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08:46 Freedom of the Press New hearing today in Özgür Gündem main trial
08:10 News HDP co-mayors of Diyadin beaten by police while defending driver
07:46 News Lawyers applied to visit Öcalan
20:00 Kurdistan Political parties in South Kurdistan call for national unity
19:30 Kurdistan Peace Against War Movement to visit site of Turkish massacre
19:00 Women “Democratic Syria will be founded under women’s lead”
18:30 Kurdistan More Yazidi families return to Shengal
18:00 Kurdistan Turkish jets strike more areas in South Kurdistan
17:30 Rojava-Northern Syria 190 bodies removed from a mass grave in Raqqa
17:00 News HBIM assumes responsibility for sabotage against Izmir hotels
16:33 Kurdistan Yazidi religious representatives visit YBŞ/YJŞ in Shengal
16:07 Kurdistan Derin peshmergas support human shield action in Bradost
15:39 Rojava-Northern Syria 10 more civilians abducted by the occupation forces in Afrin
15:09 Kurdistan KDP threatens nomads in villages to evacuate the area
14:44 Kurdistan Human shields in Qandil: Resistance is life
14:19 News Pressure and threats against Kurds rise in France
13:50 Women Italian women travel through northern Syria
13:13 Kurdistan Women in Maxmur Refugee Camp condemned Turkish invasion of Bashur
12:44 News Make Rojava Green Again held 3rd international gathering in Italy
12:12 Human Rights "Afrin is a scene of war crimes"
11:45 News KNK condemned Turkish aggression of South Kurdistan
11:15 News TUAYDER: We won't stop our work because of repression
10:46 News Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Vigil reached week 367
10:17 News Bar associations: New constitution can solve the Kurdish question
09:46 News Protest leaders call for civil disobedience action in Sudan
09:17 News Saudi Arabia airports attacked by drones, nine wounded
08:46 News On this day in 1993, the Madimak Hotel massacre
08:14 News SDF and UN signed Action Plan to end recruitment of under 18
07:45 Women Success for the 16th Zilan and Anna Women's Festival
18:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Avrin Hospital in Shehba needs support
17:33 Kurdistan HPG: A major, 10 soldiers and a contra of the Turkish army killed
16:55 Human Rights 500 children abused in Adana in 7 months
16:16 Kurdistan Xakurke: With F-16 jets against animals and plants
15:48 Rojava-Northern Syria Autonomous Administration statement on Turkish massacre in Kortek
15:15 Kurdistan Barzani’s network calls Raqanis “gangs”, clan storms building
14:44 News Haftar’s army shoots down Turkish UAV in Libya
14:14 Freedom of the Press OGI: 154 journalists are imprisoned
13:45 Kurdistan Bashur Self Defense Forces: Our purpose is to protect our people
13:15 News Memorial for Halim Dener at shooting site
12:45 News FEDA paid tribute to the Madımak Hotel victims
12:16 Culture Kurdish theatre Şa Performance must live
11:46 Kurdistan Academics and journalists condemned Turkish attacks
11:18 Culture Kurdish Culture and Art Festival ends in Rojhilat
10:46 News Five areas in Hakkari banned entry and exit
10:16 News 4 died in Israeli airstrikes on suburbs of Damascus
09:47 News Explosion rocked Kabul, wounding at least 65 people
09:16 Kurdistan Peace Initiative Against War established in Hewlêr
08:46 News Thousands marched in Sudan
08:16 Freedom of the Press Journalists on trial
07:44 News Stone in Derry pays tribute to those who died for Irish Freedom