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11:50 NEWS Activists throughout Europe protest Turkish attacks
11:41 NEWS March for Democracy continues: We will defeat fascism!
11:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyr Yılmaz Cizîr lied to rest in Derik
10:49 NEWS NiUnaMenos condemns Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan
10:16 NEWS RiseUp4Rojava calls on everyone to join actions for Kurdistan
09:51 KURDISTAN KCK Dicle: Resistance must spread to defeat fascism
09:22 NEWS Kurds in Biel protest against the Turkish state
09:08 KURDISTAN Turkish army begins new operation
08:57 NEWS Kurds in Mannheim take to the streets against Turkish attacks
08:21 FEATURES Environmentalist Ayboga talks about consequences of Covid-19
07:49 NEWS 200 former FARC guerrillas killed since peace agreement signing
21:38 NEWS Activist in Sydney protest the Turkish attacks
20:02 NEWS 5 people sent to prison for events they joined when young
19:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish and mercenaries forces bomb two villages in Girê Spî
19:06 NEWS Police once again block the 'Democracy March'
18:57 NEWS Trial for killing of student Kurkut postponed to September
17:57 KURDISTAN Fire on Cudi Mountain continues to spread
17:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Employees of Şihel Council killed
16:43 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in Rojava take to the streets against the Turkish attacks
16:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Russian-Turkish joint patrol suffers mine attack on M-4 highway
15:38 KURDISTAN HPG releases statement on operations in Avaşin, Çelê and Xakurkê
15:06 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS 46 organisations demand freedom for Kurdish journalist Türfent
14:29 NEWS HDP co-chair visits Van Bar on second day of Democracy March
13:56 NEWS IHD condemns the attacks on the HDP-run March for Democracy
13:21 NEWS YPS claims responsibility for action in Cizre
12:52 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's lawyers apply to visit their client in Imrali
12:24 NEWS Kurdish Center for Human Rights condemns Turkish attacks
11:53 NEWS Mass grave containing remains of missing soldiers found in Sudan
11:22 NEWS KCDK-E announces 'Week of resistance against colonialism'
10:55 NEWS Arab League condemns Turkish operation in South Kurdistan
10:28 NEWS Kurds living in Europe protest Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan
10:03 NEWS Freedom for Öcalan Vigil resumes after forced coronavirus break
09:35 NEWS Activists in Toronto and Mainz protest Turkish attacks
09:03 NEWS Labour MP tells of importance of negotiated peace in Turkey
08:59 NEWS Irish right wing parties join to exclude Sinn Féin from governing
08:21 NEWS Press conference: People affected by Turkey’s attacks speak out
07:47 FEATURES Martyr Kasim Engin’s obituary for Martyr Bager Nûjiyan
21:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Protests in North-East Syria against Turkish attacks on Bashur
21:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE statement on the clashes in Afrin
20:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack Til Rifat
20:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Co-mayor of the Teyana town in Deir ez-Zor killed
19:46 KURDISTAN KDP forces arrest 24 people protesting against Turkish attacks
19:11 NEWS Pervin Buldan: We are millions, you cannot stop us!
18:33 KURDISTAN YBŞ: Four of our fighters wounded in Turkish attack
17:51 WOMEN WDR: We must stop the fascism of the Turkish state
17:17 NEWS Many detained as police attack HDP delegation in Van
17:03 KURDISTAN Footage from guerrilla action in Heftanin, South Kurdistan
16:14 NEWS Vigil started in front of the Swedish Foreign Ministry
15:43 NEWS Action plan for protests in Germany today
15:15 NEWS #RiseUp4Rojava calls for demonstrations everywhere today