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17:17 NEWS Request for arrest issued for 20 more people in DTK case
16:43 NEWS UN Bachelet says Israel's annexation plan illegal
16:12 NEWS Revenge Unit claims responsibility for actions in Farqin
15:39 HUMAN RIGHTS ÖHD publishes report on torture suffered by Rojbin Çetin
15:07 NEWS Chief Public Prosecutor calls Leyla Güven to give a statement
14:36 KURDISTAN HPG: 6 invading soldiers killed and 1 vehicle destroyed
13:43 KURDISTAN Guerrilla commander Ersi: "They cannot succeed in Heftanin"
13:05 WOMEN Femicide in Rojava: 14 women murdered during curfews
12:34 WOMEN TJA activist Etki says women's struggle will continue
12:03 NEWS HDP pays tribute to Sheikh Said and his 47 comrades
11:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Qamishlo implements new road measure to increase people safety
11:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Raqqa Administration starts new projects to improve living space
10:29 NEWS Parlasur President issues call to international community
09:58 NEWS Courts send 8 people to jail in DTK case in Amed
09:27 NEWS 13 dead of coronavirus in the Spanish State in the last week
08:57 NEWS HDP says 'Twin Family Campaign' helped over 75,000 families
08:21 NEWS Martyr Mehmet Sevgat Revenge Unit carries out 2 action in Konya
07:49 NEWS Activists in London protest Turkish attacks
22:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Invaders bomb 4 villages in Shera
21:29 HUMAN RIGHTS HDP demands justice for Medeni Yıldırım
20:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS member captured in Heseke countryside
20:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Artillery attacks start fire in Ain Issa
18:11 NEWS KCK appeals to the countries and peoples in the Middle East
17:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA High attendance in the mourning for activists killed by Turkey
16:34 NEWS YPS-Jin and Revenge Unit claim responsibility for actions
15:29 FEATURES Attack on Heftanin: A regional and international plan
15:00 NEWS Italy-wide protests against Turkish war policy
14:31 NEWS Colombia’s Mobile Riot Squad kills 15-year-old activist
14:02 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to Mazlum Tekdağ
13:27 NEWS Roboski Initiative: 444 weeks without justice
12:56 FEATURES Ireland's new government: A shameful marriage of convenience
12:25 WOMEN REPAK condemns mass-detention of activists in Manila
11:58 NEWS Father of 10-day-old baby in prison: We still haven't named him
11:27 NEWS HDP: Agricultural workers killed by exploitation and negligence
11:01 NEWS Activists in Europe protest fascist attacks
10:28 FEATURES Sweden must apologize to Kurds over killing of Olof Palme
09:57 FEATURES The PKK: Criminalizing Resistance, Resisting Criminalization
09:19 WOMEN Women protest against femicide in front of Russian base in Kobanê
08:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA More agricultural land set on fire in Til Temir
08:11 NEWS Germany-wide protests against Turkish war policy
07:39 NEWS MLKP and HBDH fighter Sinan Güneş laid to rest
21:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Protest in Shaddadi against Turkey’s massacres and crimes
21:25 NEWS Demonstration in Zurich against Turkish attacks on Kurdistan
20:09 NEWS Memorial for MLKP/FESK fighter Sinan Güneş
19:32 KURDISTAN HPG reports sabotage against Turkish military truck in Çukurca
18:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA People protest against occupation forces in Gire Spi
17:29 WOMEN Police violence with dogs and sexual insults against activist
16:27 WOMEN Women take to the streets in Heseke against Turkey’s attacks
15:44 HUMAN RIGHTS Turkey: Prisoners warn against expanding hunger strikes
15:09 KURDISTAN Footage from guerrilla action in Heftanin, South Kurdistan