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09:23 NEWS Civil society organizations protest prison sentence for deposed mayor of Hakkari
08:51 HUMAN RIGHTS International Delegation Against Isolation: Freedom of Öcalan is crucial
08:22 WOMEN Activists rally in Cologne to support ongoing protests in Iran and Rojhilat
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS International Delegation calls for abolition of Imrali system
18:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Six ISIS members arrested in Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs
18:09 NEWS German and French embassies issue security warning for Turkey
17:03 NEWS 74-year-old jailed in Adıyaman
16:25 WOMEN Interview with Ilham Ehmed about feminization of politics
15:36 FEATURES Hitting fascism
14:58 KURDISTAN Turkey bombs Metina and Amadiya countryside
13:46 HUMAN RIGHTS Highest number of applications to ECtHR was from Turkey in 2022
12:37 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing Turkish attacks on guerrilla positions
11:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Commander Çekjîn: There is a clear coordination between ISIS and the Turkish state
11:24 NEWS Stripping HDP MPs of immunity as a way of silencing opposition
10:48 NEWS Camilo Torres: "We want to break isolation"
10:19 NEWS Remains of YJA-STAR guerrilla Kutlak given to her family
09:54 KURDISTAN Drones' activity increases in Shengal after operation against informers
09:23 CULTURE Iranian film actress Tavaslı calls for boycot of Fajr Film Festival in Tehran
08:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Ill prisoners in Patnos jail not given their medication
08:22 CULTURE Çanakkale Governor bans concert by HDP Youth Assembly
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA First technology fair opens in Northern and Eastern Syria
19:16 NEWS Three killed by special operations police in Bursa
18:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA Migrant from Afrin to lodge a complaint with the UN about Turkey
18:03 NEWS HDP deputies on day 27 of vigil against the isolation of Öcalan
17:28 KURDISTAN Residents of Maxmur on day 48 of vigil against the isolation of Öcalan
16:51 NEWS Iraqi delegation to visit Turkey to discuss water problem
16:16 NEWS International Delegation Against Isolation visits law associations in Ankara
15:39 KURDISTAN People of Shengal support the 'Operation Revenge' against MIT-KDP agent network
14:57 KURDISTAN Co-Chair of Tevgera Azadî taken into custody
14:23 NEWS International Delegation Against Isolation visits DBP and TÖP
13:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA 32 arrested on the 3rd day of Operation Retaliation For Raqqa Martyrs
13:06 NEWS Germany on AKP’s election campaigns: There is no place for hate speech and agitation
12:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF dismantles an ISIS cell in Raqqa
11:59 NEWS KON-MED calls on Kurds living in Germany to attend march for Rojhilat in Cologne tomorrow
11:17 NEWS Activists in London pay tribute to martyrs of massacre of Sheladize
10:48 NEWS Khor Mor gas field in Iraq hit by rockets
10:19 NEWS Martin: Isolation will be broken by solidarity
09:54 NEWS Data of deportees passed on to AKP-MHP regime
09:23 NEWS KCDK-E calls on activists to attend delivery of signatures demanding to delist the PKK
08:51 NEWS Huge response to HDP social media campaign "Our treasure is our people"
08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Kobanê pay tribute to martyrs on the 8th anniversary of city's liberation
07:49 NEWS Union leader Bozgeyik: War policies lead to economic crisis
18:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG marks the liberation of Kobanê: We will free our occupied lands
17:59 KURDISTAN Operation against MIT-KDP agent network in Shengal
17:24 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing Turkish attacks with chemical weapons
16:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Tribal leaders and notables support the ‘Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs’
16:09 NEWS International Delegation Against Isolation visits HDP and IHD in Ankara
15:34 NEWS Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg continues
14:38 NEWS Victim of "helicopter torture” in Van faces up to 15 years in prison
13:57 NEWS International Delegation Against Isolation visits political parties in Turkey