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13:45 KURDISTAN Wave of Iranian attacks on Iraq’s Kurdistan Region continues
13:07 NEWS 7 ISIS members killed in southern Mosul
12:33 KURDISTAN Two prisoners on death fast in Hewler call for solidarity
11:57 WOMEN TJK-E calls for participation in protests for Rojhilat in Europe on October 1
11:29 WOMEN Iranian police arrest journalist Elaheh Mohammadi and poet Mona Borzooi
10:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Fourth school to open in Şêxmeqsûd
10:36 CULTURE New York Kurdish Film Festival will kick off on 14 October
10:07 WOMEN Women in Graz condemn femicides by Iranian state
09:42 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Prosecutor's office demands punishment for journalists Oruç and Müftüoğlu
09:23 WOMEN Women rally in Örebro in support of protests in Iran and Rohjilat
08:51 NEWS Police in Mersin take 9 more people into custody
08:22 WOMEN Hundreds of people gather in Siegen to support women in Iran and Rojhilat
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Iran Human Rights says at least 83 people have been killed in protests following Jina Amini murer
19:20 WOMEN Women protest for Mahsa Amini in front of the Iranian Consulate in Istanbul
18:21 WOMEN Women from Turkey stand with women of Iran
17:32 KURDISTAN "This betrayal will not harm our relationship with the Armenian people"
16:49 KURDISTAN Mazlum Dağ and Abdurrahman Er on death fast
15:36 KURDISTAN HPG: The action in Mersin is a response to massacres and chemical weapons
14:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA 11 killed, 8 injured as HRE hits invaders in Afrin
13:57 NEWS Death toll on the rise as protests continue in Iran
13:29 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS SNJ sends postcards to 16 Kurdish journalists jailed in Amed
12:43 ROJAVA-SYRIA Farewell to martyrs Zeyneb and Beritan in Heseke
11:29 CULTURE Webinar: The Kurdish Dimension of Iran’s Protest Movement
10:55 NEWS Iran's attacks on South Kurdistan leave 13 people, including a pregnant woman, dead and 58 injured
10:36 NEWS Margaret Owen says Öcalan should be released
10:07 NEWS Lawyer Şakar demands that Europe stop being silent about Turkish crimes
09:42 WOMEN Kurdish women's office Cenî e.V. says murder of Jina Mahsa Amini in Tehran is state femicide
09:23 WOMEN Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum sends solidarity statement to people in Iran
08:51 WOMEN Women in Buenos Aires protest death of Jina Amini
08:22 WOMEN "1 October protests in solidarity with brave women and men in Iran who have inspired the world"
07:49 NEWS Second edition of Kurdistan Days will take place in Dresden in October
18:48 NEWS Demo in Berlin calls for the release of Ecevit Piroğlu from Serbian extradition custody
18:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA AANES calls for a no-fly zone against Turkish attacks
17:09 KURDISTAN 21 Turkish soldiers killed as guerrillas retaliate for companions killed by chemical weapons
16:23 NEWS Female ISIS returnee Nadine K. charged in Germany
15:27 WOMEN Kongra Star pays tribute to “friend and sister” Meredith Tax
14:49 KURDISTAN Iranian attacks on Southern Kurdistan result in deaths and injuries
13:53 NEWS Solidarity protests with uprising in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran
13:19 KURDISTAN Iran strikes Eastern Kurdistan Forces in Iraq
12:44 NEWS Swedish Left Party youth stage protest in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm
11:57 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IFJ calls for the release of journalists detained in Iran
11:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian Democratic Forces seize one of largest weapons caches since Baghouz
10:55 NEWS Gündüz: We are prepared for any situation and won't hand this country over to fascism
10:36 WOMEN Prominent activist and writer Meredith Tax dies
10:07 NEWS Police take 22 into custody in Mersin after attack on police station
09:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA First Defense Conference of the Youth of Cizre Region
09:23 WOMEN Peace in Kurdistan Campaign expresses solidarity with women of Iran and Rojhilat
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Co-chairs of Cizre Justice Bureau killed in Turkish drone attack in Girkê Legê
08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack kills two people, wounds 5 in Mişêrfê
07:49 FEATURES Duran Kalkan: Conditions to fight for democracy and freedom are better than before