kongra Star Congress: Work to be increased for freedom of Abdullah Öcalan
18:46 NEWS Appeal for Ecevit Piroğlu facing extradition to Turkey
18:09 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing chemical weapons attacks on guerrilla positions
17:34 NEWS HDP calls for international observation of the 21st hearing of Kobanî case
17:00 NEWS Call for participation in the Long March for Öcalan in February
16:24 NEWS Iraq establishes checkpoints across its borders with Turkey and Iran
15:37 WOMEN Xelef: Women organise themselves in all fields of life on the basis of Öcalan's philosophy
14:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners on hunger strike call for support: Hear our voice!
14:17 NEWS Democratic Kurdish Community Centre opens in Winterthur, Switzerland
13:39 NEWS Resistance in East Kurdistan and Iran enters fifth month
12:58 WOMEN Rihan Loqo: We held a historic congress on a historic day
12:23 WOMEN Former Afghan MP Nabizada shot dead in Kabul
11:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Armenian Community Council calls for increasing the struggle for Öcalan's freedom
11:23 ECOLOGY German police: Lützerath completely cleared up
10:48 CULTURE Hungarian philosopher Tamás dies after long illness
10:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA North and East Syria Health Committee will build blood banks and new hospitals in 2023
09:52 KURDISTAN HPG releases names of guerrillas fallen in 2017
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Defense Committee for Öcalan in North and East Syria sends a letter to UN Secretary Guterres
08:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Şenyaşar family: We will be in Malatya on 17 January to demand justice
08:22 HUMAN RIGHTS Protests in Iran and Rojhilat continue on fourth month
07:49 FEATURES Kurds prepare calendar of events to protest Lausanne Treaty on its 100th anniversary
18:58 NEWS Alliance for Labour and Freedom holds election rally in Istanbul
16:53 WOMEN Women from Afrin region celebrate the 18th year of Kongra Star
15:41 NEWS Protest against isolation cancelled in Berlin due to ban on Öcalan pictures
15:02 KURDISTAN ISIS kidnaps two Kurdish shepherds in Germiyan
14:19 WOMEN 'We will follow the struggle of Sakine Cansız until the last drop of blood'