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07:49 NEWS Activists in Armenia condemn Turkey's attack on South Kurdistan, salute the guerrilla's resistance
20:41 NEWS Aldar Xelil: Trial of HDP politicians over solidarity with Kobanê is political genocide
20:02 KURDISTAN HDBH militia targets a ‘collaborator’ in Mardin
19:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA “No solution possible in Syria without the Autonomous Administration”
18:48 FEATURES German internationalist in Rojava: "I can only advise you: Come here!"
18:06 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish invasion and guerrilla resistance continue
17:16 NEWS Özsoy: Turkey’s invasion operation is not limited to guerrilla areas
16:25 NEWS 12 detained as police attack May Day gathering in Trabzon
15:50 NEWS At least 220 detained in police crackdown on May Day gathering in Istanbul
15:03 NEWS “From Chicago to Kurdistan, the revolutionary spirit will never be defeated”
14:05 KURDISTAN Guerrilla offensive in Metina: "We will defeat the enemy"
13:22 NEWS PKK: Let’s extend the struggle against occupation on May Day
12:38 ECOLOGY "Not a single tree is left standing in Lice"
12:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Lawyer Elî: Turkey is guilty of war crimes as it denies people access to drinking water
11:27 ECOLOGY Soldiers detain five villagers protesting the quarry in Ikizdere
10:59 FEATURES HDP Izmir MP Kemalbay salutes Workers' Day
10:33 NEWS Police detain a number of people in Ankara, prevent activists from celebrating May Day
10:03 KURDISTAN Two Turkish soldiers killed in Mamreşo
09:31 NEWS Yazidi young activists in Bielefeld send letter to the UN demanding freedom for Öcalan
09:02 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Jinnews website blocked for 4th time in ten days
08:34 NEWS International Workers' Day: Police take scores into custody in Istanbul
08:22 NEWS Peace in Kurdistan Campaign celebrates International Workers' Day
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian Democratic Council salutes peoples of Syria fighting for a new free life on Workers' Day
21:24 NEWS Children of Fire set fire to several workplaces and vehicles
20:47 NEWS Letter campaign to the UN continues in Biel
20:14 NEWS Protest action by Kurdish and anti-fascist youth in Vienna
19:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Shaddadi Educational Committee repairing schools devastated by ISIS
18:50 NEWS Sentences announced in Stuttgart PKK trial
18:12 NEWS Lawyers apply to Constitutional Court against relocation of guerrilla bodies
17:11 NEWS Şenyaşar family’s justice vigil marks its 53rd day
16:34 NEWS MEP İncir criticizes the international silence against Erdogan
15:27 NEWS 14-year-old detained in Şemdinli for insulting the president
14:41 KURDISTAN Turkish army deploys village guards to operation area in Amed countryside
14:14 WOMEN YJA STAR: We will fight to the last drop of blood, won’t allow an occupation
13:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Rojava Administration hands over 92 ISIS women and children to Uzbekistan
13:08 HUMAN RIGHTS Seriously ill prisoner's life in danger
12:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Resistance Diaries from Rojava
11:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA TEV-DEM: We stand by workers on 1 May
11:29 WOMEN Official Gazette ratifies termination of Istanbul Convention on 1 July
10:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey puts the life and health of millions at risk by cutting water supplies to North East Syria
10:24 NEWS MÖP: People should raise the struggle for freedom and democracy on May Day
09:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Unidentified war planes target a Turkish military base near Ain Issa
09:23 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV releases footage of action targeting Kirya Reş Turkish outpost
08:51 NEWS UK Labour Party MP Feryal Clark: Turkey has become a one-man, one-party rule state
08:22 NEWS Twelve politicians sent to prison in Amed
07:49 NEWS Activists in Germany and Greece protest the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan
22:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration implements new partial lockdown
21:43 ROJAVA-SYRIA Shepherd aged 70 wounded by Turkish soldiers in a village of Afrin
21:11 NEWS South Americans express solidarity with the HDP and Kobani Resistance
20:00 KURDISTAN HPG: At least 21 Turkish soldiers killed in Medya Defense Zones