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13:40 WOMEN KJK: Elections were not fair
13:01 WOMEN 6th Fidan Doğan Kurdish Women's Festival to take place on 18 June in Paris
12:13 KURDISTAN HPG releases identities of two guerrillas fallen in Basta
11:34 NEWS Police try to force university student to become a spy
11:05 WOMEN Tevgera Jinên Azad: Together we will continue to resist and fight
10:19 KURDISTAN Residents of Maxmur enter 12th day of resistance
09:52 HUMAN RIGHTS New ban on lawyers and family visits imposed on Abdullah Öcalan
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS International Week for the Fight Against Disappearances ends with event at Human Rights Association
08:51 KURDISTAN Remains of HPG guerrilla Emrah Arpak to be buried this morning
08:22 NEWS HDP Party Assembly member Aydın sent to prison
07:49 NEWS KCDK-E calls for solidarity actions for Maxmur refugee camp
19:26 NEWS Lawyers apply to visit Abdullah Öcalan
18:49 KURDISTAN HPG reports 133 attacks on guerrilla positions
17:40 ELECTIONS 2023 HDK, DTK, HDP, DBP and Green Left Party: We will carry our struggle forward
16:03 NEWS HBDH marks the anniversary of Gezi uprising, calling for expansion of revolutionary struggle
15:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Relatives of martyrs in Rojava: Barzani family’s support for Erdogan breaks our heart
14:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Hakkari Bar Association demands punishment for torture
13:58 ELECTIONS 2023 ‘Media bias and restrictions contributed to an unjustified advantage of the incumbent’
13:23 NEWS Seminar in Stockholm calls for solidarity with the Kurds to be increased
12:42 FEATURES Salih Muslim: Turkish state is entering a dark period
11:54 NEWS KNK to hold national congress in Lausanne in July
11:17 HUMAN RIGHTS At least 153 died in custody in El Salvador
10:50 KURDISTAN Dengbêj Mehmud calls on artists to defend Maxmur
10:21 NEWS Erdoğan's new mandate begings with the lira at a record low
09:55 ELECTIONS 2023 Karimi: Turkish elections not run in a fair environment
09:23 WOMEN More than 40 female students in Iran expelled from university
08:51 NEWS Kurds in Leipzig protest attacks targeting Maxmur Camp
08:22 NEWS Racist attack targets HDP Inegöl building
07:49 NEWS Green Left Party, HDP, HDK, DTK and DBP meet today to determine a roadmap for the future
18:36 ELECTIONS 2023 Economist Önder: Winning 52 % of the vote is not a victory but a defeat
17:48 KURDISTAN Young man detained in Yüksekova brutally tortured
16:39 ELECTIONS 2023 Journalist Hekimoğlu: Kurds did their part in presidential election
15:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA Israeli airstrikes target the surroundings of Damascus
15:00 ELECTIONS 2023 Iraqi minister says agriculture under threat since Turkey does not release water
14:06 NEWS Spanish PM Sanchez calls snap election after right-wing victory in local elections
13:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Attacks by invaders leave fields on fire in Ain Issa
12:58 KURDISTAN Medical care crisis in Maxmur due to the embargo and siege
12:12 FEATURES Sebahat Tuncel: 7 years as hostage of Erdogan's regime
11:01 NEWS Turkey among first five countries for users of drugs
10:19 CULTURE Koma Şiyar wins first prize in Mîhrîcana Govenden Festival
09:52 KURDISTAN Dozens taken into custody in Yüksekova
09:23 NEWS Martyrs of May were commemorated in Stockholm
08:51 NEWS AKP members provoke Kurdish families living in Alanya
08:22 ELECTIONS 2023 HDP and Green Left Party: Our people voted against the one-man regime
07:49 ELECTIONS 2023 Kurds once again say 'no' to Erdoğan
22:12 ELECTIONS 2023 Erdogan elected President
21:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA One child killed in "celebrations" by Erdogan supporters in Afrin
20:24 ELECTIONS 2023 Erdoğan’s first speech full of threats
19:36 ELECTIONS 2023 YSK announces results with 75.42% of ballot boxes opened
16:25 ELECTIONS 2023 Voting for presidential election ends, counting begins in Turkey