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18:58 ECOLOGY Life comes to a standstill due to heavy snowfall in Hakkari
18:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Education Committee adopts a full year work for good education in North-East Syria
17:44 KURDISTAN 15th group takes over the hunger strike in Maxmur
17:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Iraqi migrants in Hol Camp: We want to return home
16:33 HUMAN RIGHTS HDP deputies call for action for hunger strikes
15:59 NEWS ESP protests the arrest of its members and executives
15:27 NEWS Dutch government resigns over child benefits scandal
14:58 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Free press workers: We reject attempts to silence us
14:33 KURDISTAN Vigil in Shengal reaches day 45
14:02 KURDISTAN Erdal Acem, a fighter with character
13:31 ECOLOGY Special policies against the nature of Kurdistan
12:59 CULTURE Project on gender violence between German and Rojava universities
12:27 WOMEN Nimet Akgün exercises her right to self-defense against domestic violence
11:55 FEATURES Shocking new evidence in British supplies to Turkish killer drones
11:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration says Damascus is avoiding its responsibilities
10:56 FEATURES MIT and KDP propaganda smear campaign collapses
10:22 FEATURES Noam Chomksy opens Rojava University Freedom Lectures
09:48 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners enter 50th day of hunger strike against isolation
09:19 NEWS Journalists at Morning Star union make Leyla Güven honorary member
08:47 WOMEN Demo for the "100 Reasons" campaign in Duisburg
08:18 HUMAN RIGHTS 2,410 violations of rights recorded in Van 2020
07:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA HPC undertakes tough task on Ain Issa fronts
20:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Protest against isolation of Öcalan continues in Hesekê
19:48 WOMEN Kongreya Star: We have achieved many gains in 16 years
19:05 NEWS Solidarity action for political prisoners on hunger strike continues in Berlin
17:06 NEWS Germany: We brought ISIS members with the help of the Kurdish administration
16:10 ROJAVA-SYRIA "We will not leave our lands, we will resist the invaders"
15:22 NEWS LNA: Turkey will not withdraw from Libya through negotiations or mediation
14:35 KURDISTAN “Kermanshah has never surrendered”
14:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces attack Shehba
13:33 KURDISTAN Vigil in Shengal enters day 44
13:01 CULTURE Remembering Murray Bookchin on his 100th birthday
12:36 NEWS Kurdish youth in Drancy protest isolation
12:17 NEWS Court sentences lawyer Mehmet Emin Aktar to 6 years in prison
11:59 HUMAN RIGHTS Coordination for Monitoring Hunger Strikes: Isolation must end immediately
11:28 KURDISTAN The YBŞ pay tribute to Commander Zerdeşt Şengali and 3 other fighters
10:54 NEWS Police seize music albums, computers, cameras and money in today's searches
10:22 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to martyrs of Kağızman
09:51 FEATURES Is the Islamic State coming back?
09:19 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners enter day 49 of hunger strike
08:48 NEWS Basque organization in solidarity with university students in Turkey
08:19 NEWS Political genocide against ESP: 48 detained, including co-chair
07:50 FEATURES Asrin Law Office: Imrali is a black hole
21:27 WOMEN Kongreya Star celebrates 16th foundation anniversary
20:53 NEWS “Time for Freedom” demo in Brussels
19:33 NEWS British company Andair halts supply for Turkish drones
18:28 NEWS Berlin vigil in solidarity with hunger strikes in prisons on day 3
17:42 FEATURES Asrin Law Office publishes ‘Imrali Prison’ report for 2020
16:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Protest in Hesekê on day 2: Let's unite against isolation
15:43 ECOLOGY Villagers resist against mining activities in Dersim