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10:30 News #BoycottTurkey Actions around England and Wales
09:31 News Öcalan's Italian lawyers visited hunger striker Aydemir
09:00 Features Sinn Féin confirmed to be the party of change in local elections
08:33 Features Dersim Genocide remembered on 81st anniversary
08:01 Features Bobby Sands died on hunger strike on 5 May 1981
22:00 News Occupying Turkish state attacked villages of Afrin
21:11 News KESK members beaten and detained
16:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Woman and child rescued by SDF reach Yazidi House
16:20 News “Those who remain silent will be held to account”
15:51 News Event in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Den Haag
15:22 News Freedom for Öcalan Campaign at summer Labour Festival
14:50 News Prisoners on hunger strike placed in solitary confinement
14:23 News Families of prisoners walked to closed off HDP building in Amed
13:50 News Police closed off HDP Amed Provincial Organisation building
13:20 News Heyva Sor launches Ramazan campaign
12:50 News Health of hunger striker Xelil worsening
12:20 Kurdistan Yagiz hospitalized, refuses treatment
11:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish soldiers kill civilian at Gire Spi border
11:33 News Three-day solidarity hunger strike launched in Paris
11:00 News Writer Turk and 2 prisoners take turn for worse
10:30 News Three-day hunger strike launched in Zurich
09:30 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg: Day 139
09:00 News Day of action for the hunger strikers across England and Wales
08:30 News Leyla Güven: Day 178 of hunger strike
08:04 News Death fast reached day 5
07:30 News Welsh minister Morgan urged UK government to act
19:40 News Vigil in Bakirkoy: This injustice will burn you too!
17:28 Women Mothers in resistance in Gebze: They attack every day
16:54 News Families:Our protests will continue until the isolation is broken
16:16 News Mothers on hunger strike in Adana
15:45 Kurdistan Hunger strikes continue in Maxmur and Hewler
15:20 News State terrorism on social media: 20.474 persecutions in 5 years
15:00 News Police forcibly removes families in Gebze
14:43 News Police attacked vigil in front of Bakırköy Prison, detained 4
13:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Arab tribes discuss Syria's future
13:30 News Downturn continues in Turkish economy
13:10 Women Two female prisoners on hunger strike exiled
12:45 News Counting began in the North of Ireland after quiet local election
12:20 News Concern growing for Leyla Güven and other hunger strikers
11:50 Kurdistan Shepherd shot by Turkish soldiers dies
11:25 Features Prisoner on death fast: We've done our part, now is up to you
11:00 News Families in Esenyurt: We will be here every day
10:31 Freedom of the Press World Press Freedom Day: Turkey the biggest jailer of journalist
10:00 News Kurdish activist fined in Munich for carrying a photo of Öcalan
09:30 News Plaid Cymru: UK government has to intervene to save Sis' life
09:00 News Youth in Düsseldorf promoted action at Amnesty International
08:30 News Families of hunger strikers in Batman harassed by police
08:01 News KCDK-E co-chair Göksungur visited hunger strikers in Strasbourg
07:30 News A new arrest warrant was issued against artist Ferhat Tunç
16:45 News Syria and Russia intensify Idlib operations