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15:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Joint Action Platform: Turkey seeks to expand occupation
14:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Arab tribes condemn Turkish attacks, call for action against invasion
13:57 NEWS Hamas is paying the price for 'good relations' with Turkey
13:22 NEWS Kurdish singer Xalîde detained in Istanbul
12:36 KURDISTAN YJA Star Commander addresses guerrillas: “This is a war of existence”
11:43 KURDISTAN Guerrillas shot down a Turkish helicopter in Zap
11:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish soldiers kill young man trying to crossing into North Kurdistan
10:42 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers bring family visit ban imposed on Öcalan to Constitutional Court
10:16 HUMAN RIGHTS Human smugglers ally with soldiers in Van to get refugees across the border
09:51 NEWS Kurdish politician Aysel Doğan dies in Germany after many years of cancer treatment
09:33 WOMEN Women in Strasbourg protest against Turkish attacks
09:10 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey and its mercenaries bomb villages of Um El-Qura and Seqmûqa in Shehba
08:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey injures two villagers in attack on villages of Manbij
08:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: New refugees arriving from Tal Abyad and Ain Issa
07:45 KURDISTAN Besê Hozat: A coalition led by HDP will democratize Turkey and lead it to a free and just future
20:46 NEWS Kurds hold sit-in in front of the UN in Geneva to protest Turkish invasion attacks
18:36 KURDISTAN People of Şengal protest against attacks and October 9 agreement
17:44 KURDISTAN Guerrillas strike Turkish bases in South Kurdistan, destroying a tank
17:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Reduction of Euphrates water decreases electricity production in North-East Syria
16:28 FEATURES Zap is resisting on behalf of Kurdistan
15:25 KURDISTAN Ten detained in Kızıltepe
14:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration: The Turkish state wants to change the demographic structure
14:27 NEWS Application for the lifting of the PKK ban in Germany
13:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish UCAV attack kills a civilian in Kobane
13:08 KURDISTAN Kurdish artists against Turkish war and occupation in Kurdistan
12:33 NEWS Iran slams Turkey’s dam construction on border waters
11:58 KURDISTAN 50 young people from Rojava join the guerrilla ranks
11:21 NEWS Lawyers in Germany apply to Ministry of Interior to lift the ban on PKK
10:54 KURDISTAN Martyr Bedran Gundikremo Unit teams release footage of action against Sîre base in Sheladize
10:35 KURDISTAN YJA Star guerrillas: We are ready to make any sacrifice to defend our people
10:06 CULTURE PKK Culture and Art Committee commemorates 30th anniversary of death of martyr Hozan Mizgîn
09:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA Unmanned Turkish combat aerial vehicles attack Kobanê
09:40 NEWS Activists continue vigil in front of OPCW
09:23 FEATURES Kurdistan: Ecocide and Forced Demographic Change
08:51 KURDISTAN HPG announces identities of four guerrillas who fell as martyrs in Medya Defense Areas
08:22 NEWS Rally in Stockholm protests Turkish invasion attacks
07:49 KURDISTAN Besê Hozat: Nothing will save this fascist government
18:30 KURDISTAN HPG: Eight Turkish soldiers were killed in guerrilla actions
17:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Civilian injured in attack on Manbij
17:09 NEWS KON-MED calls for participation in Berlin demo to “Defend Kurdistan”
16:34 NEWS Young Kurdish activists begin diplomatic journey in South Africa
15:59 NEWS Lawyers submit another application to visit Abdullah Öcalan
15:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mazlum Abdi: We will liberate Afrin and all occupied regions
14:49 NEWS Child wounded by shots fired from Turkish-occupied Serêkaniyê dies in Urfa
14:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA 5 Turkish soldiers and one mercenary killed in HRE actions
13:36 KURDISTAN 80-year-old couple arrested in Van for "supporting the PKK"
12:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ehmed: Syrian refugees should be resettled in their hometowns
11:58 NEWS Activists protest attacks on Şengal in Berlin
11:24 CULTURE Kevana Zêrîn Women's Culture Movement pays tribute to Rojda Bakur
10:55 CULTURE First edition of Amsterdam Kurdish Film Festival kicks off on 13 May