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07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Peace Mothers: We will stay at the border until we get the remains of our children
19:41 NEWS 5-year-old run over by armored vehicle and seriously injured in Urfa
19:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD: Recognition of the Autonomous Administration by Catalonia is a brave step
18:33 NEWS Turkey’s use of chemical weapons brought up in the Italian parliament
17:58 NEWS Constitutional Court justifies the state violence in Gezi trial
17:26 NEWS 'Religion should not be used as a tool in dirty politics'
16:36 ECOLOGY Global Day of Action: No to the "Maya Train" and the colonial rail of Deutsche Bahn
16:01 NEWS Şenyaşar family: There can be no life without justice
15:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA Russian military vehicle runs over a civilian in Kobanê
14:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA TEV-DEM blames Russia and International Coalition for Turkish drone attack in Kobanê
14:23 FEATURES Karayılan appeals to the West: “Stop the injustice done to the Kurds since 1923”
13:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mothers of martyrs stage sit-in at Semalka asking for the bodies of guerrillas killed by KDP
13:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish bombing injures two children in Shehba
12:57 FEATURES Back to Shengal to rebuild his village
12:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration condemns attack by Turkey in Kobanê
11:54 FEATURES Joint appeal for international investigation into Turkey’s use of chemical weapons
11:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Campaign by Şiler Committee for Children: ‘Our children are the hope of future’
10:50 NEWS Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria thanks parliament of Catalonia
10:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Rojava University Women’s Council holds 2nd development meeting
09:52 NEWS Police detain 17 people in Izmir in operation targeting HDP members
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD condemns Turkish drone attack against Kobanê
08:51 NEWS Young activists in Villiers Le Bel demand freedom for Öcalan
08:22 NEWS Provocative commemoration of partition of Ireland today in Armagh
07:49 NEWS Parliament of Catalonia recognizes the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria
20:30 KURDISTAN YJA Star Commander Şîlan Goyî commemorated in Maxmur
19:45 KURDISTAN Guerrillas strike Turkish forces in Zap
18:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish drone attack on a car in Kobanê injures 3
18:22 NEWS Kurdish activists’ vigil in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva continues
17:17 FEATURES Karayılan calls for on-site investigation into Turkish chemical attacks
16:20 NEWS HDP MP: A quarter of Turkey’s budget goes to war
15:33 WOMEN Guerrilla commander Şîlan Goyî martyred in Turkish airstrike
14:56 WOMEN Kurdish politician Ayşe Gökkan sentenced to thirty years in prison
14:21 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Death threat against journalist Hüseyin Şenol in Germany
13:41 WOMEN RJAK member Rashid: “KDP is targeting organized women”
12:47 NEWS Şenyaşar family blames Turkish judiciary for being complicit
12:17 CULTURE The story of Hêza, from ISIS hostage to Defense Units commander in the liberation of Raqqa
11:48 NEWS Autonomous Administration Representation meets parties and organisations in Sweden
11:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Young people support the protest action at Semalka
10:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF pays tribute to the people of Raqqa in the 4th anniversary of its liberation from ISIS
10:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Manbij Internal Security Forces carry out operation against drug dealers
09:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Salih Muslim: The Adana Agreement must be annulled
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA 355 people test positive for coronavirus in Northern and Eastern Syria
08:51 NEWS Bomb attack on a military minibus leaves at least 13 dead in Damascus
08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army bombs villages of Dirdara and Til Şenan in Til Temir
07:49 NEWS European Commission says that deterioration of human and fundamental rights in Turkey continues
20:26 KURDISTAN Sêmelka protest: KDP is doing what the enemy can’t
19:34 NEWS Kurdish activist sentenced to prison in Stuttgart for “PKK membership”
18:25 ROJAVA-SYRIA ‘The biggest danger to the future of Afrin people is the change of demography’
17:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA 3 children from ISIS families handed over to British delegation
16:44 WOMEN ‘A special policy is pursued against women’