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12:23 ELECTIONS 2023 Green Left Party sends 63 MPs to Parliament
11:29 CULTURE KODAR celebrates Kurdish Language Day
10:44 ELECTIONS 2023 Supreme Electoral Board says 1529 ballot boxes uncounted yet
09:32 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS First hearing of Kurdish journalists arrested in October 2022 to be held on Tuesday
08:59 KURDISTAN PUK MP Karwan Gezneyi victim of a gun attack
02:35 ELECTIONS 2023 Live blog on the elections in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan
02:30 ELECTIONS 2023 YSK: 91.93 percent of ballot boxes opened
00:30 ELECTIONS 2023 Labor and Freedom Alliance sends a total of 66 MPs to Parliament according to preliminary results
17:12 ELECTIONS 2023 IHD documents numerous electoral frauds and assaults
14:47 WOMEN YPJ fighter Cûdî Egîd martyred in Turkish drone attack
13:51 WOMEN ‘Mothers have been fighting for peace for a hundred years’
12:49 KURDISTAN Guerrillas respond to ongoing Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan
11:42 KURDISTAN HPG: 8 soldiers killed in Mardin region
11:13 ELECTIONS 2023 Şenyaşar family: We vote for a democratic change
10:49 ELECTIONS 2023 Uçar: We promise a democratic republic
10:20 ELECTIONS 2023 People in Hatay vote in containers
10:01 ELECTIONS 2023 Buldan: The country's destiny can change today
09:27 ELECTIONS 2023 Over 400 international observers monitoring elections in Turkey - UPDATE
08:56 ELECTIONS 2023 Electoral event held in Basel
08:22 ELECTIONS 2023 Over a hundred thousand people attend Green Left Party rally in Van
07:49 ELECTIONS 2023 Thousands rally in Amed ahead of the elections
07:15 ELECTIONS 2023 Polling stations open in Turkey
18:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA AANES condemns KDP’s unilateral closure of Semalka border crossing
17:28 CULTURE Kurdish Cultural Festival in Paris ends
16:43 KURDISTAN ‘People of Shengal are ready to welcome the Prime Minister of Iraq’
16:00 KURDISTAN PKK Prison Committee pays tribute to Abdulhalim Kırtay who resisted in prison for three decades
15:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF denies Turkish reports about death of five fighters
14:36 HUMAN RIGHTS Saturday Mothers: We will vote for democracy and freedom
13:49 ELECTIONS 2023 If Erdogan loses, his myth will be over and it will be a turning point for Turkey
12:53 HUMAN RIGHTS French delegation visits Emine Şenyaşar
12:08 KURDISTAN An indomitable city: Hakkari
11:20 NEWS Young activists in Stuttgart protest the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan
10:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Heyva Sor says embargo imposed on Shehba puts health of refugees in danger
10:19 ELECTIONS 2023 Sarısaç: Tomorrow's elections will determine Turkey's future
09:52 ELECTIONS 2023 A Democratic Turkey is possible, says European Green Party
09:23 NEWS "Kurdistan and Rojava Revolution" panel at University of Lausanne
08:51 NEWS Fadıl Şenyaşar to stay in prison after new hearing in Malatya
08:22 ELECTIONS 2023 MEPs comment on upcoming Turkish elections
07:49 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS DFG co-chair Altan: This unlawful period will come to an end after the 14 May elections
19:12 ELECTIONS 2023 Thousands kept waiting at the border crossing before elections
18:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA Women in North-East Syria condemn crimes against children
17:54 ELECTIONS 2023 Demir: The government wants to create a climate of fear
17:03 ELECTIONS 2023 Young voters support Green Left Party for their future
16:29 HUMAN RIGHTS Seriously ill political prisoner passes away after release from prison in Amed
15:38 WOMEN KJK demands immediate release of Azime Arsun
14:59 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish attacks on guerrilla areas continue unabated
14:18 NEWS Families apply to visit their relatives on Imrali
13:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA IDP from Afrin: There is no other way but to resist until our home is liberated
12:57 ELECTIONS 2023 Two primary duties in May 14 elections
11:46 ELECTIONS 2023 Van ready for final Green Left Party election rally tomorrow