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10:16 CULTURE Kurdish classes in the US put on hold
09:45 NEWS Vigil in Athens against the seizure of HDP municipalities
09:16 NEWS Amed resistance through ANF lenses
08:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA One child dies after bomb attack in Shaddadi
08:17 NEWS Öcalan's lawyers apply to Bursa Prosecutor to meet their client
07:42 NEWS Former DEP deputy Selim Sadak released
19:00 NEWS Diplomatic efforts in Canada
18:30 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish operation coordinator killed in Haftanin
18:00 NEWS Demo in solidarity with HDP in Argentine
17:30 KURDISTAN “Turkey used to bomb the mountains, now they bomb villages”
17:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army bombs a village in Shera, Afrin
17:00 NEWS HDP's Temelli: Opposition alliance needed to overcome the crisis
16:30 NEWS Istanbul Municipality voids contracts with Erdogan’s foundations
16:10 NEWS Protest for HDP municipalities continues in Mardin on day 9
15:40 NEWS DISK, KESK, TTB and TMMOB presidents join the protest in Amed
15:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Bomb attack injures four in Shaddadi
15:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 4 Turkish-backed terrorists killed in al-Bab
14:30 FEATURES The truth seeker who insisted on another world
14:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion kills two mercenaries in Azaz
13:41 NEWS Erdogan goes to Moscow, gangs attack in Idlib
13:13 NEWS Resistance in Amed on day 9
12:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA First phase in Northern Syrian border security implemented
12:17 NEWS People's Defense Center Headquarters commend the action in Dicle
11:45 WOMEN Women Teachers' Conference held in Maxmur Camp
11:17 WOMEN Sixth Jineoloji Camp held in Italy
10:46 NEWS Governor of Şırnak bans actions for 15 days
10:16 NEWS FEDA members take over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil on week 375
10:00 NEWS Governor and trustee of Van bans any public action for 15 days
09:46 KURDISTAN Warplanes spotted flying over Maxmur Camp
09:17 NEWS Activists in Nicosia protest the seizure of HDP municipalities
08:43 NEWS Families of victims ask Davutoğlu to explain what he knows
08:17 NEWS KESK members to go on one hour strike today
07:45 NEWS Mercosur Progressive Group expresses solidarity to the HDP
21:10 KURDISTAN HPG: At least 20 Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin
20:45 NEWS HDP Youth Council member taken into custody
20:00 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS 5 journalists detained in Mardin released after 6 days in custody
19:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Car bomb attack kills a civilian in Tabqa - UPDATE
19:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces and allied mercenaries bomb a village of Shera
18:50 NEWS French union Solidaires: We support progressive Kurds
17:30 NEWS Kurdish politician Selim Sadak detained in Amed
17:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: Three Turkish soldiers killed, two others wounded in Mare
16:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces in Morek: We're just following orders, don’t shoot
16:00 FEATURES Four villages in Sherawa, Afrin surrounded
15:30 NEWS Call to join Peace Rally in Amed on 1 September
15:00 NEWS HDP delegation meets CHP leader and officials
14:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Infighting among Turkish state allied gangs
14:05 NEWS Eight day of protests under police blockade in Mardin
13:40 KURDISTAN German HPG guerrilla Panser martyred in Turkish airstrike
13:15 NEWS HDP Van MP Sarısaç: AKP and its impositions are not valid
12:50 NEWS 38 people detained in Van referred to court