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07:49 NEWS Police take HDP Hakkari Provincial co-chair Özdemir into custody
20:36 NEWS After ban by authorities, KCDK-E holds open-air congress in Germany
19:47 NEWS "Defend Kurdistan against Turkish occupation” march in Switzerland continues
19:08 NEWS Political prisoners extend hunger strike
17:54 NEWS Hunger strike in prisons reaches day 227
17:01 KURDISTAN Still no news from PYD and Autonomous Administration representatives detained in Hewler
16:16 WOMEN Peace mother Şehriban Tunç passes away in Adıyaman
15:39 HUMAN RIGHTS Turkey ranks 107th out of 128 countries in Rule of Law Index
14:57 CULTURE Kurdish concert at Ma Music Center in Amed
14:14 WOMEN "Honor killings": Women demand punishment for perpetrators of feminicide
13:33 NEWS Three-day march against occupation and genocide continues in Switzerland
12:15 KURDISTAN Eight Turkish invaders killed in Lelikan
11:46 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV broadcasts footage of action in Metina
11:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Families of 20 prisoners in Antalya S Type apply to the IHD exposing torture
10:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration criticises UN Security Council decision to send aid through Bab al-Hawa
10:19 NEWS Prison sentence for BDP party sign in Kurdish
09:52 WOMEN Peace Mothers in Batman protest isolation and stand in solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Invading Turkish state and its mercenaries bomb villages of Shera and Shehba
08:51 NEWS Minibus accident in Van leaves 12 refugees dead and 20 wounded
08:22 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD Izmir Branch calls for the immediate release of ill prisoner Ahmet Çakal
07:49 NEWS Celebration of 14 July resistance in Rome, Hildesheim and Dortmund
19:27 NEWS Lausanne-Geneva march kicks off: “Defend Kurdistan against Turkish occupation"
18:40 KURDISTAN HPG statement on guerrilla actions and Turkish occupation attacks
16:49 NEWS Call for protest against criminalization of Kurdish self-organization in Cologne
15:37 HUMAN RIGHTS Yazidis: The whole Europe should recognize the Yazidi genocide
14:59 KURDISTAN Drugs and prostitution as a means of Turkish special warfare in Gever
14:20 NEWS Police attack commemoration of Suruç massacre
13:31 KURDISTAN Another kolbar killed by Iranian forces
12:57 NEWS Alouk water station out of service for 15 days
12:21 NEWS TJK-E protests ban by German authorities of KCDK-E congress
11:46 WOMEN HDP Women's Council: AKP-MHP alliance legitimizes sexual violence
11:17 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Sêrt: Our struggle will be worthy of the Kurdish people
10:48 FEATURES Reporting on the War in South Kurdistan – An Interview with Steve Sweeney
10:19 CULTURE Martyr Ronahî Bawer Govend Festival kicks off on 29 July in Hesêke
09:52 NEWS Germany bans 4th Congress of the KCDK-E
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Antalya S Type Closed Prison denounce torture
08:51 NEWS UN vote to keep Bab El-Hewa Border Gate open to allow international aid
08:22 WOMEN Peace mothers arrested in Mardin
07:49 NEWS March from Lausanne to Geneva kicks off today
20:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA IDPs from Sêrekaniye hold workshop against forced migrations
19:57 WOMEN Kongra Star in solidarity with the women's resistance in Afghanistan
19:19 HUMAN RIGHTS Justice Commission for Gülistan Doku supports march for Suruç victims
18:38 KURDISTAN HPG: 4 invaders killed in Avaşin and Zap
17:51 NEWS Hunger strike in prisons reaches day 225
17:07 NEWS Over 2,000 people drowned on their way to Spain
16:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Riyad Derar of MSD says Astana talks go counter to Autonomous Administration
15:48 NEWS New offender protection law passed in parliament of Turkey
15:07 NEWS Arrest operation against tobacco farmers in Adıyaman
14:35 NEWS Police attack Suruç Families Initiative marching to Ankara, detain 5
13:59 NEWS Hevrîn Xelef Square will be inaugurated in France on September 21