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09:23 NEWS HDP MP Feleknas Uca: The KDP prefers arbitrary practices instead of dialogue
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Girkê Legê citizens and war veterans take over the tent action at Semalka Border Gate
08:22 KURDISTAN Maxmur Refugee Camp Health Committee calls on everyone to increase struggle against Turkish crimes
07:49 FEATURES Survivor of the KDP attack, guerrilla Haki Zilan tells his experience
19:37 NEWS KCDK-E calls for strong participation in demonstrations for Öcalan on October 9
18:59 KURDISTAN HDP members detained in Hewlêr released
18:28 KURDISTAN KCK: Let’s increase our struggle for Öcalan’s freedom!
16:54 NEWS British MPs, politicians call for support to hashtag campaign for Öcalan
16:16 NEWS Kurdish activists march against international conspiracy in Greece
15:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration hands over ISIS women and children to Germany and Denmark
14:53 KURDISTAN HPG: At least 3 emplacements destroyed, 4 soldiers killed
14:34 NEWS Şenyaşar family: We do not expect mercy from the authorities
14:02 KURDISTAN KDP detains HDP Hewler representatives
13:30 KURDISTAN PKK: Time to smash the plot and win freedom
12:57 NEWS At least 16 detained in political genocide operations in the Aegean Region
12:24 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Tribute paid to journalist Gurbetelli Ersöz
11:48 KURDISTAN Werxelê mobile guerrillas units prevent Turkish army from advancing in South Kurdistan
11:19 KURDISTAN Turkish state bombing provokes fire in Amadiya, South Kurdistan
10:50 FEATURES KCK: Municipal economy as a holistic approach
10:21 HUMAN RIGHTS ÖHD lawyer Işık: after the hunger strikes ended, violations of rights increased in jails
09:52 NEWS Memorial for internationalist YPG fighter Konstantin Gedig in Kiel
09:23 NEWS Kurds in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium protested Turkish use of chemical weapons
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mine explosion injures many in Deir ez-Zor
08:22 NEWS Activists in Bremen and Oslo protest the war crimes committed by the Turkish state
07:49 NEWS Court sends two Boğaziçi University students to prison after complaint by trustee rector
19:36 NEWS 175 workplace deaths recorded in September in Turkey
18:58 NEWS Investigation against Ferit Şenyaşar whose family members were murdered
18:20 KURDISTAN State terror in Kurdistan: dozens taken into custody
17:37 KURDISTAN Sexual assault against eight-year-old girl in Van
16:28 NEWS Kurds call for UN intervention against Turkey’s use of chemical weapons
15:24 KURDISTAN HPG: Guerrillas hit Turkish forces in Metina, destroying an emplacement
14:49 FEATURES Aldar Xelîl: Turkish invasion cannot continue
14:00 NEWS Three detained for writing a slogan against ISIS massacre in Ankara
13:33 NEWS TJK-E calls for broad participation in protests on October 9
12:56 KURDISTAN Guerrillas force Turkish attack helicopter to turn back - FOOTAGE
12:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA 55,000 coronavirus vaccines transferred to North and East Syria not enough to counter 4th wave
11:48 NEWS Turkish police detain 200 in raids against paper collectors in Istanbul
11:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPJ commanders: Defending Shengal is defending Rojava
10:50 NEWS European Parliament Kurdish Friendship Group visits Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
10:21 KURDISTAN Guerrillas seize Turkish army explosives
09:52 NEWS Young activists in Freiburg call for the increase of the resistance against Turkey
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state and its mercenaries continue to cut down trees and sell them
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Hundreds of young people in Aleppo protest the international conspiracy against Abdullah Öcalan
08:22 NEWS Students detained at protest against president Erdoğan’s targeting of young people
07:49 FEATURES Our goal is a free, democratic and independent Kurdistan, not a nation-state, say Hozat and Bayik
20:28 NEWS Sancar: Why are children killed and thousands imprisoned if the Kurdish question is resolved?
19:51 KURDISTAN NGOs in Qamishlo call on the KDP to stop serving the enemy
19:19 NEWS Politicians in Rojava call for support for online campaign for Öcalan
18:44 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS More journalists sued and sentenced to prison in Turkey in September
18:01 NEWS KCDK-E calls for participation in protests against Turkey’s use of chemical weapons