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13:07 KURDISTAN Guerrillas hit Turkish soldiers in Xakurke
12:21 FEATURES SES: The Health System in Turkey collapsed with the pandemic
11:36 KURDISTAN The story of guerrilla Fırat Pirsus (Mustafa Aslan)
11:11 HUMAN RIGHTS MED TUHAD-FED releases report on prisons
10:34 NEWS Baş: The government doesn't protect workers
10:03 KURDISTAN Villages in Van not quarantined but surrounded by soldiers
09:32 NEWS Spanish government tightens lockdown
08:59 NEWS Lockdown begins in the North of Ireland
08:19 HUMAN RIGHTS No justice for Roboski means no justice for Turkey
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD demands release of prisoners before is too late
20:44 KURDISTAN Village in Dersim under quarantine
20:02 NEWS Protest against refugee policy in Berlin
19:24 WOMEN Women welcome spring in Jinwar
18:42 CULTURE Kurdish musicians sing "Bella Ciao" for Italy
18:08 NEWS Coronavirus: 7,402 infected, 108 dead in Turkey
17:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD calls for the release of all detainees
17:09 KURDISTAN YJA Star Commander: “Come here and become like Egid”
16:33 WOMEN Letter from Kongra Star to the people and women in Italy
15:51 NEWS Kurdish umbrella organisations: Nobody must be abandoned
15:04 FEATURES Will everything be alright?
14:32 NEWS 3 Kurds and 12 Chaldeans die of coronavirus in Paris
13:57 KURDISTAN YJA Star guerrillas hit Turkish soldiers in Xakurke
13:29 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AI calls on Turkey to release journalists from prison
12:53 NEWS HDP asks government about fate of paid teachers in COVID-19 time
12:19 NEWS Revenge Units target police and drug dealers in Amed
11:35 HUMAN RIGHTS HDP calls on government to take care of refugees and migrants
11:04 HUMAN RIGHTS Ministry of Justice extends cancelation of visits to prisoners
10:36 KURDISTAN Van municipality trustee refuses to reinstate HDP workers
10:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Birdal says prison gates should be opened immediately
09:34 NEWS HDP launches video campaign to "stay at home" in many languages
08:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Prisoners' Families from Afrin condemn Turkey' stance on prisons
08:24 KURDISTAN People's Council in Maxmur writes to Autonomous Administration
07:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Communes meet the needs of the people of Shehba
20:52 NEWS President Erdogan announces new measures to counter epidemic
19:43 HUMAN RIGHTS HDP's Sarısaç: Punishments in prison are presented as 'precautions'
19:12 NEWS 300-year-old Yazidi graveyard desecrated
18:41 NEWS Death toll from coronavirus in Turkey reaches 92
17:32 NEWS Over 1,700 attacks against refugees and asylum seekers in Germany
16:47 NEWS Son of Kurdish writer Cegerxwîn dies of Coronavirus
16:09 FEATURES Turkish TRT portrays ISIS member as a civilian against YPG
15:21 KURDISTAN Co-mayor of Halfeli remanded in custody
14:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Heyva Sor calls for solidarity with Rojava against pandemic
14:16 KURDISTAN Güven: The embargo on Maxmur must be lifted immediately
13:33 NEWS Families and lawyers apply to visit Imralı
12:52 ECOLOGY Thunberg in isolation: Rapid action needed to curb climate change
12:17 NEWS PKK-PAJK Prison Committees call on people to struggle
11:41 KURDISTAN Guerrillas hit Turkish army posts in Xakurkê
11:08 KURDISTAN HPG discloses identity of two guerrillas
10:33 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Kurdish journalists demand release of their colleagues
10:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Seriously ill prisoner Kaya in intensive care