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16:11 WOMEN Iran sentences female cartoonist to 6 years in prison
15:00 WOMEN Suham Şengalî: KDP implements the policy of ISIS against Yazidi women rescued from ISIS
14:16 NEWS Iranian Foreign Minister to travel to Iraq and Kurdistan Region
13:38 KURDISTAN Guerrillas make success inevitable with creative tactics
12:54 KURDISTAN Former co-mayors and deputy co-mayors of Ergani Municipality imprisoned
12:02 FEATURES Paech: Isolation is contrary to international law
11:13 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to guerrillas Merîvan and Sipêrtî who fell in Xakurke six years ago
10:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration condemns the change of demographic structure of Afrin
09:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army injures a citizen in Manbij
09:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA MIT kidnaps Syrian lawyer in Afrin
08:33 NEWS Imrali isolation discussed at DEM Party and PACE Turkey Rapporteur meeting
07:50 FEATURES First murderers were acquitted, then Saturday Mothers were banned from Galatasaray Square
18:46 NEWS DEM Party Co-Chair Tülay Hatimoğulları: This picture will go down in history
17:17 NEWS Lawyers file another application to visit Öcalan in Imralı
15:57 WOMEN Women read Abdullah Öcalan's books in Amûdê
14:49 KURDISTAN March for Democracy: Our resistance will continue everywhere
13:54 KURDISTAN Villages in Yüksekova sealed off due to military operation
13:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Stêrk Organisation for Children's Rights calls for international action against Turkish massacres
12:02 KURDISTAN Guerrilla thwarts attacks by the Turkish army
11:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces capture ISIS mercenary in Deir ez-Zor
10:34 NEWS DEM Party holds talks with opposition parties to discuss the situation in Hakkari
09:55 NEWS Justice Vigil in Istanbul against usurpation of people's will in Hakkari continues
09:12 KURDISTAN Guerrillas carry out actions in Metîna and Zap
08:33 KURDISTAN "March to Hakkari for Democracy" continues in Yüksekova
07:50 FEATURES Gerber: Rojava shows we can change existing systems and provide an alternative to nation states
16:41 KURDISTAN The ‘March to Hakkari for Democracy’ starts in Şemdinli
15:55 KURDISTAN Tatvan Co-Mayor: There is no legal obligation to keep Erdoğan’s photo in office
14:16 NEWS Death toll in Gaza reaches 37,124
13:37 NEWS Asrın Law Office turns to the UN, calling for ‘urgent action’ against İmralı isolation
12:59 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV releases footage of Turkish UCAV downed in Asos
12:02 WOMEN Exhibition by women who left Hol Camp
11:13 WOMEN TJK-F holds its 5th Congress in Paris
10:34 WOMEN Iranian Nobel Laureate Narges Mohammadi's trial held in her absence
09:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian mercenaries impose 300,000 dollars “fee” on family in Afrin
09:12 FEATURES Middle East Youth Conference ends with final declaration
08:33 FEATURES Baluchi human rights activist addresses Middle East and North Africa Youth Conference
07:50 FEATURES Gerber: Öcalan and Bookchin's theories continue to be implemented in Rojava
18:34 KURDISTAN The ‘March to Hakkari for democracy’ to kick off from Şemdinli tomorrow
18:00 KURDISTAN Iran’s Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Kurdish Sunni cleric
17:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA 'With its attacks on North-East Syria, Turkey violates international law and the Geneva Conventions'
16:37 KURDISTAN DEM Party Hakkari organisation: It is time to make fascism take a step back
15:59 KURDISTAN Bayindir: Kurds will not end the struggle until they obtain their rights
15:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA One killed by Turkish soldiers in Rojava
14:07 NEWS Second day of the Middle East Youth Conference in Beirut
13:29 NEWS Italian defenders of democracy in solidarity with DEM Party and all those persecuted in Turkey
12:56 KURDISTAN Footage of wreckage of Turkish UCAV downed by guerrillas in Asos
12:02 WOMEN Şîrîn Mihemed serves the Rojava Revolution with her pen and voice
11:13 ECOLOGY Turkish-linked mercenaries burn forests and olive trees in Afrin
10:34 FEATURES Tekin: We will not recognize the trustees
09:55 NEWS Turkish use of chemical weapons in South Kurdistan protested in Paris