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07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in Shehba march in support of the guerrillas
20:02 CULTURE KNK supports campaign for Hawrami to be official language of education
19:27 ECOLOGY Forest fire in Muş countryside
18:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Attack by occupation forces injures four civilians, including two children, in Shehba
17:28 KURDISTAN Successful guerrilla actions by YJA Star
16:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA Five Turkish soldiers killed in HRE sabotage in Afrin
15:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Artillery attack targets the center of Afrin
14:53 FEATURES HPG Commander Sipan Rojhilat: Turkish army cannot fight the guerrilla
14:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA Al-Hamza Division imposes new levies in occupied Afrin
13:21 WOMEN Yasemin Üçer: Our goal is to establish a women's assembly in every city
12:51 FEATURES Empty words
12:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin Human Rights Organization exposes destruction of tombstones in Afrin
11:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Brother of PYD executive arrested in Hewler urges the KDP to release the three politicians
11:18 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD Istanbul branch chair calls on authorities to comply with law as hunger strikes reach day 241
10:49 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Security forces attack 44 women journalists in Turkey in 2021
10:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPJ issues declaration on the desecration of graves in Afrin
09:52 KURDISTAN Pictures of village hit by Turkish army show destruction
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state and mercenaries bomb villages in Shehba
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Bombardment of Laziqiyê, Hema and the countryside of Idlib by Russian warplanes continues
08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Member of the Cerzî People's Municipality injured in Deir ez-Zor
07:49 KURDISTAN YJA Star guerrilla Sara Cudi portraits the resistance with her dance
20:02 KURDISTAN HPG publishes three-month balance sheet of war
19:21 NEWS Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç also on "execution list"
18:18 HUMAN RIGHTS Eren Keskin: Racism is not punished in Turkey
17:37 NEWS Only one person arrested after deadly lynch attack in Konya
16:58 KURDISTAN HPG reports skirmish between guerrillas and KDP in Metîna
16:20 NEWS Names of two fallen SDF fighters published
14:19 KURDISTAN KDP makes further preparations
12:51 KURDISTAN Batûfa Çekdar: Turkish army cannot fight
12:15 CULTURE Aleppo Artists Union organises event for orphan children
11:47 HUMAN RIGHTS Şenyaşar family demanding justice for 138 days
11:18 HUMAN RIGHTS Arrested when he was 17, sentenced to 22 years without a fair trial
10:50 FEATURES House arrest, a permanent punitive measure against the opposition
10:20 KURDISTAN Guerrillas hit helicopter in Werxelê
09:52 HUMAN RIGHTS Mother of fallen YPG fighter demands return of her son's remains
09:23 CULTURE Organisers postpone Munzur Nature and Culture Festival due to Covid-19 pandemic
08:51 NEWS Shepherd missing after being shot at by Turkish soldiers found
08:51 ECOLOGY Water crisis in Iran leaves at least 5 dead
07:49 NEWS Kurds today protest the Treaty of Lausanne on its 98th anniversary
20:05 FEATURES Lida Weerts: "Defend Kurdistan" has just begun
18:48 NEWS Hunger strike in prisons enters day 239
18:02 NEWS UN Security Council condemns Erdoğan’s position on Cyprus
17:27 KURDISTAN Sozdar Avesta: Autonomy is a right for the Yazidis in Shengal
16:19 HUMAN RIGHTS At least 17 migrants drowned off Tunisian coast
15:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Unknown persons murder two women in Deir ez-Zor
15:07 NEWS Probe against lawyer for attending Kobanê Trial hearing
14:33 NEWS France dismisses two misogynist imams
13:59 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish troops attacking battle tunnels repulsed
13:25 KURDISTAN The Semalka Border Crossing issue and its actors
12:48 NEWS ISIS returnee Omaima Abdi sentenced to several years in prison in Germany