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12:29 News HDP Amed offices under blockade
12:08 News Police attacked HDP executives and supporters in Amed
12:00 News Mızraklı and Beştaş: We don't accept this decision!
11:40 News Damascus: Turkey is sending convoy to Khan Sheikhoun
11:20 News KDCK-E calls on people to protest today at 6 pm
11:00 Kurdistan 4 wounded as Turkish jets bomb civilians in South Kurdistan
10:45 News Ahmet Türk: Unlawfulness has reached its peak
10:15 News Images from the occupation of Mardin Municipality
10:00 News Search at Amed Town Hall ends, Trustee arrives
09:45 News HDP: We won't remain silent!
09:29 News AKP terror: 418 detained in 29 cities in operation targeting HDP
09:16 News Amed co-mayor Mızraklı: What is being seized is the people's will
09:00 News Police operation in Adana: 20 taken into custody
08:46 News Kurds in Europe celebrate 15 August
08:21 News Amed, Mardin and Van municipalities seized by the AKP
08:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Mine explodes in Afrin
07:48 Rojava-Northern Syria The Turkish army increased bombing of villages in Shera
01:36 Kurdistan Political genocide operations in Amed: Several detentions
17:00 Kurdistan HPG: Guerrillas infiltrate Turkish forces’ positions in Şemdinli
16:30 Kurdistan Human shield actions in Qandil and Bradost concluded
16:00 News New rally to be held today in Hong Kong
15:30 News Political genocide continues in Mardin and Şırnak: 29 detained
15:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Syriac Union Party: We will not allow another genocide
14:30 Women Women from Afrin support Kongreya Star campaign against invasion
14:00 Rojava-Northern Syria “The regions freed by martyrs won’t be brought up for discussion"
13:30 Women Looking at War and Peace from a Gender Perspective
13:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Human shield action against invasion continues in Kobane
12:30 Rojava-Northern Syria First 100 orphans born into ISIS to be handed over to Germany
12:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Syrian tribes call on the regime to enter into dialogue with MSD
11:45 News Operation against HDP in Şırnak: At least 10 detained
11:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Car bomb attack kills one, wounds two in Qamishlo
10:47 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish occupiers kidnap more people in Afrin
10:17 Culture Artist Weledkhan opens exhibition of drawings by Afrin kids
09:47 News Afghanistan suicide bomb at wedding killed 63 wounded 182
09:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Suicide attack in Qamishlo wounds two
08:47 News 15 August celebrated in three Swiss cities
08:17 News HDP deputies meet Argentinean Secretariat of Human Rights
07:48 Freedom of the Press "F sit-in" demanded release of journalist Ziya Ataman
20:55 Rojava-Northern Syria "Rojava was not liberated to be handed over to Turkey"
20:27 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish army bombs Tal Rifat
18:00 Human Rights Week 751 of vigil by Saturday Mothers
15:32 Features PKK’s Karayılan: We base on Öcalan’s orders and instructions
14:43 Kurdistan Guerrillas destroy Turkish truck in Gever
14:09 Human Rights Body of Yılmaz killed in Amed not given to family for 28 days
13:39 Rojava-Northern Syria Cizire Region Clans: We are ready for both peace and resistance
12:44 Rojava-Northern Syria HRE: Three Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Mare
12:17 Features When people's demands are not listened to, violence increases
11:46 News Hasankeyf on Swedish and Finnish media
11:18 News Hakkari Governor extended ban on public events for another month
10:47 News Sweden Labor Party youth: Stop selling arms to Turkey!