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21:02 NEWS Co-mayor of Özalp transferred to Erzurum
20:37 NEWS Kurdish activist Mustafa Çelik arrested in Bremen
20:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF repels attack on a village of Ain Issa
19:49 NEWS Trump: We evaluate options in response to Iranian aggression
18:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Booby traps: Raqqa soon free of ISIS legacies
18:18 NEWS How a whole glass can be filled with one drop
17:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Dozens of trigger-happy New Year fans arrested in Rojava
17:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Women from Afrin: We won’t leave our city to the invaders
16:37 NEWS International Airlines cancel flights to Iran and Iraq
16:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack villages of Ain Issa
15:51 NEWS NATO condemns Iranian retaliatory attack
15:24 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Acquittal for Kurdish journalist Arjin Dilek Öncel
14:56 NEWS Speaker of Iraqi Parliament condemns Iranian attack
14:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Female body discovered in Hol Camp
13:26 FEATURES PKK: From the murders in Paris to the war in the Middle East
12:58 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers Association: Turkey must be tried for war crimes
12:31 CULTURE Şervano, the song of resistance
12:02 WOMEN TJK-E calls on people to join demos in front of French consulates
11:36 WOMEN Sakine, Fidan and Leyla to be commemorated in Bologna
11:01 KURDISTAN Guerrilla TV footage of actions in Heftanin and Xakurkê
10:32 WOMEN KJK pays tribute to Sakine, Fidan and Leyla
09:53 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS RSF alarmed by increased number of arrested journalists
09:45 NEWS Earthquake near nuke plant in Iran
09:26 NEWS First comments from Rouhani and Khamenei
08:52 NEWS Iran-US crisis: Where things stand
08:17 NEWS Amed trustee fires eight municipality workers
08:09 NEWS Death toll as high as 168 in plane crash near Tehran
07:48 WOMEN In Paris to demand justice!
01:10 NEWS Iran launches missiles on US base in Iraq, Washington confirms
21:17 NEWS Confusion in US letter to Iraqis about American troops withdrawal
20:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG martyr laid to rest in Shehba
20:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Rojava Asayish Forces member martyred in Deir ez-Zor
19:49 NEWS Trial against Selahattin Demirtaş resumed
19:19 NEWS Four countries reject the deployment of Turkish troops in Libya
18:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF fighter Rojhilat Amed buried in Qamishlo
18:08 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Til Hemis rally for Sakine, Fidan and Leyla
17:39 KURDISTAN Hasankeyf can still be saved from destruction
17:02 NEWS Death toll at Soleimani’s funeral rises to 50
16:27 NEWS Yüksekdağ: We will resist and they will lose
16:00 NEWS Öcalan’s lawyers apply to visit Imralı
15:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration: Turkey created a safe route for ISIS
15:06 WOMEN Kongreya Star conference in Shehba
14:36 NEWS Pedro Sanchez is the new Premier of the Spanish State - FLASH
14:21 NEWS German troops to partially withdraw from Iraq
13:57 NEWS Qasem Soleimani’s funeral delayed after deadly stampede
13:28 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist Polat sentenced to 6 years in prison
13:03 KURDISTAN Patnos: Guerrillas have dealt heavy blows to the Turkish army
12:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Refugees from Idlib in Raqqa: SDF have ensured our safety
12:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA Sheikh Maqsoud: 15,500 pupils at eight schools
11:28 WOMEN YJK-E calls on women to join march on 11 January in Paris