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07:49 KURDISTAN Nights of resistance...
18:59 NEWS HDK spokesperson and 16 other politicians jailed
18:01 ECOLOGY Civil society supports sit-in against forest fires in Şırnak
17:24 KURDISTAN Turkish army suffers casualties in clash in Van
16:53 KURDISTAN HDP politician Yadişen Karabulak sentenced to 7,5 years in prison
16:04 ECOLOGY HDP MP stages sit-in against forest fires in Şırnak
15:13 NEWS HDP MP sentenced to 10 years in prison
14:34 NEWS Long march heading for Hamburg
13:57 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV footage from Heftanin
13:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA 22 people tortured to death in Afrin
12:48 KURDISTAN Guerrillas in Rojhilat call for support of new Öcalan campaign
12:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kevana Zêrîn Afrin announces new cultural activities
11:37 WOMEN Woman dies in suspicious circumstances in Silvan
11:06 NEWS DBP co-chair Bayındır: The entire Turkey is in isolation
10:34 HUMAN RIGHTS UN: Culture of impunity for human rights violations marks Turkey
10:05 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Mazlum made himself through labor
09:31 NEWS Explosion in military facility in Jordan
08:58 FEATURES Anthropologist Patrick Huff talks about Democratic Confederalism
08:22 NEWS KON-MED condemns attack on Long March, calls for participation
07:49 KURDISTAN South Kurdistan government prepares ground for Turkish attacks
18:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA 45 new coronavirus cases in North and East Syria
17:11 WOMEN Women's economy strengthened through cooperatives in Cizire
15:43 NEWS Greece calls for EU sanctions against Turkey
14:49 KURDISTAN HPG: One Turkish soldier killed in Şırnak
14:02 NEWS German police attack Kurdish long march, arrest some activists
12:59 NEWS Özlem Atsak laid to rest in Çaldıran
12:23 NEWS Unemployment increases to 13.4% in June
11:39 HUMAN RIGHTS MED TUHAD-FED: They release prisoners when on the verge of death
11:04 KURDISTAN PKK: Seizing Hewlêr may only be a plan of the Turkish Republic
10:35 NEWS 6th day of the Long March from Winsen Luhe
10:04 NEWS KCK to launch a revolutionary campaign on September 12
10:03 NEWS Turkish army burns forests before launching military operations
09:31 NEWS Activists in the Hague protest arrests of ESP members
08:58 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Censorship targets Nûçe Ciwan Agency
08:24 NEWS Tories admit breaking law on Ireland with Internal Market Bill
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyr Mohammed El Isa laid to rest in Tabqa
19:59 NEWS Zeynab Jalalian in isolation
18:58 NEWS Prosecutor demands two years and eight months for Mustafa Çelik
18:13 NEWS Four detained following clash in Istanbul
17:20 KURDISTAN HPG announces the identity of two fallen guerrillas
16:11 NEWS US to reduce troop size in Iraq to 3,000 this month
15:27 NEWS Thousands flee fire at migrant camp on virus lockdown in Greece
14:48 KURDISTAN HPG reports attacks on Van, Gever and Zap
13:59 NEWS Europe-wide protests after wave of arrests against ESP
13:27 WOMEN Three TJA activists detained in Amed
12:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners' health at risk in Patnos jail
12:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Northern and Eastern Syria reports 34 new cases of Covid-19
11:34 NEWS Fifth day of Long March kicks off from Lüneburg
11:05 NEWS MLPD: The martyrdom of commander Hamo is a great loss for all
10:34 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Hüseyin was like his eyes